This kind of emotion in the workplace should not be

Why is his task lighter than mine? Why do I have to work overtime when everyone else is gone? You are not my boss, why should you order me? — workplace emotions people, rebelliousness is deadly!

In the workplace, there is something very deadly. It is not a highly toxic seven-step heartbreak to kill you immediately, but a chronic poison, unknowingly devour your future. It is — rebellious emotions. This emotion occurs mostly in the new employees through the adaptation period, after feeling their wings a little hardened.

Why is his task lighter than mine? Why do I have to work overtime when everyone else is gone? You are not my boss, why should you order me? Even if you are the boss, why are you shouting at me? As soon as a question like this crosses your mind, you are already in “rebellion”. Think about it. Have you ever had similar thoughts? “Rebellion” is similar to Lu Xun’s “ventriloquism,” in which one curses in one’s stomach when one has an opinion that one refuses to voice. Because there is no direct action, no one may not notice for a while, but over time, you will be in danger.

If you have had similar thoughts, then I want to say to you — Please calm down! If you can’t calm down, then what will happen? If you can’t calm down, what will happen? Sooner or later, you will pass this emotion to the other party, and the other party will definitely feel it over time. You may ask, “I didn’t say it out loud, how does he know? Although you did not say, but your expression, tone of voice and even posture will betray you sooner or later. There is an old Chinese saying that “looks are born from the heart”, your emotions will definitely be written on your face. The “aura” between people is very subtle, if your head is not hot, the other party must be able to feel.

If the other party is your colleague, he may think: “This kid how so uncooperative ah, no benefit, from now on something not to find him!” If the other party is your customer, he may think: “Why I give you money, you are still so big frame, will not do business ah?” If the other party is your boss, he may think: “Why is this kid always arguing? Does he have a problem with me?”

As long as one party has such a thought, I am afraid your life in the workplace will not be easy. If one day, by coincidence, the three sides of the unity of opinion, then your kid’s fate is set – pack up, roll up and go!

We are young, rebellious, and even a period of time we like the four words “untamed”, and think it’s cool; angular is the embodiment of personality; even we always feel that “the world is turbid I am alone, everyone is drunk I am alone awake”.

If you bring this mentality to work, it proves that you are not mature. Things always have to be done, “rebellious mentality” makes you emotionally “resistant” to what you want to do, it is not and their own fault?

But some people just can not get around this corner, they either think things are not fair, psychological imbalance; or feel that someone makes him very upset; or think they are right, others are big idiots. So, even if you have to ask me to do this, I have to strain my neck and let you know that I am very dissatisfied!

I found an interesting phenomenon — anyone who is willing to cooperate with others, the road in the workplace will get wider and wider; anyone who is extremely rebellious and likes to work against people, their road will get narrower and narrower. Because you do not like others, others do not like you; you alienate others, others also alienate you; in you put on the “rebellious” coat to protect themselves, you yourself are gradually marginalized ……

Suddenly remembered a famous saying on the network, although not elegant, but very apt — “you think others cattle, he does not necessarily think you cattle, but if you think others silly, in his eyes you are also silly, so I think cattle like unrequited love, silly is the two love. “

If you want to make a difference in the workplace, then, open your heart! Sincerely communicate with people, do things seriously, and avoid emotions.