Hu Xijin flaunts Taliban as China’s best friend, netizens bawl: three views destroyed

The Taliban, the militant Islamist group that once controlled Afghanistan, claimed on the 9th that it controlled 85% of the country and waved directly to China, not only calling it a friend, but even welcoming it to invest in reconstruction. The Taliban have not only called China a friend, but even welcomed Chinese investment in reconstruction. Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the Global Times, a hawkish mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, then helped build momentum by “bragging” that the Taliban and China are friends. The Taliban’s statement was criticized by the Chinese “leeks”, who criticized Hu for “ruining their outlook” and “are we so low that we can only be friends with terrorist organizations?”

In response to the Taliban’s statement, Hu Xijin said in a Weibo post on the 10th: “Now you know the stability and power of Chinese diplomacy, right? The U.S. has been fighting in Afghanistan for 20 years, dying more than 2,000 soldiers and spending a trillion (trillion) dollars, and now the Taliban sees it as an enemy and the Afghan government sees it as a self-serving escapee. And the Chinese route has made us both a friend of Kabul and the Taliban see us as a friend. The important thing is that we will always be a friend of Afghanistan.”

Hu Xijin’s article was immediately turned over in the comments section, with some netizens replying, “Who agrees that you are friends with the Taliban?” The article was immediately criticized by some netizens, who wrote back, “Who agrees that you are friends with the Taliban?” and “Have you been reduced to making friends with the Taliban to show off your diplomatic achievements?” The Taliban are a very important part of the Taliban’s diplomatic success. It’s worth bragging about”, “With the Taliban’s support, we’ll be able to walk around in the future”, “Are we out of friends? Do we need to show off with the Taliban’s recognition?”

Others were sarcastic, “One likes to smash the Confucius temple, the other likes to bomb the Buddha, who says there is no common interest view?” Some also questioned whether “Laohu is being cute or just being a high level black?” The Chinese government’s propaganda department has fallen to this level of quality, which is unprecedented.”

Others reflected, “Why has it become the enemy of most Western developed countries? How to reflect on this problem?” “It turns out that terrorists are also politically correct… The so-called terrorist attacks in Hong Kong are to be killed without mercy! Taliban terrorists want to be friends. Being human, being a country, you really have no bottom line anymore.”