Everyone is at risk under the National Security Law. Hong Kong’s famous political cartoonist announces the closure of his page.

In Hong Kong, on Sunday night (27), renowned political cartoonist Wong Chiu-tat announced the temporary closure of his dedicated page, Wong Chiu-tat Cartoons. He said on Facebook that he was “saddened” to see the temporary shelving of the article in “Stand” and the arrest of “Apple’s” lead writer Lu Feng.

He said that his comic columns “Kirigakure” and “That City” in Ming Pao would continue and he did not intend to close them. He admits that he “has fear in his heart.

He admits that he “has fear in his heart and still feels that he has to do his best to keep his life.” However, the recent situation in Hong Kong has made him feel that “it is no longer meaningful to analyze and calculate”, and “in order to reduce my own pressure”, he decided to temporarily close the page for a period of time, and will meet with readers again when the pressure is not so great.

Huang Zhaoda is also an assistant professor at Hong Kong Baptist University, and his page has nearly 20,000 followers.