Shanghai announces minimum wage hike! Chinese netizens look at the rate of adjustment is angry

Shanghai, China announced that the minimum wage in Shanghai will be raised from RMB 2,480 to RMB 2,590, and the minimum hourly wage will be raised from RMB 22 to RMB 23, effective July 1. Despite the increase, Chinese netizens are still cursing on social networks.

According to the latest news released today by the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau in Shanghai, China, announcing the above minimum wage increase, the bureau said that the monthly minimum wage standard does not include the social insurance premiums and housing fund paid by individual workers according to the law, which are paid separately by the employer. Workers’ overtime pay for extended working hours, midnight shift allowance, summer high temperature allowance and post allowance for special working conditions such as toxic and harmful, as well as meal allowance, transportation allowance to and from work and housing allowance are also not part of the monthly minimum wage and are paid separately by the employer.

After the Chinese media reported this, netizens left comments such as “1 yuan increase? The Chinese media reported that the minimum wage will be increased by 1 yuan, “Wages will never catch up with housing prices and rent and other prices,” “It’s better to work as an hourly worker,” “Won’t the minimum wage earners in Shanghai starve to death? Rent is so expensive”, “wages do not increase the more social security deductions”, “I’d rather choose the minimum wage in Shenzhen”, “X, we opened a snack bar in Shanghai to recruit an aunt to wash dishes are 4500 a month”, “hahahaha, hourly rate up a dollar, I do not know what a dollar can buy now? A bottle of water can not buy, is completely squeezed labor”, “in Shanghai to earn 2590 yuan sure to live?” The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of services and services to the public.