U.S. military aircraft landed at Taiwan airport again this month, legislators: U.S. in Taiwan Association chartered plane

Following the arrival of a U.S. military jet at Taipei’s Songshan Airport last Thursday, another U.S. military C-130 transport plane landed at Taoyuan Airport this Monday. Reuters quoted Taiwan legislator Wang Dingyu as confirming that a U.S. military mission plane took off from Manila Airport in the Philippines that morning and landed at Taoyuan Airport in Taiwan at noon. Wang said the plane is understood to be a chartered aircraft of the American Institute in Taiwan, and the items on and off the plane belong to the “diplomatic pouch”.

The Taiwan Central News Agency quoted a senior flight instructor as saying that the transport plane that took off from the Philippines could not see the obvious painting on its fuselage, and it landed at Taoyuan International Airport at 12:14 p.m. and parked at the 615 connecting apron, with ground handling operations supported by Evergreen flight attendants, in addition to loading and unloading cargo, and also refueling, before flying off at about 1:30 p.m.

It is reported that a U.S. Army C-146A aircraft arrived at Taipei Songshan Airport in the morning of July 15 and left after a brief stopover. At the time, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the American Institute in Taiwan were unavailable for comment. But Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian later warned that any foreign ship or aircraft trespassing in Chinese airspace would lead to serious consequences.

The C-130 transport plane that arrived at Taiwan’s Taoyuan Airport on Monday is a contracted aircraft between the U.S. military and a civilian manufacturer, which applied to come to Taiwan through Taiwan’s civil aviation unit and is positioned as a commercial cargo plane, and is not the first time it has come to Taiwan, sources close to the matter said.