The target pointed to Ho Yun-sze? Hong Kong deputies to the National People’s Congress named position news “anti-China chaos in Hong Kong”

Under the yoke of Hong Kong’s version of the National Security Law, Hong Kong’s 26-year-old Apple Daily, the only remaining major pro-democracy media in Hong Kong, is approaching the end of its existence, which is seen as the end of press freedom and “one country, two systems” in Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s pro-communist camp continues to speak out, naming several media outlets as anti-China and anti-Hong Kong, including the online media outlet Standpoint News, which has singer Michelle Ho as its director.

The Hong Kong media reported that Wu Qubei, a long-time pro-communist Hong Kong deputy to the Chinese National People’s Congress and president of the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions, publicly named online media such as “Standpoint News” and “Hong Kong 01” as “anti-China and anti-communist” and said that “‘one country, two systems’ has entered a new era. ‘ has entered a new era”, how not “self-destructive”.

The Apple Daily was first arrested by a number of senior executives, and then blocked by the Hong Kong government to stop the flow of funds, resulting in the newspaper will stop operating on the 24th. Prior to that, the pro-communist camp in Hong Kong kept saying that Apple Daily must or will close down. Therefore, Wu Qiubei’s words have caused the outside world to associate.

In a Facebook post on the 22nd, he named “Standpoint News”, saying that it kept “speculating” that Apple Daily’s funds were frozen and therefore could not pay its employees, and that it was “pouring sewage” on the government and the police, trying to “induce public opinion This is an attempt to “induce public opinion that the government and the police are the culprits of the damage to employees’ rights”, and to distract Next Media and Lai Chi-ying from the fact that they “are the real culprits of killing and injuring employees for the sake of national security”.

It is worth noting that the predecessor of “Standpoint News” was Hong Kong’s first community news website, the pro-democracy media “Home News”, which announced in July 2014 that the lights had gone out in a flash. “The new structure has been announced on Facebook.

But Wu Qubei also pointed the finger at “Hong Kong 01”, it is interesting. The owner of both HK01 and the CCP’s major Chinese language outreach, Dovetail, is Yu Pinhai, a pro-communist Hong Kong businessman. Wu Qubei criticized HK01 for “pitting the country’s policies and initiatives in favor of Hong Kong against the ‘Hong Kong National Security Law’ and the improvement of the electoral system.”

Yu Pinhai was once detained when Chinese leader Xi Jinping first came to power, and since his reappearance in public, his magazine Dovetail has become an avid advocate for Xi Jinping. However, regarding the philosophy of HK01, Yu Pinhai has stressed that HK01 does not accept the distinction between “blue” (support for the police) and “yellow” (support for the protest movement), and that such a confrontation is both boring and ignorant.