Why is the Fudan killer widely sympathetic?

There is a strong sense of hostility in mainland society today, and cases of vicious and random killings are popping up all the time, creating an inexplicable atmosphere of fear on the mainland. In the case of Jiang Wenhua, a special professor at Fudan University, who killed Party Secretary Wang Yongzhen with a knife, the murderer has unexpectedly received widespread sympathy and even praise. So much so that Fudan University issued a special announcement to strongly condemn “the internet comments that confuse right and wrong, black and white”. Fudan University even launched an online fundraising campaign to raise money for the bereaved family of the murdered Wang Yongzhen, but all it received was ridicule and even anger. People have asked for the public establishment of Jiang Wenhua’s teacher’s fundraising account, saying that Jiang’s two parents are the ones who need sympathy and help.

This tendency of the community to discuss the Fudan murder case occurred in just one or two days, there was an article written by a person claiming to be Jiang Wenhua’s senior, introducing Jiang Wenhua’s situation in a clear and specific manner. The article details that Jiang Wenhua has been a nerdy academic since he was a child, whether in Fudan High School, university and studying in the United States, is a great achievement and repeated awards, including winning the first President’s Award of Fudan University; said Jiang Wenhua is definitely a clean-hearted person, obsessed with academic research does not compete for fame and profit, is suffering from the grievances Jiang Wenhua will also grit his teeth to swallow it.

There are also articles on the Internet by people claiming to be Jiang Wenhua’s mother, saying that Jiang Wenhua’s academic papers were plagiarized by Wang Yongzhen, and that she used her authority to suppress and persecute Jiang Wenhua. Another mother, whose daughter Ren Yiyi was locked up in a psychiatric hospital, revealed online that Party Secretary Wang Yongzhen used the name of Fudan University to send her daughter, Ren Yiyi, to a psychiatric hospital without a hospital diagnosis or parental consent, causing Ren Yiyi to jump off a building and kill herself due to the pressure and mental abuse. Ren Yiyi’s mother also published all of her subsequent tweets with Wang Yongzhen on the Internet to prove Wang Yongzhen’s party bullying behavior.

Although Fudan University has strongly condemned the network’s sympathetic praise of Jiang Wenhua, it has not said a word about these disclosures of Wang Yongzhen’s evil deeds, which undoubtedly gives people reason to believe that they are not just empty words. Faced with the habit of abusing and oppressing the good suffered in retaliation, although the use of extreme methods of murder will have rational voice will not agree, but many people feel that the crime deserved is also a social mentality. On the other hand, the public opinion on the murder of Wang Yongzhen is almost one-sided, not only because it is a case of Jiang Wenhua and Wang Yongzhen, but also because it has universal significance and stimulates common feelings in the mainland.

It is common and normal for party officials to bully the general public on the mainland, not to mention that the Chinese Communist Party has been classifying people into three, six and nine classes from the root, and discrimination and bullying are part of the Communist Party’s genes in its policies. For example, people are graded from birth by urban and rural registration, and there is a huge difference in economic security and privileges between officials and the general public. Even other bullying and exploitation of the general public by party officials happens in large numbers all the time. The number of petitioners on the mainland is always in the tens of millions, and the Chinese Communist Party publicly admitted when Hu Wen was in power that more than 95 percent of the tens of millions of petitioners had legitimate reasons for petitioning. That is to say, the petitioners have suffered injustice or oppression and persecution, and these petitions are not because of policy injustice such as hukou, basically all encountered the party stick officials brutal tyranny, bullying and aggression.

Therefore, the reason why mainland society is overwhelmingly sympathetic to Jiang Wenhua’s murder is because in the eyes of mainland people, this is not a murder case, but a long-term social experience of being abused and oppressed without any access to justice; through the case of Jiang Wenhua’s murder, they got a chance to catharticize their emotions. In fact, when Yang Jia ran to Shanghai and killed six police officers and seriously injured many of them, he was praised, and the anniversary of his death is still being worshipped, which is a more far-reaching case than Jiang Wenhua’s killing of the party secretary. The reasoning behind this is well explained in a famous quote by Yang Jia: You do not give me a statement, I will give you a statement.

In fact, other societies around the world have mostly similar expressions of social emotion. For example, the American movie “First Blood”, which is expressed in artistic form, is about bullying and persecution without a channel to seek justice, and finally solved by an extreme violent killing spree, which is also generally regarded by society as a heroic and heroic act. Many of the recent vicious killings in the mainland have been strongly condemned and angrily criticized by public opinion, but only the case of Jiang Wenhua killing the party secretary has been generally sympathetic, the reason and difference lies in this.