Twelve words of advice for the beginning of the workplace

First of all, I want to congratulate you, because whether your graduate or undergraduate students, because whether you come from a prestigious school or high school, whether you went to a large company or a small business, from today onwards, you have a new identity, called social people, you are people who have a job, to support themselves.

  1. It’s embarrassing to say that the best use of your just-arrived salary is to buy a gift for your parents, but that’s actually difficult because it’s likely not enough to spend. Even so, please remember that the first month’s salary must remember to buy a gift for your parents, they will be touched for a long time.

2, please learn to bookkeeping, each month’s expenses into categories, divided into transportation, telephone, food, living expenses, social entertainment, clothing, study expenses set the same upper limit, the money is small to try to allocate in a variety of uses. Don’t easily break through the bottom line you set and crowd other expenses. Manage the use of your money, in fact, the use of your time.

3, don’t use no money as an excuse to give up some really important things, some things you want to do or not, such as learning. You can insist on doing summaries every day, you can also go to the library to do a library card. Unnecessary socializing a little less, do not need to climb a little less, the poorer the more money to spend on things that can accumulate something.

4, not like in college, to the cafeteria classroom are not far. Now every day on the way to work may take a lot of time. Please think carefully about how to use this journey? Cell phone with an extra mobile power, you can watch American drama practice English listening to music, you can also look at the news to exercise the judgment of various situations, of course, you can also look at some dry accounts to push the learning information. There is no longer a large block of time to learn, the use of good fragmentation of time talent can stand out.

5, in the unit to do things, you are a little white, suddenly found themselves all of a sudden do not know anything, everyone seems to be very busy look, and do not know who to ask for advice. Remember one thing: less talk, more work, eyes to be able to see what you can do. From a little bit of small things to take the initiative to do, and colleagues think you are not bad, they will bring you into the industry. But do not try to be a hero, do things you can grasp, without training newcomers are often active and enthusiastic to help you screw things up.

6, the work assigned by the leadership, do not do according to their own ideas, must find the opportunity to their understanding and leadership to confirm, and then to implement. Do encounter difficulties in the process, do not be afraid of their incompetence is known to others, remember the saying: bad news first report, there are people who can help you avoid becoming a big problem, otherwise delayed in the end delayed business rather worse.

7、 The leadership you meet may be competent, may be cowardly, may be civilized, may be jaded, but remember: please learn to respect the leadership first, reasonable tasks as exercise, unreasonable tasks first as hammering. Think about the day you do the leadership position, how do you like the soldiers? If the leader is really a bastard, you can choose to leave, because the last people who enter the workplace have good development, often not because into a good unit, but to meet a good leader.

8, you will encounter a variety of character colleagues, some will make you feel desperate, some will be two-faced, but you have to believe that most people in the workplace, in fact, there are a lot of unspeakable grievances. You remember the saying, no matter how others treat you, you try to do things right and not to others. Be sure to understand the company’s rules and regulations, to figure out what things should belong to whose responsibility, things to do according to the company’s rules and regulations, the process is to block others to give you the umbrella of the task. Do not get into the habit of others verbally arranged you to do, remember the important things to leave a written record, once the problem is to know whose responsibility.

9, in the modern world, no one will predict where they are in ten years, jumping from job to job is a common thing. To get a good relationship with colleagues, maybe the next time you can work together in another company, but do not just take colleagues as a confidant, there may be a conflict of interest or a little cautious interaction.

10, you will encounter many difficulties, but if a unit is not so bad, please do not say lightly to leave, in a unit patiently accumulate three years is better than in three years to replace six jobs. You know, an industry you need three years to really get started.

11, into the workplace, the university of love only began to withstand the real test. Not together, less and less common language, the love of your life does not understand you at all, you find that you can not provide the TA want, all kinds of pressure will make you very tired. It does not last, then break up, nothing, remember to bless the person you once loved to have a better home.

Do not advocate office romance, especially falling in love with your boss such a game. Of course, if you meet true love, you will be from the bar, the workplace time passes much faster than the university, do not be inattentive left.