Steaming is the best respect for a fish

1、Steaming is the best respect for a fish.

2、Good marshmallows frozen hard in the refrigerator, “kah eat” bite, sweet and crispy, very delicious.

3, dark chocolate should be iced, but not frozen hard, otherwise it is like chewing wax. When eating in the mouth to stay for a while, gradually soft, very layered.

4, DIY frozen ice-cream with milk, beat an egg yolk into it, add sugar to break up, there will not be so much ice ball.

5, the grapes into the freezer, frozen to what extent? Freeze until the outside layer of grape flesh hardened, inside can still spit out the grape seeds, as ice cream to eat it ~ ~ ~.

6, put the Sydney into the freezer, freeze on a three days and three nights, until the Sydney goose yellow little face frozen brown-black, and then take out into a small basin of water soaking, we Northeast called “slow a slow”, slow out a thin layer of ice shell, crack the ice shell, the pear cut eight small lotus flower child, eat all feel like they have Buddha heart!

7, brine old bean curd washed, three horizontal, vertical three knives, flat push three knives, small tofu blocks are all put into the freezer, frozen into a hard earthy yellow blocks, boiling water into the pot, sliced pork, fresh shrimp, seaweed knots, chicken thigh mushrooms, drizzled with a spoon of soybean sauce, full of a bowl of soup, who does not take who taste, a variety of fresh complement each other, ha ha, the average person I do not tell him!

8, eat melon seeds, first eat a handful of melon seeds, eat an apple or a pear in the middle, while there is still juice in the mouth then eat melon seeds, you feel the melon more fragrant!

9, cooking plum hawthorn licorice soup, the surface of the soup sprinkled with a few small golden osmanthus, to slowly stretch the osmanthus, drink will have the sweet smell of osmanthus.

10, while the recent high temperature, the sun, the fox to seize the time to sun dried radish. Cut into tiny dice, rubbed with salt once, in the balcony in the sun, sun shrinkage and discoloration, under the bacon, onion, ginger and garlic stir-fry over high heat, very down.

11, steamed egg custard steamed, pour a few drops of sesame oil and a few drops of soy sauce, just the fresh sweetness of the soy sauce set off, it’s awesome!

12, vegetable heart boiling water blanching, stir-fry, before the pan with a pinch of shrimp, you really do not know how delicious!

13, sweet potatoes steamed in water, steamed to cool, the cooler the sweeter, I do not know why ~ ~ ~

14, purple potatoes boiled in water, cooked to melt into purple soup, add rock sugar, eat while hot ~ ~ ~ the same “potatoes”, how the gap is so big!

15、When you go to IKEA to eat, Swiss beef balls will send you a small pile of mashed potatoes, order a chicken wings dipped in mashed potatoes to eat, I do not know how many streets to throw KFC fries dipped in ice cream!

16, just baked hanging oven biscuits like a small saucer, the middle drum, both ends thin, order a red oil shredded dry or shredded potatoes, stuffed into the cavity inside the saucer, a big bite, fragrant personal!

17, Guo Degang told a segment called “flowers and hair as one” – peanuts and hairy beans two mixed, chew a pod of hairy beans, and then chew a few peanuts, extra fragrant, I do not know why.

18, winter back home to eat hot pot, steaming soup bottom on a pot full of Northeast sauerkraut, and then a plate of sea rabbit, a plate of shrimp crawlers, five flowers three layers of meat slices shabu shabu to eat, curd, sesame sauce, leek flowers, garlic sauce, mustard, chili oil, eat on the snow to have a roll!

19, or the winter, the program ape mother from the cellar out of the heart of two beautiful radish, wash not peel, hand up the knife dong dong dong cut into translucent shreds, there is the skin of the place green, there is the heart of the place purple red, mixed with sugar to eat, the heart of the beautiful, Lang Lang Lang!

20, once upon a time in the summer, I came home from school and went through the refrigerator. My mother always cut the beef into large chunks, pinch a tomato into, cook a pot of beef soup skimmed off the floating oil in the refrigerator to cool, buckwheat cold noodles in a small bowl of water plucked, I Sheng a small bowl of cold noodles, scoop up a large spoonful of soup, my mother will give me a chopstick cucumber shreds, and then cut a half of the cooled earth egg, sprinkled with minced cilantro and peanut crumbs, I sucked and sucked to eat it!

21, summer to the countryside to play, hiding in the vegetable garden simply do not want to come out! The watery little cucumber Newel, thumb-sized little eggplant head child, burnt yellow burnt yellow little persimmon eggs child, secretly picked and rushed to stuff the mouth, directly into the belly, caught by adults to scold – little boy! Don’t be a pest! Save the seeds in autumn! Good to eat to keep the seeds!

22, occasionally do not want to cook, boil an egg, thwarted in a bowl, thwarted until the egg white into small pieces of egg yolk into slag, mixed with a little hard rice, cut a small onion, tear a few cilantro leaves, a few drops of soy sauce – I was a child, my grandmother always gave me mixed such “egg rice! “Now my grandmother has passed away, I still eat, when eating will miss her.

23, I was kissing my grandmother when I was a child, and always loved to stick to my grandmother around the pot table. My grandmother’s secret to stewing fish is to put a spoonful of soybean paste, less filling soup, cooked first meal only to me a little bit to eat, the second drop of vinegar, steamed under water, steamed and then fed to me. My grandmother said, this time the fish thorns have been crispy, even if she was not careful not to see fed to me, will not stick me.

24, my grandfather was a teacher in the village private school. In 1992, my “supply society package” was a pack of instant noodles and two ham sausages, so I chewed a mouthful of instant rice and a mouthful of ham sausages, which smelled really good. The rest of the food was put in a small wicker basket and hung on the roof beam for fear that my grandmother’s cat would steal it. The cat smelled the scent but couldn’t eat it, so it lay on the wooden windowsill board and called out, meow-meow-meow!

25, in grandma’s house in the summer, until the sun went down, Dad and Uncle borrowed a fishing net to carry loaches – loaches like to gather in a ball, two people lifting the sides of the net, a pocket in the water, to carry up a nest, so called carrying loaches. At this time, no matter how late I will not sleep, sleepy also want to stay up until the loach back. When my father and my second uncle put the bucket with the loach at the door, I jumped off the bed with a grunt and ran there with my ears fluttering. The second uncle is very good at cleaning up the loach, he used white wine first soak a bubble, the loach will gurgle and spit out a lot of mud, spit clean second uncle left hand pinch the loach’s chest and belly, right hand holding scissors to cut the loach’s neck, not cut, wrist force gently pull, the loach’s intestines and stomach dirty things all pulled out, the rest of the loach is a stick of meat! Grandmother has long been ready at the stove, Dad in the stove pit side of the fire, I am responsible for refueling grandmother, grandfather is not to work, he leaned on the bed to set his one hundred single eight will water marsh cards (in fact, I guess grandfather will not work at all).

When the loach was ready, grandpa and dad had to drink a glass of wine, and second uncle did not drink, he liked to tease me, dipping the head of chopsticks into a little white wine and asking me to lick it, saying it was sugar water every time, and I fell for it every time. I was spicy wine tears they laughed, only my grandmother was good to me, my grandmother’s left arm over me, the right hand to the second uncle’s head shot, bear things, get out of it, and make my children cry!

26、Bananas I like to put a put until the skin grows a black sesame seeds, always think this time to eat sweeter.

27、My second aunt put a small pork elbow with skin on the gas stove, baked until the skin appears smoky a black mark, then put the pressure cooker stewed, I eat a piece with skin, fat and thin, cut some garlic, pour a spoonful of soy sauce, a few drops of sesame oil, while eating the beauty of the straight hum ~ ~ ~.

28, my friend Wang Er’s mother picked young corn from the garden, rubbed out the pulp, chopped small onions, and the top and eggs in a frying pan to cook a sticky tortilla, eat a chopstick, blow cool to the mouth, feel the garden full of food are stuffed in the mouth!

29, the program ape fried sauerkraut is particularly good, I asked him what the secret is, he said the secret is to get the love ~ ~ ~ clearly do not tell me! Later I found out that the secret of fried sauerkraut is to fill less soup, how it is so delicious! Tomorrow I will be a good trial him!

30, when I was a child, my grandmother put the eggs on the bed, covered with a small flower quilt to hatch chicks. Grandmother how so god, shine a light on the lamp will know which egg can become which egg can not be, not the egg will be picked out, first steamed, then peeled to tear, fried with red pepper and canola oil to eat, just sprinkle a little salt is very good. At this time the chicks had vaguely grown heads and claws and were vaguely hairy, which is a little scary now that I think about it, but at the time I ate so well!