EU issues statement urging Chinese authorities to take measures against malicious cyber activity on its territory

The European Union High Representative today, July 19, issued a statement on behalf of the European Union urging Chinese authorities to take action against malicious cyber activity conducted from their territory. At the same time, the United States, NATO, the United Kingdom and other alliances also issued a statement condemning cyber attacks from China.

The statement released today by the European Union said that today, the EU and its member states, together with their partners, are exposing malicious cyber activities that have a significant impact on our economy, security, democracy and society at large. The EU and its member states believe that these malicious cyber activities are being waged from within China.

This statement notes that the compromise and compromise of Microsoft Exchange servers has affected the security and integrity of thousands of computers and networks worldwide, including in EU member states and institutions. It has provided opportunities for a large number of hackers who continue to exploit the vulnerability to this day.

The EU said that this irresponsible act of sabotage, which poses significant security risks and economic losses to our government agencies and private companies, has shown to have a significant systemic impact and effect on our security, economy and society as a whole.

The EU statement also said that we have also detected malicious cyber activity against government agencies, political organizations and major European industries in the EU and member states, as well as the serious impact caused.

The statement suggested that these activities may be related to the hacking activities known as Advanced Persistent Threat 40 and Advanced Persistent Threat 31. Persistent Threat 31) and were launched from Chinese territory with the aim of stealing intellectual property and conducting espionage.

The European Union said it and its member states strongly condemn these malicious cyber activities, which run counter to the Code of Conduct for Responsible States endorsed by all UN member states. We continue to urge the Chinese authorities to abide by these standards, not to allow their territory to be used for malicious cyber activities and to take all appropriate and reasonably practicable measures to detect, investigate and remedy the situation.

The EU and its member states reaffirm their strong commitment to responsible state behavior to ensure an open, free, stable and secure global cyberspace, the EU statement said. To this end, we will continue to work towards the development of a programme of action under the auspices of the United Nations to effectively promote and assist States to act responsibly in cyberspace.

This statement concludes by reiterating: We are determined to continue to combat malicious acts in cyberspace. We will continue to strengthen our cooperation, including with our international partners and other public and private stakeholders, in a joint effort to improve the overall security of software and its supply chain through enhanced information exchange and diplomatic action, and increased cooperation on cyber resilience and handling of attacks.