China Kexing vaccine when the main … Chile confirmed high research proposed to add a third dose

Chile has been vaccinated against Wuhan pneumonia (novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19) for a long time, mainly with the Chinese Kexing vaccine, but the number of confirmed cases has remained high so far. Chilean President Sebastian Pinera said yesterday (22nd) that he is studying the plan to administer a third dose of the vaccine.

According to Reuters, Chilean President Pinera said he is studying the option of a third dose of the vaccine because of doubts about its protective power. He said, “As those in power, we focus on today’s problems, but we also have to anticipate tomorrow’s problems and make preparations.”

Chile relies on China’s Coxin vaccine, and Paula Daza, the country’s health official, said researchers are studying the duration of protection from the Coxin vaccine and expect to report next month. But she said the study data will show that people who get their first dose in February and a second in March may have to get a third dose of the vaccine in September.

So far, 78 percent of Chile’s population has received at least one dose of the vaccine, and 61 percent have received two doses. Of the vaccines received in Chile, 16.8 million doses of Coxin, 3.9 million doses of BNT, and a small amount of Concepcion and AZ vaccines.

However, the number of confirmed cases in Chile remains high. According to the World Real Time Statistics (Wordometer), Chile announced 3440 confirmed cases yesterday, and the total number of confirmed cases accumulated 1,525,663 people, resulting in 31,690 deaths.

Chile released a report in April showing that the first dose of the Coxin vaccine has only a minimal rate of protection, and the second dose has a 67% rate of protection, with 85% avoiding hospitalization and 80% avoiding death.