7.1 before the airport direct reports of hundreds of people leaving Hong Kong: do not want to leave Hong Kong

The first anniversary of the implementation of the National Security Law of Hong Kong, 24 years after the handover of Hong Kong sovereignty in 1997, the fear of the future broke out a wave of Hong Kong people emigrating. 24 years later, the first anniversary of the implementation of the National Security Law of Hong Kong, under the political gloom, a group of Hong Kong people reluctantly choose to leave their homeland. This reporter went to the airport on the eve of July 1 to witness a wave of departing Hong Kong people, many Hong Kong people who emigrated to the United Kingdom were interviewed a moment before their departure, crying that they were reluctant to leave Hong Kong, but the political suppression made Hong Kong people “live uneasy and powerless”, so they had to break out to breathe the air of freedom.

Our reporter visited the Hong Kong International Airport on the eve of 7.1, there were two flights to the UK in the evening, and the number of people was increasing after nightfall. Among them, the counter to the United Kingdom, especially long lines of people, and other destinations of airlines empty, forming a stark contrast.

Sad and sorrowful airport immigration Hong Kong people: a look at the news is very hard

Unlike the previous happy atmosphere of tourism, the airport is more sad and sorrowful. Reporters saw some people in front of the departure gates with friends and relatives to take pictures, but also some people with banners, cards to send blessings, but also some people grasp the moment of farewell and friends and relatives embrace, tearful airport, waving goodbye.

A number of Hong Kong people who emigrated to the UK were interviewed a moment before they left. Miss Lee, a Hong Kong resident in her twenties, could not help but sob. She told reporters that she “missed Hong Kong, her family and friends,” but felt that she could not bear the political atmosphere in Hong Kong and had the will to leave. She said, she went to the United Kingdom, in the living arrangements for the time being no exact, can only see the walk.

Ms. Lee said: very sad to let go of a lot of things can not put …… what happened in the past few months, once you see the news, you feel very hard, as in the past, a sense of powerlessness.

A family of four: the mood is apprehensive to go away first count

Requesting anonymity, a family of four said that the moment before leaving Hong Kong mood apprehension, “but gone first, the most important thing now is to have a place to live. They revealed that they had decided to emigrate six months ago, but described it as a hasty decision, hoping to seek a better education for their children.

The family said: the mood apprehensive? Yes, but there is no way to be afraid, we can say after leaving. I am worried that I will encounter discrimination when I go to the UK, and I am also worried about the problem of finding a school for my children.

Mr. Chen, a Hong Kong resident, said he was a “follower” of the migration wave, and had the idea of emigrating a year and a half ago, and was “uneasy” to face the new environment. Another former civil servant, who requested anonymity, said he decided to emigrate six months ago to give his children a better environment to grow up in, and he was psychologically prepared for the difficulties he would face after arriving in the city.

Since the political turmoil in Hong Kong in 2019, the number of immigrants in Hong Kong continues to rise. In order to obtain various types of entry visas required for the “Certificate of No Criminal Record”, commonly known as the “Good Citizen Certificate”, the first five months of this year, the number of applications up to more than 15,000, in a single month, the number of applications from March to return to the peak in the second half of 2019, in May alone, there are reached 3,923 cases, a new high in the past four and a half years. According to Bloomberg Research, about 13,100 to 16,300 families in Hong Kong will move to the UK with BNO this year.