Beijing’s perception of time and space distances are different from normal people

People who have spent time in Beijing have a different perception of spatial and temporal distances than ordinary people

In Shanghai

My friend said: It’s a bit far, let’s take a taxi

Me: How far is it?

Friend: Three kilometers

Me: That’s it? If it were not for the high heels I would have walked over

I went to Yangpu to meet someone for dinner and another friend also came over the friend took a look at more than ten kilometers

said: too far, right?

Me:? Only a dozen kilometers eh

From Yangpu taxi back to Puxi, get off to see only 50 yuan, moved to embroider a flag on the spot

out the door

Friends said: a little far oh

I: how far

Friends: drive an hour class

I: just here? An hour and a half and I’ve only just left Chaoyang, right?

Reasonable doubt Beijing is a wormhole after it baptized people will have a new perception of time and space

I don’t know if Beijing’s consumption level is higher than Shanghai’s, but I really couldn’t stay there for a moment, my whole heart was just kneaded and chopped up and brown.

To this day there are so many friends that especially love Beijing, just, love it! They say they don’t fit in anywhere they go, they fit in Beijing, I can understand that, everyone’s city magnetism is different, and I wonder if it’s because of the region.

I live in Dongcheng and most of my friends live in Chaoyang, which is a little younger over there. I want a Starbucks, I have to go downstairs and take the bus, or walk three kilometers.

Does it sound like I live in the middle of nowhere? No. I live in the center of the East Side, the second ring within the second ring. I’ve lived here for 14 years, and the only thing that opened around me was a “kind of” cafe when I was about to leave. What do you mean by “that kind of”? It’s the kind of place that sells shredded pork with rice, but sells two slices of bread with ham as Western food.

For those of my friends who can’t leave Beijing, they probably live in Sanlitun, where there are cafes, bars and other places where friends can get together and have a sense of life.

But Chaoyang District, it’s big! It’s so big that I think the high-speed rail can be used as one of the commuting tools.

I feel “small” in Shanghai, even though it takes me 40 minutes to go to the city center, I feel that everything is quite small, I can do three things in a day, first have afternoon tea with my clients, then watch a movie with my friends. In Beijing, I can only pick one of these three things to do, and I only do one thing a day.

That is, I have a sense of life, and the whole person is delicate.

The city is so big that I feel that my arms and legs are not long enough, and I feel that I am floating and can’t reach anywhere, and the city is so big that it has no boundaries, and my heart has nowhere to land.

The city is so big and boundless that my heart has nowhere to go. It really just doesn’t fit.

But my friends who say they love Beijing, they don’t earn a few dollars, they love it, they are suitable.

This city is suitable or not really depends on yourself.

Young girl big lion boy: I was born in Shanghai, fed up with Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai long-winded plum rain climate, graduated to work in Beijing, riding a bicycle outside the fifth ring, next to the flat stores selling donkey meat hot pot and hardware, dust storms in my face to shoot, cool I shouted, ah! The desert! It was awesome! I love it! I love it! I’m so energized!