We are forced to care more and more about numbers

It seems like our lives will be forced to care more and more about various numbers?

When I was a child, before I had access to a tape measure, my parents would draw a line on the porch with a pencil to record how tall I had grown. One line after another, recording how tall I had grown.

At that time, I was not exposed to any numbers, only the comments of others. My friends and family said I had grown taller and fatter. The grand elders said, “Come and hug me, I’m heavier again!
At that time I was not exposed to any numbers, only to see what I wanted in the store and bite my fingers and gaze at my parents – maybe they would buy it for me?
I didn’t know the exact price, and it was useless to know because I didn’t know the family’s finances, my parents’ budget, the psychological price point.

Then, at school. There are high and low grades on the test papers. Got to care about the numbers of the grades too.
Teachers ask parents to sign the test papers, different grades, means different treatment.

Start to know your height and weight, physical education teachers write down many numbers: numbers for 50 meter run, numbers for 100 meter run, how many sit-ups you did, how many pull-ups you did.
People’s physical fitness is quantified by numbers.

There are too many numbers and so on that clearly show me where I am not as good as others.
It is probably through various numerical measurements that people slowly understand that they are not the center of the world.
All kinds of data clearly say that there are people outside of the sky.

Then, the numbers tell me.
I have to face the pressure of competition.
Good or bad grades no longer only affect the mood of my parents, but may also affect my family’s financial situation, my personal future, and my ability to achieve my ambitions.
By my senior year of high school, I was calculating my score range for the entrance exam through mock test after mock test, calculating how close I was to the college of my choice.
Then one enters the adult world.

One starts to become truly secular, probably by getting used to counting everything in numbers.
They begin to understand the unreliability of the senses, so they memorize their height and weight, even their body fat percentage, remember their pace and practice for each long run, record their heartbeat, and remember the parameters and price of each electronic product to define themselves.

Remember all the numbers: salary, bank interest rate, rent, budget, the three circumference of the girl you like.
Even the future you plan for yourself includes countless numbers: the annual income you intend to reach in the future, the freedom of wealth you will reach in a few years, the size of your ideal house, the price of your ideal car, and even the age at which you intend to retire early ……
It’s all numbers.

When I first arrived in France, I set out to run through 200 museums – probably the most efficient way to learn about the world, right?
But a few years down the line, I’ve worked my ass off to get to 40 or so.

And also understand, the number is really not the key – the Louvre, Prado, Vatican, this level of museums, one can be worth ten St. Malo Pirate Museum.
Just like, read a “war and peace”, time than read ten “border city” are more it ……

Then slowly, began to understand more or less.
Man is not a machine after all.
People can use the standardized digital requirements to order themselves to improve themselves, but that is not life.
So, began to try not to reach their full speed in every moment. One knows roughly where one’s limits are, just fine.
Slowly one learns that one cannot measure everything by its price. Many times, the individual feels delicate and circumspect, more important than the numbers.
The heart has its own scales, do not need to think, self-formed rules, their own square. There is no need to hold on to the numbers.

From not caring about the numbers, to see what are the numbers, to care again, this process, people can become a more or less, to their own control of people.

The so-called control is not necessarily to know everything, but to know when to be a little tighter and when to be a little looser. Know your limits and accept it all.
This is your own life.

Of course, if it is not so concerned about the number, it does not matter if it is remembered, just do not use to tie themselves up.
After all, the numbers are just records, afraid to forget themselves.
When it comes to tying yourself up, it’s pointless.

The numbers are convenient for people to live, life is not for the numbers to run – think about this, people will be more or less happy.