Make a soup and steam a fish Happiness is in the little things

I grew up and do not like to go into the kitchen, because the family’s youngest daughter, I can basically not drip, three meals a day to sit and wait for the meal. Therefore, like many girls, I grew up listening to the elders’ “I can’t get married after cooking”.

At the beginning of this year, I stayed alone in Beijing and got hooked on cooking. I live in the second bedroom of an old house, and there is a public kitchen of less than 10 square meters, which is full of oil and salt, pots and pans, except for the lack of lids and a broken refrigerator.

The lack of lids led to the fact that I had to ask the neighbor’s grandfather to borrow one every time I wanted to steam something in a pot, and even when friends came to my house for dinner, I had to ask them to bring their own lids.

In Beijing in winter, a broken refrigerator is not a big deal, you just need to put the ingredients that need to be refrigerated outside the window.

The first time I made it was a rib stew. That weekend, I went to the nearest big supermarket to my home. The meat section of the supermarket has many kinds of ribs, ribs, cut ribs, middle ribs, meat neck bones …… finally I chose the middle ribs, the first time to choose the bones, thinking to save what can not save to eat, the most expensive should be the most delicious. Carrying the most expensive ribs back home, I Baidu found that in fact, the middle section of ribs is not the best choice for making soup.

The first time I made soup, when shopping for ribs, I was told to help the chef who sold the bones to chop them into small pieces; when buying side dishes, I had to check whether to put carrots or white radish; when reading recipes, I had to check what “blanching” actually means …… the more unfamiliar it is, the more curious it is. The more unfamiliar it is, the more curious it is, and so I finished my first time in the kitchen.

It wasn’t as messy as I thought, nor was it indescribably delicious, but it made me decide what I liked best about Beijing, and yes, it was that small kitchen of less than 10 square meters.

Later, I even invited a friend over for dinner. That day, we tried to make a few new home-cooked dishes, including cola chicken wings, garlic and vegetable hearts, steamed sea bass, and chicken leg stew.

When I went to the supermarket with my friend to buy fish, I picked up a big net and stuck it in the water, and the fish scurried around in shock. Several times I caught the fish, and just as the net left the water, the fish jumped back into the water. After choosing the main ingredients, I had to buy side dishes and spices. “Do you want ginger? How about oyster sauce? How about sesame oil? ……”

I went home and tossed around the kitchen for more than two hours and finally made three dishes and one soup, and when I finally brought out the plate of steamed sea bass, I realized, “Oops, no green onions!” This made me go to the vegetable section to buy green onions first every time I went to the market afterwards.

After the meal was done, we started taking pictures. Empty the table, spread a teal tablecloth, turned on all the lights in the house, one person held up his phone to hit the light, the other person took pictures. Flat shots, overhead shots, close up close-ups. We spent more time taking pictures than cooking, refining the pictures, uploading them to our friends, and finally eating.

Many people feel that the greatest happiness in cooking comes from being complimented on how good it is or the number of likes from friends. In fact, most people invite others to eat at home, not necessarily every guest will praise the dish, and not everyone in the circle of friends will praise the dish itself. But the completion of the dish itself is satisfying enough, and this happiness starts when you step into the market and choose the green onion at a glance.

More often than not, guests are invited home to eat a few more bites, or a “not bad, oh.” That’s enough to satisfy.

Later, and a good friend said, if I leave Beijing to go back to Guangzhou, we will rent a house together. Although everything is built on “if”, but we still began to plan our future.

The plan life, ultimately boils down to a point, food, drink, and food, so the inevitable first talk is to eat, we decided in the “if” premise, the future house downstairs to have a large life supermarket, you can shop the kind of vegetable market. Occasionally before going to bed to brush a good-looking beige linen tablecloth, will screenshot to her, “later our family buy a tablecloth like this.” Occasionally brush to a nice pot of food, it is agreed that “I’ll learn, later you wash dishes Oh.”