Temporary rescheduling of the large-scale cultural performance for the Party Day

The Beijing Municipal Government suddenly issued an announcement on the evening of the 27th that “the large-scale cultural performance event scheduled for June 29, 2021 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China has been rescheduled to June 28, 2021 for some reasons.”

However, the announcement did not state the reason for the sudden rescheduling.

The announcement states, “In order to ensure the safe and smooth performance activities, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau issued a traffic control notice on the 27th, and traffic control measures will be taken on the day of the performance activities at different times and sections around the National Stadium and related roads.”

Another anomaly of the party celebration is that foreign media who are allowed to film the performance cannot bring communication devices and cell phones into the venue, and the video can only be released three days later, i.e. on July 1, a rule that has never occurred before.

According to an earlier announcement by the Party’s 100th anniversary press center, the party’s cultural performance will be held at the Bird’s Nest in the National Stadium on Tuesday night (29th).

Xinhua reported that the ceremony to award the Party’s highest honor, the July 1 Medal, was held at the Great Hall of the People on Tuesday morning. Xi Jinping, general secretary and president of the Communist Party of China (CPC), will award the Medal of July 1 for the first time and deliver a speech.

It is expected (no official announcement has been made as of Monday) that a celebration will be held in Tiananmen Square on July 1, and Xi is also expected to deliver a speech.