Why God does not reward good children

In 1963, a girl named Mary Benny wrote to the Chicago Tribune because she couldn’t understand why she got a “good boy” for helping her mom bring her baked cookies to the table, while David (her brother), who did nothing but make trouble, got a cookie. She wanted to ask the all-knowing Mr. Cyril Kuster if God was really fair. Why did she often see good children like her forgotten by God at home and at school?

Cyril Kuster, the host of the Chicago Tribune’s children’s section, has received more than a thousand letters from children for more than a decade asking “Why doesn’t God reward the good and punish the bad? Whenever he opened such letters, his heart was heavy because he didn’t know how to answer these questions. Just when he didn’t know how to answer the letter from little Miss Mary, a friend invited him to a wedding. Perhaps he should be grateful for this wedding for the rest of his life, because it was at this wedding that he found the answer, and this answer made him famous overnight.

Here’s how Cyril Kuster remembers the wedding: After the priest performed the ceremony, the bride and groom exchanged rings, perhaps because they were in the midst of happiness, or perhaps because they were too excited. In any case, as they were giving each other their rings, they accidentally put the rings on each other’s right hands. When the priest saw this episode, he humorously reminded them that the right hand was perfect enough, so I think you’d better use it to dress up the left hand.

Cyril Kuster says it was this humor from the pastor that enlightened him. The right hand becomes the right hand, which is perfect in itself, there is no need to put the ornament on the right hand anymore. Isn’t the reason why those who are moral are often overlooked, because they are already perfect? Later, Cyril Kuster concluded that God made the right hand the right hand, which is the highest reward for the right hand, and that God made the good man the good man, which is the highest reward for the good man.

When Cyril Kuster discovered this truth, he was so excited that he immediately replied to Mary Benny with a letter titled “God made you a good child, and that is the highest reward for you”. Children’s Day they republish it once a year.

Not long ago, a Chinese man found the letter somewhere, read it and left a message on the web page saying, “There is an old Chinese folk saying, ‘Evil has its reward, good has its reward, not unrewarded, the time has not yet come. I used to be baffled by the delay in retribution for the wicked. Now I finally understand, because ‘Let the wicked be wicked, that is God’s punishment for them.'”

When a man is good, the blessing is far away though the blessing has not yet arrived; when a man is evil, the blessing is far away though the blessing has not yet arrived.