UK sets up 4,000-strong special forces to fight against China and Russia, trains countries around South China Sea

British special forces are launching new covert missions against Russia and China in the framework of the fight against state-level adversaries, RIA Novosti news agency quoted The Times as saying on Saturday.

The source quoted British commander Mark Troughton as saying that special British air services and special ship services will carry out more dangerous missions against these countries. He will lead the British Marine Corps’ “special forces of the future,” which will help fight terrorism and deter mercenaries everywhere.

The source added that 4,000 men will join the unit and will work with Britain’s MI6 to monitor Chinese and Russian military and intelligence agencies.

The report cited British military sources as saying that the special forces may also be engaged in training the naval forces of countries near the South China Sea region so that those countries can better protect themselves from China.