Indonesia’s one-day diagnosis exceeded 50,000 people, and the Korean media was relentless in criticizing “being pitted by the Chinese vaccine”.

Indonesia has recently become the center of the global Wuhan pneumonia (novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19) epidemic, and on the 14th it even broke the horrible figure of 50,000 new diagnoses in a single day.

The Chinese version of Chosun Ilbo newspaper on the 16th with “Indonesia diagnosed 10% of global cases in one day… On the 14th, Indonesian officials announced that the number of people diagnosed in one day was as high as 54,517. This is 10% of the new cases worldwide.

The report points out that the proportion of Indonesia’s first dose of vaccination is 13.3%, and the complete vaccination of two doses is 5.5%, but the problem lies in Indonesia’s vaccination, 90% of the vaccines are Chinese Coxin, recently there are foreign media reports, from June until recently, Indonesia has a total of 181 health care workers died of the disease, most of them received Coxin vaccine.