Hong Kong National Security Police has received 100,000 National Security Hotline reports

The Hong Kong government has been heavily criticized for violating human rights in the wake of the recent National Security Law prosecutions in Hong Kong. However, Chinese official media China News Agency reported on Monday (28) that Deng Bingqiang, who has just been promoted as Secretary for Security, mentioned in an exclusive interview that after the implementation of the National Security Law in Hong Kong, the government has successfully cracked down on “big tigers”, including Next Media founder Lai Chi-ying and academic Tai Yiu-ting. At present, Lai and Dai were charged with the National Security Law, has been remanded, but has not yet been convicted.

He also said that since its inception in November last year, has received more than 100,000 related messages. He hopes that the public if you find someone “to make the act of endangering national security”, that is, to report.

Deng revealed that the police have arrested more than 100 people involved in violations of national security or related crimes, more than half of them have been prosecuted. He claimed that there are “external forces Hong Kong agents” and “anti-government elements”, they want to “lone wolf” attack, endangering national security.

The police officers, Li Ka-chiu and Tang Ping-keung, were promoted to the posts of Chief Secretary for Administration and Secretary for Security last week, and international public opinion fears that Hong Kong will move in the direction of “military rule” and “police government”.