You can’t be an orange that everyone likes

I like to eat oranges, and my father, even the best oranges do not eat. Sometimes we advised him, such as oranges are rich in vitamin C ah, this brand of oranges is particularly delicious ah. He then said emphatically, “I don’t like to eat even the best oranges because I don’t like the taste of oranges at all.”

I felt sorry for him, but his words suddenly gave me an idea. Yes, as an orange, even the best oranges, there are still people who do not like them.

Last year, during my campaign speech for the school’s director of education, I thought about oranges for some reason, and I said to the black crowd on the stage, “Please believe that I will do my best, and although I can’t be an orange that everyone likes, I will try to be the best orange I can be!”

My speech was a success, I think, because of the sincerity of my attitude.

When I encounter others dissatisfied with me in life and work, I first examine myself and try to do better, however, there are too many times when I can’t do my best, and sometimes it’s not my fault. At this time I say to myself: “Why be upset? You can’t be an orange that everyone likes.”

There are millions of roads to Rome, and many questions, not a single choice, often have colorful answers. The world of certainty is man-made, the world of uncertainty is the real world. Every thing that changes has N possibilities.

Because no one wants to accept a world without ready-made answers, people like to deceive themselves by saying that the answers existed long ago.

So people often struggle with not being accepted, always thinking that the error must come from themselves. We always think, “Maybe I’m not a good orange.” In our frustration, we lose trust in ourselves, we creep forward in the eyes of others, and sometimes we even lose the courage to go forward.

These days, one after another, I hear the news of students jumping to their death due to unbearable study pressure, and I feel the unbearable cold sorrow.

Let’s put aside the cruel competition of exam-based education. Because in modern society, even if there is no test, our children must face the increasingly fierce competition for survival.

I would like to say to the parents of these children: just because your child cannot be an orange that everyone likes does not mean that he is not a good orange; find his strengths and you will find that he is such a source of pride for you. Give them the confidence that is the great treasure you can give them in life.

I want to say to these children: It is definitely not your fault that you can’t be an orange that everyone likes and that others love bananas and apples. Accept yourself happily in order to take the long and wide road.

If the whole world refuses to agree with you, then there is indeed something wrong with you. If only a very small percentage of people have a problem with you, there is really no need to care, because, you can’t and don’t have to be an orange that everyone likes.

It is indeed a cruel and difficult thing to accept in life when you encounter blows to your self-esteem and self-confidence from others, either through reprimand at work, or ridicule at school, or abandonment in love. Our self-esteem and self-confidence are the most fragile things, and we will doubt ourselves: “Is it true that I am so bad?” And then this negative emotion can make us depressed or even devastated.

The only thing I want to say is: you can’t be an orange that everyone likes, you can only try to be the best one. Many times, things are not as bad as we think, as long as you do not give up, continue to work hard, sooner or later, someone will find your lovely fruit in the autumn harvest. At that time, we should be glad that we are such an orange.

Insist on being the best you can be. The water is clear and the fish reads the moon, the flowers are quiet and the birds talk about the sky. The world, is still an orchard waiting for you to ripen.