Disaster movie real play! Torrential rains in Bazhong City, Sichuan Floods swallow houses and boats

The city of Bazhong, West China’s Sichuan province, has been hit by heavy rainfall since Friday (9), causing floods that have not only turned the streets of the local city into rivers, but also swallowed up many boats and speedboats near the Sanjiang Power Station dam in Bazhou district, which plunged into a turbulent waterfall with a drop of more than 10 meters downstream, according to footage from a disaster movie.

Comprehensive media reports, July 9 8:00 to 10 16:00, Bazhong was hit by heavy rainfall, the city has 216 stations rainfall more than 50 mm, 144 stations more than 100 mm, 11 stations more than 200 mm. 10 day to night, heavy rainfall still continues, the disaster continues to expand, local yesterday evening elevated emergency response to level Ⅳ flood control; according to microblogging rumors, the local has been since yesterday (10) evening water and power outages.

According to the film circulated online, the river in Bazhong Tongjiang County soared, rolling flash floods accompanied by workers big mountain smashed down the highway, many major traffic roads interrupted, many people and many cars trapped, yellow mud water in the city diffused out of the river bank, flooding some areas of a floor of buildings, the street road parked vehicles into a boat in the ocean, drifting along the water, the whole Tong Gong County as the ocean; many external roads.

Yesterday afternoon, Bazhong Bazhou District, three rivers power station dam embankment was flooded, forming a drop of nearly 10 meters of turbulent waterfall, many speedboats and boats fell downstream waterfall, instantly swallowed by the huge waves churning below, the filmmakers shouted in alarm.

As of 14:00 on the 10th statistics, Bazhong City, five districts and counties and economic development zones, a total of 67 towns affected, more than 71,000 people affected, direct economic losses have been more than 100 million yuan, the disaster is continuing to statistics.