Unemployment of the two months I drops of the time

See in the discussion of the mid-life crisis, in case of unemployment how to do? Many people inadvertently mention “driving a drop”. In fact, most people on this board should just open drops as a joke, and not many people have actually opened drops full time. Let me tell you about my personal experience.

The year before last (2019), the environment of my entire industry was not very good, and the internal and external environment had deteriorated sharply. I worked for a listed company, and at its peak the company had a market value of 100 billion, and I also led a small team of a few people. However, after the crisis broke out, the company began to gradually lay off employees, and finally notified me of the layoffs in the second half of the year, and compensated me with N+1, which was about tens of thousands of dollars.

I was informed by manpower that it was already the end of August, after the peak period of looking for a job. 30 and colleagues with better relations had a break-up dinner, 31 in the company pretending to be happy to move things away, fortunately we are basically in a precarious situation, there is no embarrassment, they also know that being dismissed is only a matter of time, telling each other “if you are rich, you will not forget each other “.

A few months in advance in the hunt for jobs, Wisdom, Waterwood job search and a variety of small and large sites crazy to submit resumes, however, basically not too many replies. Sporadically there are a few notifications I went to the interview, are what “manipulator” and other positions, the recruitment threshold is “more than secondary school” “will type” ……

I did not tell my family about the separation, as once the “pride of the village”, this kind of thing is still a little embarrassing. the first working day in September, woke up very early, but inexplicably empty. I realized that I was a free man. The feeling of freedom turned out to be so helpless.

In the morning, I dressed up as usual, played with the children for a while, took my computer out of the house, went to a coffee shop and sat there for most of the day. I had a mortgage to pay and a family to support, so I had to be determined to find a job and not be discouraged. Then I decided to find something to do in between posting my resume, the easiest thing to do is to drive a drip, I usually like to drive myself, but by driving to earn a living, or the first time.

I signed up for a dropshipper account and submitted a bunch of materials. After two days, the verification passed, but also video test whether I, and then, I drove my own car in the streets and alleys shuttle, spent a busy month.

At first, I was quite worried about driving to meet acquaintances, but later found that it is purely unfounded worry. In the morning rush hour, I was rewarded 50 for receiving six orders, and I had to take a mandatory break for every two hours of driving.

At 10am, the software also took a mandatory break to find a place to eat, sometimes ramen noodles, sometimes rice noodles, and wandered around until the afternoon.

During that time, I was most familiar with Beijing, living in Haidian, but I had been to Chaoyang, Shunyi, Shijingshan, Daxing, all kinds of places, Wangjing, Xi’erqi, Zhongguancun, all the places I often ran. I remember once, I drove a peer, he was busy in the car on the phone talking about investment projects, with a hidden excitement. I subconsciously some envy he has a stable job.

The happiest thing is to receive a big order, such as from Shijingshan to Alibaba, from Beiqing Road to Jianguomen.

Once after delivering a passenger, I received a call from HR, a chat was half an hour, forgot to end the order, the result was a complaint, deducted a few dozen dollars. But still the anticipation and excitement could not be restrained.

During that time, my family should have found some abnormalities, but did not ask too many detailed questions. Finally, after the National Day, I got a satisfactory offer, and I also lightly told them about my departure and the years of dropshipping, purely as a joke.

The drop is not easy, every day running a car is actually quite tired, the average hourly flow is only about 40 yuan, if you run ten hours is about 400 yuan, deducting the gas money can also have more than 200 yuan, in fact, did not earn much money. The long time irregular diet, that time also lost a lot of weight.

Until now, every time I take a taxi, I am also very polite to the driver. Because you know that the man of few words, may bear the secret of unemployment, but also may bear the responsibility of the entire family.

I wish every middle-aged man on this page, have the best career development, are not really need to “open the drop”.