Who are the troublemakers?

As soon as this proposition is mentioned, I believe that ‘Taiwan’ pops into most people’s heads.

The human consciousness is not only like an unlocked house, but more like a house without a door. Worse still, these houses are often houses without owners. A head without a mind is like a house without an owner. The Chinese Communist Party, which is good at brainwashing, uses the moment of grabbing the United States as a political benefactor to call ‘Taiwan’, the abandoned and crying outcast, a ‘troublemaker’ who is spoiling the spring night. China keeps repeating this, washing the brains of Americans as well as the brains of Taiwanese. The Unificationists in Taiwan of course played it loudly over loudspeakers, and even the heads of slavish Taiwanese who would rather be obedient and a pariah were implanted with this inexplicable charge in this way. When President Bian was unwilling to submit to the fate of being abandoned by the United States and threw out the idea of ‘one country on one side’, Bian became the biggest troublemaker. When Bush Jr. was president, he saw Taiwan as a troublemaker, and Abenomics was the biggest troublemaker. As the president of Taiwan, he should be supported by the Taiwanese, or at least strongly supported by his comrades in the DPP, for speaking out for the Taiwanese and showing their national will and backbone against hegemony. But unfortunately, this is not the case. How many of the DPP elites who have made Taiwan independence a part of their party platform have come out and shouted together the idea of ‘one country on one side’, not to mention those who have no doctrine in their heads? Taiwanese have no ambition to build a nation and no backbone to become independent. Not only do the Americans not value you, but the Chinese also look down on you. Bian is carrying this cross inexplicably and absurdly. Some say that Bian is doing this to save himself, but for this proposition, the Taiwanese should also speak with one voice and strongly support it, instead of allowing the Chinese and American hegemony to treat the Taiwanese as slaves and trample them underfoot, not even daring to wail. It is Taiwan’s claim that we support, not Chen Shui-bian’s. In fact, Bian cried out ‘one country on one side’ and the sky did not fall.

Trump was elected president in 2016, picked up on the dangers of China to the United States as pointed out by Navarro’s “Deadly China” and began to take various countermeasures against China. The past attitude of abandoning Taiwan and seeing it as a ‘troublemaker’ has changed dramatically. Not only have the President and Secretary of State expressed friendly support for Taiwan, but the House and Senate have also enacted many anti-China and Taiwan protection bills. It is clear that the ‘troublemaker’ has changed overnight from Taiwan to China, and that Biden will be elected president in 2020. Biden, who claimed to be Xi Jinping’s best friend, today denies being Xi’s best friend. Originally China thought Biden’s policy toward China would be friendlier, but it seems from recent developments that instead of being softer, the U.S. policy toward China has become more assertive. From Trump’s Indo-Pacific strategy, not only by the U.S.-Japan and U.S.-South Korea’s 2+2 talks further to the implementation of the alliance treaty, but also in the G7 Leaders Summit joint statement, saber-rattling China. The European Union, which has no geopolitical conflicts with China, has also declared its military alliance with NATO as a threat because it feels threatened by China’s Belt and Road and globalization. Even Biden, who has always been considered unfriendly to Russia, shook hands with Pudin. Each other let the ambassadors who were recruited back by each return to the US and Russian embassies. It appears that China is not only a ‘troublemaker’ for the United States, but has escalated into a ‘troublemaker’ for the world.

Since 1979, when the U.S. and Taiwan broke off diplomatic relations, Taiwan has been ‘respectful, self-improving and unperturbed’ for forty-three years.

In the 1990s, China became the world’s factory because of its ‘communist capitalist’ open-door policy. In 2001, with the strong support of the United States, China entered the WTO and enjoyed the huge benefits of globalization, which not only stabilized the Communist Party’s autocratic dictatorship, but also raised the ambition of this autocratic dictatorship to dominate the world and spread its claws everywhere. In December 2019, Wuhan pneumonia broke out again, infecting the whole world and causing a catastrophe with more than 177 million people diagnosed and over 3.85 million deaths. To date, the numbers continue to grow. Now there is news that a suspected defector from China’s Vice Minister of State Security, who has been under the supervision of the U.S. Department of Defense Intelligence for three months, has confessed key evidence that Wuhan pneumonia was created by a Wuhan laboratory. China is not only the world’s ‘troublemaker’ but also the culprit in the scourge of the world. Taiwan, previously wrongly accused by the United States as a ‘troublemaker’, has finally managed to get rid of this spell. From the darkness of eternal night to the dawn.

Taiwanese cannot be submissive lackeys. If we don’t have the courage to pursue independence, and if we don’t adhere to the idea of freedom and democracy, then what is the difference between us Taiwanese and the Chinese under the Communist Party? I believe the Americans will also assess us Taiwanese in this way. Now that the international situation has shifted, it is time for Taiwanese to think about ways and times to break free from the shackles they are carrying.