The problem with China’s school uniforms is not just that they are ugly

If you use the words “Chinese school uniforms” as a keyword to search Baidu, the first related words that come out are “Why Chinese school uniforms are ugly”.

In fact, I have been talking about this issue since I was in elementary school, but until now, the school uniforms in many areas are still the same as above, with no progress at all.

But in fact, the problem of Chinese school uniforms can be summed up by much more than just an ugly one.

  1. Are Chinese school uniforms unsightly?

In fact, there is nothing to deny, the majority of school uniforms in most schools in China are indeed ugly.

Although in some youth movies and some news photos of “school girls”, it seems that they look pretty good in school uniforms, so it is easy to conclude that It’s easy to come to the conclusion that “Chinese school uniforms are not ugly, it’s your face that’s ugly”.

But if you take a closer look, you will find that on top of their good-looking faces, they have not only permed their hair, done their hair, but also put on makeup and P pictures, and their school uniforms are reasonably cut although they are in the color scheme we are familiar with.

Although there are differences in personal aesthetics and everyone has their own suitable clothes, it is obvious that there is no way to explain the ugliness of real school uniforms with the four words of personal aesthetics.

Because as an outfit, it has an ugly color scheme, is too baggy and looks like a big pocket, which are all drawbacks that don’t wash. If you compare it with other countries’ school uniforms, it is easy to see its shortcomings.

In fact, the problem of color scheme is easy to solve, just learn it, and the problem of looseness is also easy to solve. Take Japanese school uniforms for example, most of them have adjustable buckles that adjust the clothing according to the body shape, which is something that is lacking in ordinary school uniforms in China.

  1. Chinese school uniforms, why are they ugly?

When it comes to ugly Chinese school uniforms, many people will say that the reason they are ugly is to prevent students from climbing, so that they can put their minds on learning instead of climbing – but this argument obviously does not hold water.

Because the core of preventing climbing lies in uniformity, not in ugliness. On the basis of uniformity, the school authorities can make the school uniforms look good, so that everyone can go from “all ugly” to all beautiful.

There is also an argument that school uniforms are made ugly to prevent students from falling in love at an early age, and if the uniforms look good and fit well, it will make the youthful children see each other’s developing bodies, and they will be easily attracted to each other, and it will be easy for the children to steal the forbidden fruit at a young age, which is not good.

This is indeed a reason, but I also disagree.

First of all, because it’s not good looking clothes that are well cut and have to show off your body, like those foreign school uniforms above are counter examples. And the Japanese school uniform below, on top of being a decent outfit, doesn’t increase the chances of people “wanting to get off on it” at all.

And as many facts have proven, in the age of the Internet, curiosity among students can’t be blocked by simple blocking.

One time after graduation, I went to my senior class teacher and she was gossiping with other teachers about which students in her class were getting together.

I asked her, “Aren’t you afraid that students’ early love will affect their studies? You don’t have to prevent it? “

She patted her chest and said: “Oh, you were also in love, early love which can be prevented! It is not up to me to talk to you, let you fall in love together to study well, do not do excessive things. “

“In the end you are still studying quite well. “

When you think about it, it’s true that our children lack sex education from the formal way, the lack of teachers, parents face up to their adolescent needs, the right guidance, rather than talking about sex, strict prevention of the environment.

After all, even if you do not teach, students will get relevant information from many other sources. Even if you pretend not to see, children are inevitably faced with such and such dangers.

When the time comes, what kind of education is actually received, when the child can face those dangers can not protect themselves well, look at the news because of the lack of sex education caused by tragedy, can not really say.

It’s a little off, but back to the point.

So since these reasons are a bit far-fetched, why are our school uniforms so ugly?

There is only one reason, and that is that when Chinese sports uniforms were first designed, they were not ugly at all, or rather, they were not intentionally designed to be “ugly”. The reason is that when Chinese sports uniforms were first designed, they were not ugly at all.

In the earliest days, these sports uniforms were modeled after the National Games uniforms of that time.

In the era of universal poverty, these clothes are not only broken clothes, ugly clothes, but also some of the better clothes, only with the development of the times and the economy, these styles are gradually eliminated by the times, we will find them ugly.

Just like many boys like NBA uniforms now, but if you go back and look at the uniforms of the era of Chamberlain, you will also feel strange.

So whether you say later that ugly school uniforms can prevent climbing or that ugly school uniforms can prevent early love, you first have the conclusion that “school uniforms should be ugly” and then The result of finding reasons for this conclusion and forcing it to find benefits will naturally seem far-fetched.

One strange thing is that since China’s buildings are getting taller and taller, cars are getting faster and faster, and even the attire of everyone on the street and celebrities on TV are changing all the time, why do school uniforms always stay the same?

So stop making excuses for the ugliness of our school uniforms, those ugly school uniforms are indeed what is outdated.

The times are developing and it’s time to reform.

3, The problem with Chinese school uniforms is much more than just ugly

If it was just ugly, it would be fine to spit and spit, but the problem with China’s school uniforms is much more than just ugly.

In 2013, many school uniforms in Shanghai were found to have carcinogenic substances, and as many as 21 schools were involved.

And then there was this. A school in Guangdong, where uniforms claimed to be 100% cotton began to pucker within minutes of rubbing.

In Shaanxi, a school’s school uniform of more than 100 yuan was just sent down for three days and began to fade and pucker; in a school in Hebei, all students were required to buy a school uniform that was worn for just a few days, and many children had a large red rash on their bodies.

A school uniform that costs 200 yuan can be bought on Taobao for two sets of uniforms of similar quality, or the same model as “Rush Hour”.

The parents said that every year the school informs them that they have to buy uniforms several times and all students have to buy them.

The school has to buy them several times a year. “

Something even more exaggerated happened recently in Lanzhou.

In October 2017, parents at a middle school in Lanzhou claimed that their children’s school uniforms, whose pockets turned out to have a hospital logo, were apparently made from hospital sheets. Dangerous or not, this is sickening.

Hmm, the suit cost over $400.

In fact, if you search with relevant keywords, you will find that there are numerous problems with school uniforms in China.

@DadReview also did a school uniform review, specifically reviewing the newly issued, newly bought, brand new school uniforms from various schools, but of the 6 school uniforms reviewed, 4 of them failed to meet the latest standards promulgated by the National Standards Committee in 2015.

The new national standard GB/T 31888-2015 “School Uniforms for Primary and Secondary School Students” standard; GB18401-2010 “National Basic Safety Technical Specification for Textile Products”; GB 31701-2015 “Safety Technical Specification for Textile Products for Infants and Children

If there are only minor problems such as fabric pilling and easy to break, forget it.

The problem is that some of the tested school uniforms exceeded the phthalate standard 194 times in the plastic zipper of the button (refer to the EU requirements), and the zipper and button are easily placed in the mouth by the child to bite a part, which can easily cause poisoning. Some of the body fabric of the fitted pants PH value reached 10, it is easy to trigger dermatitis, itching.

It’s not just a matter of being ugly, the key to these school uniforms, when ordered at school fees, are actually not cheap, their quality is not better than the cheaper ones on Taobao pop-up clothes, but the price is often double and triple of those clothes.

So this matter, to put it bluntly, is still related to the existence of many schools using school uniforms to make money.

In fact, according to reason, these public schools should not make money in this area of school uniforms during the compulsory education stage, and should give the uniforms to students at cost. But the fact is that many schools are rent-seeking on such school-wide purchases, and often the principal, the director, and the teacher in charge all have a hand in one order.

I have a distant relative who takes orders for school uniforms and has complained that in five of our seven elementary schools, teachers must be given kickbacks for orders to make uniforms.

You can’t just blame the boss for being shady.

The purchase price is so high that the school teachers must give rebates, and the bosses who take orders can often only use the worst fabrics and the roughest workmanship to make a profit.

What? You say students are not satisfied?

In fact, they don’t have any choice about what school uniforms they can wear, so what’s the point of students being dissatisfied?

The fact that students, who have to wear school uniforms for many years, can’t decide what kind of uniforms they should wear is the funniest part of the whole thing, and it’s a situation that is prevalent in a lot of things.

Why are school uniforms ugly, not only ugly but sometimes toxic, not only toxic but also expensive?

Why is it that in some schools, the meat in the cafeteria stinks? Why is the leftover food still being sold for days?

Why are there schools where the quilts for military training are black cotton? Why are the cotton leaking out?

Why is it impossible to cover the quilt issued by the school when you live in school, and you get itchy and goose bumps when you cover it?

In fact, when you think about it, the answer is the same.

Because of the monopoly, not transparent.

Because the people who really use it, do not have the right to choose; and those who choose, do not need to use.

There are quite a few things in this world that are largely like this.

  1. Is it hard to give students back the right to choose their school uniforms?

If the school doesn’t need to generate revenue from it, it’s not that hard.

I’m not just standing around talking about it, because there are a lot of schools that are really doing just that.

In our middle school, for example, not only do students get involved in the design of the school uniform themselves, allowing them to participate in the school uniform bidding process and choose a supplier, but they also let the whole school vote on what the next series of school uniforms should look like.

In the end, the uniforms that are chosen are really good looking. The key is that these clothes that look decent and good are not expensive at all.

Not only do students wear them when they go to school, but they also love to play in the streets of Nanjing with their school uniforms, and even bring them to the university, and wear them when they take their graduation photos.

This of course has to do with the fact that our middle school student population is relatively good, and students generally have the ability to learn. But it also proves that it’s not impossible, and reaps pretty good results.

It’s a transparent process that leaves students with less confusion; it also fosters aesthetics and a sense of ownership.

Why not have the best of both worlds, if there’s no reason too specific to do so?