Haiti formed a new government on the 20th, Henry as Prime Minister

Haitian officials revealed today that interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph, who was in charge of the country after the assassination of President Jovenel Moise, will step down and a new government will be formed, with Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

The Haitian government official close to the Prime Minister’s office said that the new government does not have a president and must hold elections “as soon as possible”.

Moisés was shot dead in the early hours of 7 days ago at his residence in Port-au-Prince, Henry has been appointed to replace José de in the post of prime minister. But in the hours after Moise was killed, José de declared “martial law” and claimed to be in charge of the situation, thus triggering a power struggle.

In addition, Haiti does not have a functioning parliament and no viable succession process, and has been mired in a political and security crisis since Moise’s death.

The official said, “Over the past few days, Joséd and Henri have held a number of transactional meetings, resulting in an agreement to form a broadly representative government with Henri as prime minister.”

The official said that the new government will be inaugurated tomorrow and that Joséd will continue to hold the post of foreign minister, which he had held.