Send a circle of friends to the party to see

The screen is full of party building, party celebration, full of red, overwhelming, and everywhere in the mountains.

From party members, officials, business owners, punching a family to the unemployed group, everyone is expressing their loyalty, shouting father and mother shouting ancestors, what meat and potatoes there is. The momentum, like the birthday celebration of Mr. Zhao Taifu set up a flowing banquet, people passing by have to rush to share a bowl of meat soup bubble rice. Before taking the bowl, first to kowtow in front of Mrs. Zhao. Master Zhao or the butler saw it, yelled: please rice, so the meal has been settled.

Of course, these guests could only find a seat outside the compound, not in the inner courtyard, let alone in the hall where Mr. Zhao celebrated his birthday.

In the agrarian era, when hunger was the norm and the gentry ruled, this scene of gentry fellowship was not beautiful, but it was never incongruous.

But now is the information age, so people put the table loyalty in the circle of friends. Commonly known as, send a circle of friends to the party, about the same as telling the party, you see, I am one of their own ……

In my opinion, this kind of loyalty is obviously not sincere. The more embarrassing thing is that the party is very busy and doesn’t have time to read your circle of friends.

Chinese birthday celebrations and the like have traditionally had rules. Usually, early on, the housekeeper will prepare the supplies and count the number of guests. What’s more, such things as birthday celebrations are more of a periodic networking opportunity for the gentry to catch up, make friends and repair relationships. Or the family’s sons and daughters to the age of marriage, so as to find an in-laws, to the family weave a larger protection network.

For example, early on, the housekeeper will list the VIPs that need to be invited, which of course is the higher the status of the other party, the better. In order, they are officials, relatives (relatives with status), businessmen and friends. These are the people who have to set the top position beforehand and are received by the Old Master himself. In addition to the younger generation, only bowing not kowtowing, and some even exempt from bowing, Xuan Ang in and out, drink your cup of tea even if you give you face. As for the meal, the host family is even more feel honored.

Put in between countries, which is roughly equivalent to who can invite the heads of major countries in Europe and the United States, especially the President of the United States, the host country must be a bright face. If you come are North Korea, Iran, Belarus, such as really ashamed to export the country’s boss, also roughly equivalent to Zhao Taiji family birthday, the gentry did not come, the results of the grass-headed cottage of the king of the mountain came a few, it is difficult to say that there is face.

As for the centennial celebration of the Communist Party of China, in addition to North Korea and Iran, it seems that there are no serious countries to congratulate. Even the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin actually did not give face, only in his own name from a distance to make a bow.

The party birthday celebration is still in the Great Hall of the People in Tiananmen Square. Check your mailboxes before you get busy sending your friends, have you received the invitation? If not, then, Master Zhao actually does not want you to kowtow to make a bow.

In addition, Beijing subway and bus stops on Chang’an Street in Dongdan, Xidan and Tiananmen, and all taxi and private car stops have been fully closed. If you must rush to pay your respects to the party, you may need to buy a better pair of shoes and a large bag that can hold dry food and water. Because the surrounding stores are also closed, fires are strictly forbidden until July 4.

But even then, I’m afraid it will be difficult to get what you want. According to sources, since the night of June 30, the area close to Tiananmen Square, have been non-invited.

If you must cry out to the party to pay respect to the birthday, in fact, only in the circle of friends. And also beware, do not easily use the Communist Party, Xi Jinping and other sensitive words, once banned, lightly blocked, heavy jail. The equivalent of leaking around in their own homes to Zhao Taiji for a shrine, but by the Zhao family’s family members door lift the room. Commonly known as, you are also worthy?

To sum up, the party’s 100th anniversary of the big celebration, in addition to not allowing you to open a meal to take the subway, not allowing you to talk nonsense, other than nothing to do with you. On the contrary, and those who wish to make expressions of white “self dry five”, that is, bring their own dry food fifty cents to compare, these days the treatment has seen a rise in the eyes of the party is the anti-traitors. They just need to casually spit a few words in the circle of friends, drink a free tea, eat a free meal, or even a free trip, are a matter of minutes.

So, send a circle of friends to the party to see? But the party is not interested in reading your circle of friends. Don’t make fun of yourself.