Job hoppers trapped in back tuning

The backing of many job seekers trapped, it is hidden, but choke people’s career path. When you jumped with the prospect of better treatment and prospects, I do not know, a less-than-ideal backing results, you can push back all the efforts of the job search.


Failed job-hopping

Xiao Min’s job-hopping got a good start, but it was folded in the “backing” ring.

At first, he put in his resume to get back, two interviews to deal with smoothly. It was as if the offer that he had been thinking about was on its way. The new position had a higher salary and better development prospects, but he was a bit apprehensive at this point, because the other side of HR clearly said that they would do a backward transfer. He was a little angry: I have a sincere attitude and professional level, applying for a marketing manager, what else can be investigated?

It turned out to be the backchecking blockade that stopped him in the middle of the job hopping. A few days later, the other side of HR told him that they could not make an offer because the years of work history he submitted did not match the results of the endorsement, and Xiao Min froze in his tracks like a scoop of cold water.

A back check is an employee background check. Employers need to know what kind of character and person is hidden behind the carefully repaired sunny smile on a resume photo, therefore, more and more companies nowadays pay attention to back checks to approve the authenticity of employee information and avoid employment risks.

Xiao Min admitted that he moved on his resume. When he was young, he didn’t know how to make money and ran around, resulting in a particularly fragmented resume, to find the right industry and position for his development, he was already in his thirties. “This resume out certainly can not stimulate the G-point of HR”, so had to make this move. But his many hardships, on top of the backing report, turned into four big words characterizing his character: not honest enough.

On November 26, 2020, Xiao Min, who had failed to jump ship, sighed and tweeted on social media: everything was stagnant and in place. “There is no way out, continue to spend in the original company. “

In addition to the problem of virtue, today’s major factories in various industries, especially the Internet when the big factory to examine the candidates, often the “communication” “obedience” “emotional intelligence “and other indicators, as a measure of whether a candidate who is only one step away from the offer can enter the factory.

Sun Yu is the head of a media start-up company in Beijing. When he served as a back-up contact for a former colleague, the HR of the big company called twice to understand the situation, and one of the core follow-up questions was “Do you think this person is a good communicator? The core question was “Do you think this person is a good communicator?” and asked him to give examples, which almost annoyed him. After a while, HR called the vice president of the company again and asked these questions again.

Job hopping stops at the back of the transfer, testing people’s career progression, many young people are trapped in this. A story circulating in a small circle is that a young man jumped from a high-profile job, but did not want to be trapped in the back of the tone, several interviews were unsuccessful, at first he suspected that the former boss is the blame, so he called straight communication, making the relationship between the two sides quite awkward. Later, although the young man jumped ship successfully, but has been circulating rumors that he is high-minded and arrogant, there is no way, after more than a year, he had to jump back to the original company.


The “death” backing

Can you be my references? In the fall of 2017, Wang Xiaofeng received a message from a former colleague. The other party had successfully passed two rounds of interviews in a large factory and entered the backing process.

Wang Xiaofeng received the call the next day. The other side is very professional, only six or seven questions, asked a clear former colleague’s business ability and character qualities, followed by a polite thank you. A job seeker’s stay, in this 15 minutes to determine the type.

In the past five years, Wang Xiaofeng more and more frequently received back calls from different companies. Professional HR tends to focus on verifying information, the questions are largely generic, as long as the efficient understanding of the reasons for the respondents to leave, whether there are unresolved labor disputes and resume authenticity. Some managers are familiar with their own, questions are often straightforward: I need the person to have XX and XX for this position, you think this person can do a few percent? This kind of know the roots of the back tone, will make the applicant’s personality qualities, business ability to reveal all.

Wang Xiaofeng will try to say good things for each other. “She has done a project independently, bringing millions of revenue for the team. “This kind of real data, the most convincing. If the colleague did not have significant results in the job, she could only depict from the character: “He is quite kind, diligent, down-to-earth. Then, pray for a quick end to the questioning.

China is a human society, therefore, the results of Chinese back polling are inevitably influenced by the respondents’ interpersonal relationships. The back polling references include: former colleagues, former HR, former supervisors, and if the person himself is in management, he has to add a subordinate. When a job-hopper breaks through the layers of interviews, so that the employer is satisfied with his business level, after obtaining their informed consent, a third-party commissioned to back-tracking, and quietly launched.

Netizen “four happy lulu” in 2018 after graduating from college joined a back investigation company, as an investigator. She was impressed by a back investigation of a man named Liu Fei, who was about to apply for a director-level executive position at a large design institute. Four Hundred Lulu first investigated the references he provided, his immediate leader Li, and got the following results: Liu Fei has strong business skills, good professional conduct, and is particularly good at team management. The overall praise was overwhelming and the feedback was positive.

This overly straightforward appreciation seemed suspicious to Si Xi Lulu. She had to ensure the credibility of the information obtained by cross-checking. So through a unique way of back-tracking the company, another two of Liu Fei’s colleagues were found. When these two heard her coming, their reflections were surprisingly similar: “It’s him, so he found a job again. But only perfunctory, reluctant to talk more about the specifics. This made Lulu feel that there was something wrong with Liu Fei’s curriculum vitae.

And to find Liu Fei’s third colleague, only to reveal the real reason why he left the company: once sexually harassed female subordinates, in the company, no one up and down the company, the last victim of the colleague left, Liu Fei was therefore fired from the company. Lone evidence does not stand, four happy Lulu again contacted the two colleagues before the evasive words, the current progress of the back investigation informed, this time they are not ambiguous, said that there is indeed something.

Four Happiness Lulu formed an assessment report on the investigation and gave it to the employer. The employer regretted that despite Liu Fei’s good work ability and business level, there was both the problem of misconduct and no way to get him on board. This is another “deadlock” created by the transfer.

The ease of information flow provides technical support for backdating. Bad things happen in a region, it is easy for bad things to spread a thousand miles. But the opposite is true, the developed means of consultation, but also easy to brew some crisis of confidence. Especially for those who give job seekers, candidates to do with the backing of the experience of the testimonial people. If a job-hopper only stuck in the back of a ring, he was furious, to suspect that former colleagues, former leaders “virtue loss”.

A fire at the city gate, and the fish in the pond. Human society in the back of the tone is the fire, every fish involved in it scared away. Finally, the burnt wall became a ghost wall, the arsonist who jumped the bandwagon layer by layer, never to break free, and the magnificent offer was turned into a wisp of smoke, drifting further and further away, gradually dissipated.


Game of trapped beast

No job hopper will be willing to be killed and left to live or die. Every back transfer commission from HR is a good plan, and the back transferee is a ladder, but the skills are a bit ridiculous.

Chang Shen has a deep feeling about this. He has worked in a domestic real estate company for several years as an HR, and has dealt with various candidates. Sometimes mention the back of the transfer, some poor psychological quality of the job seekers, on the spot the original form, with “I signed a confidentiality agreement, can not disclose” “Time has passed, sorry do not remember” “Don’t back transfer it, it will have an impact on my career” and other reasons for refusing to provide proof of contact information.

“It’s okay if you don’t remember, but we can establish contact and initiate the transfer in our own way with your consent. So do you agree? “

“Well, I don’t want the offer. “The other side slipped away.

As a personnel Ma Jihong experienced one of the funniest backing, she dialed the phone number of the reference left by the applicant, and found that the person who answered the phone was the other party’s grandfather. “Excuse me, do you know XX? ” “Yes, it’s my grandson. “

The above is still a relatively simple game. Because its flaws are in the hard information, success or failure, a test will know, both sides are not tangled. And those for the job seekers “quality” of the survey, such as “Communication”, it will make the problem becomes complicated, so it also leaves more room for both sides of the game, both sides you and I, and ultimately is the chicken flying, four neighbors upset.

Zhang Tian originally worked in a large factory in Hangzhou, work for a period of time, feel less promising than Beijing, to a large emerging factories to throw a resume. After the interview, HR already intended to send him an offer, but he regretted it himself and wanted to change to a media PR position. Zhang Tian went to contact another HR directly to express his intention. This HR was afraid of offending his colleagues and creating a reputation of stealing people, so they put his offer on hold.

Zhang Tian waited around for no response, thinking that the original position was also available, but when he went to contact again, HR stopped paying attention to him. Zhang Tian looked at his circle of friends, found a friend who could act as a reference, made a credibility guarantee for his interviewer, expressed his willingness to join, and finally got the opportunity that had been closed.

But when HR’s call came to Zhang Tian, he told the other party that he was still looking at another big factory opportunity in order to enhance his competitiveness. This answer completely cut off his job-hopping path. Later, HR told this back-tracking proof that Zhang Tian had too much on his mind and was worried about bad communication.

In addition to the general business level, big companies like Tencent and Byte Jump also value the communication skills of job seekers or job hoppers when recruiting. Back transfer to a large extent, the examination is the quality of this aspect of the candidate. The end of the four sides, the business ability of the examination was completed early, the back investigation is the job hopper is a low emotional intelligence or high heart, there is no internal collaboration spirit. Once on board only to find that this person is not good communication, and then want to stop in time, the cost will be very high.

Zhang Tian tried to unblock all the ways, and eventually used a small mind to block their way forward.


Back tuning is not terrible

In social media, job seekers are anxious in the face of the back of the transfer. A user name “former Jingdong Mall employees” spoke on the pulse: 6 days ago, two companies at the same time, the same backing company, the information is all the same, the information is true. Information is true, but one passed, one did not pass, what is this operation?

When the job search is stuck in the back transfer link, sometimes it may not be the resume, character flaws, or former colleagues told bad news, there may also be a problem with the integrity of the company itself. The netizen named “Ruan Xiao Er” asked online: he had received an offer from Ali, but suddenly was notified by HR to cancel it, saying that the endorsement did not pass, the specific What is the reason? I contacted the backing company and didn’t find any problems.

This kind of situation has been common in recent years. The backing is certainly a self-protection mechanism, but more and more, the backing has become one of the excuses for companies to reject job seekers, especially those who have issued an offer and regret the situation. According to often Shen analysis, this situation is most likely the recruitment department’s own business structure is not clear, or planning is not reasonable, resulting in temporary reduction of positions.

“Is your luck to go, there is no future, not good in a couple of days to lay you off. “Chang Shen suggested that job seekers also take this encounter as an opportunity to avoid their own employment risks. “You should be secretly glad that you are lucky not to go into. “

For normal job search, “as long as the basic information of your resume is not too much difference, there is no need to worry too much about the back transfer, we are on the appropriate resume package, or allowed. Even if there are some unfavorable remarks about the job seekers in the process of backing, HR will not just listen to one side of the story, but will cross-check multiple perspectives to ensure a basic fairness.

In the case of a real estate company hiring a marketing executive, Chang Shen met a candidate who had been discouraged by his former company. The reason given by the third-party backing survey was corruption. But often Shen think that this candidate is particularly good, all aspects of quality to meet the needs of the company, so and the former company HR in-depth understanding of the situation, and learned that the main fault of the embezzlement in the team, he did not involve himself, but the former company to deal with such issues more strictly, he was cut off along with a knife. Considering this particular reason for leaving, Chang Shen’s company eventually hired this person.

This time, the back transfer did not trap him.