Ren Zhengfei: Huawei to prevent “internal volume” can not disown the United States is the teacher

Huawei heart community 26 public “Ren total and 2020 gold staff representatives at the seminar,” Huawei President Ren Zhengfei said, “Do not disown the United States is a teacher because of the U.S. crackdown on Huawei, in addition to Huawei need to multi-gene fusion mutation to prevent the “internal volume. The analysis is that Huawei is a technology company, but carries the role of China’s “digital dictatorship”, which also makes Ren Zhengfei, the operator of the bitter.

Ren Zhengfei’s talk was on May 8, when he mentioned that “Huawei needs multiple gene fusion mutations to prevent ‘involution’. He then explained that “the field of engineering should be lean, which is not called ‘involution’, ‘involution’ is happening where lean should not be done.”

An employee asked Ren Zhengfei, “Our business is very difficult because of the U.S. sanctions, should we move down the road in the direction of firm localization in the future?”

Ren responded, “We can’t go closed, we must go open. We still have to insist on learning from the U.S. …… science and education is relatively simple, this aspect of the United States is strong, its hundred-year foundation is more solid. We can not because the United States to suppress us, it does not think it is not a teacher, not to learn from the United States, which will go to self-imposed.”

The so-called “internal volume,” as explained by Baidu’s encyclopedia, is an Internet buzzword. Many students in higher education use it to refer to irrational internal competition or “voluntary” competition. It refers to the phenomenon of peers competing for limited resources by putting more effort into each other, resulting in a decrease in the individual’s “earnings-to-effort ratio”.

Professor Li Zhongxian of the Department of Electrical Engineering at National Cheng Kung University pointed out in an interview with the station that Ren Zhengfei’s statement is quite correct from the point of view of the head of a communications company. In other words, if you want to close the door and do it yourself, you have to have enough self-confidence and strength to become part of the world standard. “Now it feels like the world is not so much about Huawei, and Ren Zhengfei himself should have a lot of bitterness to say. He is a technology company but has to carry the role of China’s ‘digital dictatorship’ as a background. Huawei is not like such a simple independent business operator in the Western world, so this has the background of his speech.”

Li Zhongxian said that Ren Zhengfei’s talk will certainly resist the nationalist voices in the country, but as a technology company operator, you have to have a higher vision than the average “patriot” or “war wolf”. What’s more, the world of communication is stressed, to interoperate with others. Huawei’s 5G cannot interoperate with others because Huawei is now in a closed state, from the infrastructure base station, the middle operation system, and all the way to the cell phone.

Li Zhongxian: “I believe that he spoke such words in such a context, depending on the follow-up observation, he certainly hopes that his company can survive, can participate in the world communication standards, occupy a certain position. But the Chinese government and the role of the digital dictatorship, how to find a way to use Huawei to monitor the world, which basically has the role of pull.”

Huawei just rely on the Chinese market can not support the glory of globalization can not offend the United States

“Huawei must go global, which is unquestionable for him. Just rely on the Chinese market is unable to support Huawei’s past glory, he must be foreign trade. The first thing you have to do to sell globally is not to offend the United States.” This is how Lin Xiumin, a part-time lecturer in the Department of Business Administration at Soochow University, interpreted Ren Zhengfei’s talk of lowering his profile to the United States.

Lin Xiumin mentioned that Huawei’s IC design company, Heisi, for example, squeezed into the 10th place of the world’s top 10 semiconductor sales ranking with $2.7 billion in the first quarter of Q1 2020, the scenery. By the impact of four rounds of U.S. sanctions, none of the fabs can be foundries for Hense. Land media described HASCO as entering a “dark moment”, with sales of only $385 million in the first quarter of 2021, down 87% from the same period last year, and not even in the top 15.

To add insult to injury, as of 2020, more than 7,000 employees of HASI, according to the land media quoted Huawei senior said, “Although maintaining this part will be a heavy financial burden, but Huawei is privately held, not subject to external forces, its management has made it clear that it will retain HASI.”

Lin Xiumin analysis, Huawei next are no revenue, 7,000 people are almost all highly paid, it is clear that Huawei did not give up, his calculations are the United States can lift sanctions. Huawei’s cell phone is taking the route of high-grade cell phone high unit price, market positioning is Europe, Japan, there is a better U.S. market. From a long-term perspective, the localization of semiconductors is the policy formulated by the Chinese state, whether it is for national policy or group development, despite a not insignificant personnel burden, Huawei will definitely leave the 7,000 employees.