The distance between a hardcore pinky and the owner of the “water drop chip

This matter has been said by many people, but I think this matter is really too representative, and it is not too much to say once more, perhaps for some people who have the heart, can get some insight from it. Although we are destined to endure a lot of life hammering, but if you realize a little earlier a little more thinking, at least you can not take the initiative to receive those hammering it!

This is a small pink in just one and a half years from full of “positive energy” since the dry five turned full of This is a small pink in just one and a half years from full of “positive energy” since the dry five to full of “negative energy” netizen story.

The 31-year-old pinky from Sichuan is named “Paris Lovers”, and I don’t understand why such a patriotic positive energy has taken such a foreign dish of a I also do not understand so patriotic a positive energy, why took so foreign plate a screen name, called “Chengdu lovers” does not smell?

Although from the screen name this person is very international, but in fact left to the death, but also xenophobic to brain-damaged.

In 2020, she was on Weibo almost every day, using extremely vicious and vulgar language to attack people ……

She is always mean and vicious in her online language, others just praised the foreign hospital, she called others as “two devils”, “traitor”, “traitor”, “traitor”. “traitor”, “maggots who hate the country “, “spiritual American”, “mongrel”, “foreigner dog”, “foreigner hater”. “Muyang dog”, “stupid “, “anti-Chinese pioneer”… …all the words in the dictionary to describe filth were found by her. The funny thing is that she is so confident that she actually thinks that people on the other side are not that ignorant and stupid even if they “look through her Weibo”, hahahaha!

She turned to a hospital in Chengdu, I do not know whether it is a high cadre ward or a private hospital VIP ward, anyway, there is indeed a warm and amiable medical staff, clean and comfortable environment, advanced medical equipment, as well as delicious meals and spacious and bright lounge.

But, Miss, this is the hospital we usually go to? This is the kind of medical service that everyone can enjoy? You want to use this kind of hospital to represent the hospital frequented by Chinese patients?

Is this ignorance and stupidity or shamelessness?

For the famous female writer who once “passed the knife” to the United States, Pinky “Parisian Lovers” will not let her off the hook: she called Fang Fang a “Fang traitor She called Fang a “Fang traitor” and attacked her like a rabid dog.

Fang Fang’s photos were uploaded on her microblog with vicious and vulgar words, full of personal attacks, which made people shake their heads: Why do women have to make things difficult for women?

But after only six months, this little pink is not so “positive” anymore.

In her tweet on November 23, 2020, she seems to have realized her mistake and regretted that she had hurt others because of her ignorance.

The reason for this is that she has heard and seen what medical professionals in the country do. She learned the reality that our hospitals are all about paying money before treating patients, and that if you don’t pay, you don’t treat, and if you don’t have money, you go home and wait to die. She said the hammer of reality woke her up as a dreamer.

I don’t know if it’s because she’s mean by nature and has a mouth like a scorpion, so her present karma comes quickly.

This little pinky suddenly became ill for some reason. In her home country’s hospital, waiting for her is the doctors and nurses love ignored, and high out-of-pocket costs of examination, as well as, with cancer without money can only wait for the sad end of death ……

Note: The following words are already a proper “negative energy”, and a little more on the line is to deliberately expose the dark side of the motherland, to the U.S. Empire and the Western hostile forces “Pass the knife” ……

We also wondered how to get by, a little pink not two years and Fang Fang the same?

After another six months or so, her situation became even worse because she had a serious illness – breast cancer.

As we all know, the distance between a middle-class family in China and abject poverty is a serious illness, not to mention that she may not be middle-class yet, so imagine what she and her family have been through.

So her July 17, 2021 Weibo post is simply a wail ……

It turns out that although the family did everything they could to save her, they still couldn’t afford to pay for the follow-up treatment. And she didn’t want to die she didn’t want to leave this beautiful world yet, so she asked for help to forward her water drop fundraising, hoping people would reach out and donate to her ……

Oh! Miss! Even if we forgive you once so vicious and vulgar abuse of others, but see the circle of friends forwarding some articles on the plight of people’s livelihood you have to criticize the negative energy and even to report, now how do you have the courage to ask for help from society? How hard do we have to work to hold back our discomfort to click on this kind of water-drop fundraising?

Everyone who is ready to ask for help from society should first ask themselves.

What are you doing when others are suffering from injustice or difficulties?

Do you have the courage to watch?

Have you ever expressed your sympathy?

Have you ever raised your voice?

If you have done nothing, why should you start asking others to help you when it is your turn to suffer injustice or encounter difficulties, or even ask others to charge for themselves ……

Fake style, can not also leave a little “negative energy” in their own circle of friends, to everyone to help you leave an excuse ah?

Even so, once called by “Parisian lovers” as “Two devils”, “traitor “, “country-hating maggots “spiritual American”, “foreign dog “, “stupid cunt”, “anti-Chinese pioneer”. “Anti-Chinese pioneers” …… of the net Los Angeles landlord still gave her a donation of 200 yuan.

This is also a side note for those who are called “traitors” and The netizens who are called “traitors” and “maggots who hate the country” are often more positive than those who are “positive energy The quality of the “positive energy” is much, much higher than those of the pinkies who are bursting at the seams.

The “Parisian Lovers” now finally know that the “Chinese Doctor” is full of positive energy, but it has nothing to do with her cancer treatment, she has no money for treatment, so she can only wait for death. Without money for treatment, she could only wait for death. People sighed: people’s whole life is paying for the perception!

Parisian Lovers” is not an isolated case, there are more than once such cases on the Internet.

The small pink who is always on the internet against the United States and the United States, suddenly showed a bunch of pictures of the ruined walls, it turns out that his old house was demolished and came to the internet to find solidarity with the netizens.

Parisian lovers” and the pinkies everywhere are the same recipe, the same flavor, long-term acceptance The “positive energy” brainwashing, that is, the organization can only praise, not criticism. Often moved to snotty noses by some grand narrative, often proud of something they did not participate in! They think they are patriots.

But they never have the ability to think independently and critically. They don’t know that true patriots are the ones who criticize and give their opinions because they love this country too much, the land that raised them, and their fellow countrymen too much.

A lot of people don’t get it.

And for that reason, most people are hard to wake up to, but all can wake up to their own pain!

Come on! Let the little hammer of reality come a little harder!