Great technological development is too horrible

I heard a story in a group.

A certain mother, at home to get a PTZ camera, through the cell phone at any time to monitor the first grade daughter whether to read on time, sitting properly, and coldly through the camera intercom function shouted, “sit straighter “”What book are you reading? Why are you watching cartoons again? (Raise the volume to the smart speaker shouting) XXXX, pause! “.

It’s really too, too scary.

A person grows up needing some space to be alone, some time to roam. These spaces and times may not seem particularly pragmatic, but they actually have the most important and fundamental use – to know yourself and become yourself.

What kind of a person am I? What traits do I have? Positive? Negative? What am I good at? What am I not good at? What do I like? What do I dislike? What am I capable of? How am I physically? How do I compare to others? What makes me happy? What makes me miserable? What is my true self like? What does my ideal self look like? What do others expect of me? What do I expect of myself? Do people like me? Do I like myself? What can I do on my own and what can I not do?

To take away this space and time, to demand that a child be “perfect” all the time – -is a major blow to the child’s sound development.

Either that, or the child completely suppresses the development of the ego – but that means a very weak foundation of the ego. If the foundation is not strong, sooner or later it has to be mended. If it is not mended, sooner or later it is going to collapse.

Either the child develops skilled deception skills with anger and hatred – which not only means that the parent loses the child’s trust and the child’s willingness to communicate, but also that the parent-child relationship is essentially irreversibly damaged unless the parent changes radically.

If there is an “observed altered state” in the macrocosm, it is probably this one.

It’s not that parents should let go of their children, but when they do, they must leave enough room for self-reflection and self-restoration.

It’s good to have advanced technology, but technology should be used to “make people better people themselves”, not to shape a fragile and false shell.