How to ruin a person with public opinion

Just look at Qiao Feng in “The Eight Dragons” and you’ll understand.

First, dig up a repulsive point about him and categorize it. For example, Qiao Feng was actually a Khitan (Song people at the time hated the Khitans and generally felt that there were no good birds among them).

Then, people were led to turn their animosity toward the group into animosity toward the individual.

People were preconceived to believe that Khitan dogs must be cruel and inhumane, so how could Qiao Feng be an exception?

With this foundation of public opinion, and by sexualizing a large living person, all the bad things were placed on him.

Qiao Feng’s adoptive parents are dead? He must have killed them.
Qiao Feng’s mentor also died? He must have killed him.
The Tan parents, who had contact with Qiao Feng, also died? He must have killed them.

Logic is not important, the evidence is not important, after giving you the sex, white can be said to be black, not you did it must be you did it.

The “four villains” are full of evil, some rape & prostitution of women, some robbery & killing babies, some especially like to twist people’s necks, but the jianghu group did not feel that these four people are more evil, and do not dare to provoke them.

But who is Qiao Feng? He is the top of the earth’s man, is the tang beggar gang leader, in the jianghu reputation, early on their own ability to break down the “North Qiao Feng” name.

Pulled such a person from the altar of God, step into the mud, how pleasurable ah.

At that time, the Song people hated the Khitan, we all need a person to act as a live target, carrying the Song people’s hostility to the Khitan, then, there is more suitable than eating in the Song, drinking in the Song, raising in the Song Qiao Feng as this live target candidates?

There is no shortage of independent thinkers in the martial arts world, but their voices are drowned out by the surging so-called “people & will”.

In the original story, Qiao Feng’s plight was insurmountable. His own father killed his adoptive parents and mentor, causing him to be misunderstood by the Jianghu group, but he could not avenge his adoptive parents and mentor. The Song people treat him as a Khitan dog, and the Khitan people treat him as a Song dog, so wherever he goes, he is not a human being. Ah Zhu has died, the lamp has been extinguished, he can only die.

The “people & will” wronged Qiao Feng, also forced to die Qiao Feng, but no one will be responsible for this incident, we will only bemoan two: he wanted to kill himself, ah, it does not do our business.

Certain phenomena on the Internet today, and this story is very similar to it.