Why does the party media highlight negative international news?

In recent days, most of the international news published by the Party and official media on the mainland have involved accidents or incidents, such as the water leak at New York’s JFK airport, the arson of a church in Canada, the mudslide disaster in Japan’s Atami City, the crash of a Philippine transport plane, the intensification of the epidemic in India, the shortage of vaccines in Taiwan, the extension of the closure of Nepal’s capital again, and so on. Such selections are carefully prepared by the party only to play up negative situations in foreign countries, trying to create a sense of contrast between China’s human rights advantages and the illusion that democratic institutions are bad and socialism is good.

July 4 was American Independence Day, and that night a grand fireworks show was presented over the National Mall in Washington DC, the capital. At a time when the epidemic is slowing down in the United States, several states are hosting celebrations that people are happy to participate in.

Historian and best-selling author Joshua Charles wrote a commentary on the country and its flag, urging people to respect America’s founding principles and ideals and not be fooled by lies. He quotes John Adams, the second president of the United States, who said, “But remember, freedom must be supported in every way possible. We have a right to it, and it originates with our Creator.”

Founded on religion, the United States has grown over the past two hundred years to become the number one power, known for upholding universal values and encouraging individuals to follow their dreams. Despite the incessant leftist forces that have plagued the United States in recent years, a large number of the American people are still traditional-minded, devout to God, and steadfastly rejecting the encroachment of communism. Therefore, July 4 is a solemn and thought-provoking day for people to recognize the harm of communism from the chaos and to maintain the strength of morality and faith.

Strangely enough, an official media on the mainland issued a news report: “Protesters beat each other in the street the day before the Independence Day in the United States, police officers wielded sticks and were heavily armed”, followed by several messages criticizing human rights in the United States (messages criticizing “foreign forces” are allowed). This is reminiscent of the gloating over the epidemic and riots in the United States, the Cultural Revolution-style tirades against American dignitaries who criticize the CCP and support the Chinese people, and the cold-blooded applause for the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001, which the CCP’s propaganda department has been clamoring for for the past year.

The Chinese Communist Party seems to hate the United States to the core, but actually loves it to the core. For decades, Communist Party officials have been sending their children and families to the United States to study and settle there, and transferring their assets there, while remaining at home as “naked officials. These party members voted with their feet, firmly rejecting socialism. Even though the Chinese Communist Party is well aware of this from top to bottom, it still treats the United States as its number one enemy in order to deceive the people and because of the fundamental difference in values between the two sides. Even so, the CCP has always been willing to accept more and more technical support and financial transfers from the United States. After the deal was done, the party still scolded the “American empire”, and it is its nature to be ungrateful.

On July 4, the mouthpiece Global Times published a report on the Canadian church fire and aboriginal issues, including some criticism of Trudeau. The article was clearly accusing Canada of human rights and was used to retaliate against Trudeau’s previous attacks on the Chinese Communist Party for not daring to acknowledge human rights abuses in the mainland.

In late 2018, in retaliation for Canada’s detention of Meng Wanzhou, the Chinese Communist Party detained two Canadians in China, in a naked display of “hostage diplomacy.” In June 2020, Chinese prosecutors charged the two men with “spying on state secrets and intelligence for foreign countries. In June 2020, Chinese prosecutors charged the two men with “spying on state secrets and intelligence for foreign countries,” but did not disclose any specific evidence. When confronted by foreign media, CCP spokesman Zhao Lijian called Meng’s arrest a “serious political incident” and said “China is a country governed by the rule of law,” clearly confusing right and wrong and showing the CCP’s rogue style.

As for Japan, India and the Philippines, all of these countries have conflicting values with the CCP and have recently dared to say “no” to the CCP. Therefore, the party media will not let go of anything negative and will make a big deal out of it once they catch it.

Taiwan and the mainland are separated by a water gap, and the two systems are two different. On the other side of the strait, the people enjoy freedom of speech and belief, while under the Communist Party, life and soul are in ruins and traditions are destroyed. When mainland tourists visit Taiwan, they appreciate the beauty, wealth and stability there, and the Communist Party’s fabrication of “deep water and hot water” is self-evident. The Chinese Communist Party calls for “armed reunification”, but it knows very well that there is no military advantage, and people’s hearts cannot be won. Therefore, the existence of Taiwan shows the failure of the Communist Party.

Under the Chinese Communist Party, the media is called the Party, and in order to promote the “greatness” of the Party, it falsifies data, conceals facts, puts on shows and fakes, and lies as it pleases. News reporting has lost its objectivity and impartiality, so how can we talk about international perspective? Readers do not see the suffering and do not hear the cries. Instead, the truth is shielded and those who spread it are suppressed. The official media’s mantra is: don’t believe the rumors, don’t spread them. In fact, the CCP is the biggest rumor-monger, and the Party requires everyone to listen to it, not to doubt it, not to write to it, otherwise it is “subversion of power” and “endangering national security”. Day after day, by ear, red propaganda gradually takes people away from the real history and leads them to lies, bias and coldness.

The Chinese Communist Party claims that it wants “cooperation” and “win-win” in the international arena, “no conflict,” and a “community of human destiny. “But in practice, it acts in a selfish and hypocritical manner, so how can it gain the respect and trust of others? Today, more and more governments are seeing the tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party because of what it has done. The so-called “head-breaking” intimidation will attract more warnings and countermeasures, which is the inevitability of history.