What should always be kept in the car?

The car is a very common daily transport, from commuting to school, or weekend outings, people’s lives are inseparable from the car.

Flashlight: A flashlight is a very practical tool. At night when you need to find something it can help you light up, and in an emergency such as breaking down on the highway, waving the flashlight can be used as a signal to other drivers to request assistance.

First aid kit: As the name suggests, the first aid kit is to provide first aid assistance in emergency situations, such as bandaging, cleaning wounds and so on. Imagine when you meet an injured passerby, there is a first aid kit can first provide emergency assistance, before waiting for the arrival of the ambulance can quickly treat the wound to prevent infection.

Water: Water has many uses, when we are unfortunately lost, there is water to keep the body awake. Or if the front glass of the car is dirty, you can also use water to clean it.

Maps: The importance of maps cannot be overstated. Although most cars now have built-in GPS systems, it is important to always have two maps just in case. When you want to travel, it’s wise to bring an extra map of the province or a local map, so you can quickly provide your location and get assistance in case of an emergency.

Back-up tires: It’s important to always have a replacement tire because we never know when or where a tire will blow out. And in some cases, waiting for a service truck to arrive is too long to be worth the cost, so it’s practical to always have a spare tire.

Toolbox: If you know how to fix a simple car, then a toolbox is absolutely essential. For example, wrenches, multi-head screwdrivers, work gloves, etc.. These tools can help you do simple tasks such as changing a tire as mentioned earlier.

Pen and paper: Pen and paper are naturally essential. When a car accident occurs, you can use pen and paper to quickly jot down important information, such as the other party’s license plate, the situation at the time, road conditions, etc. Of course, now most people will also take photos to replace the pen and paper, an additional insurance measure can always be in an emergency.

Jacket: A thicker jacket can keep you warm in time when the weather changes suddenly. Although you can turn on the heater in the car, once you get out of the car, the sudden change in temperature will probably cause a cold. Especially in Vancouver, it is very common for the temperature to drop suddenly. Therefore, leaving a thick jacket in the car can be a good solution to this problem.

All in all, everyone should put different things in the car according to their needs, but please remember never to leave valuable things in the car. The point is that we should have this sense of proactive planning. When we encounter an emergency and do not panic, first think about what objects in the car can be useful, so that the impact of the emergency can be minimized.