“Patriotic youths report “Taiwan independence” netizens outside the wall, but are charged with unauthorized wall climbing and fined $3,000

A self-proclaimed “patriotic youth” in China, Liu Sitong, was fined 3,000 RMB by the police station for flipping over the wall because he went to the police station to report a Taiwanese YouTube channel owner, “Diary of a Regent,” for allegedly promoting Taiwan independence. Liu Sitong cried bitterly afterwards and put the recording of the reporting process on the Internet, which was also used as material for amusement by the “Diary of a Regent”.

Liu Sitong cried out in pain: “Because I broke the law and went over the wall, I was fined 3000 RMB!”

Beijing pink Youtube account ID “patriotic youth Liu Sitong”, recently went to a police station in Beijing to report the Taiwan Youtuber “Regent Diary” Taiwan independence video was fined, Liu Sitong uploaded the experience before and after the report to his YouTube account. The YouTube account has been a source of interest.

Liu Sitong: “I used a music video when I inadvertently look at it, after watching it is more angry want to report, he deliberately choked, we say this mainland people, you report will be arrested.”

Public Security: “Through what channel are you watching this?”

Liu Sitong: “Through the Internet”

Public Security: “What is your network?”

Liu Sitong: “Just YouTube, oil tube”

Public Security: “How do you go to the tube?”

Liu Sitong: “He has a network gas pedal, accelerated to be able to browse some of the music, for example.”

Public Security: “The wall itself is illegal, you know?”

Liu Sitong is still not dead, trying to convince the police station public security can be on the “diary of the Regent” countermeasures, but I did not expect to be public security severely lectured.

Public Security: “YouTube itself is not allowed on, good thing you have come to my side to report, our country not only you can see these things, the state monitoring department, the state supervision organs are watching, and what should be done are doing you know?”

Liu Sitong: “I hope he one day on our mainland airspace, territorial waters to take away.”

Public Security: “You do not have to worry about this, these grandsons do not dare to come.”

The wall to report “Taiwan independence” was punished “regent diary” back when the ironic material

Liu Sitong report Taiwan independence failed, but ate a ticket, step out of the police station after crying, these ugly video, was reported by the “diary” did not let Liu Sitong, but also made a special program open acid, attracting more than 400,000 people click.

The diary: “I hope those so-called Republic of China faction and the Kuomintang, Korean fans, you recognize clearly, you hate Taiwan independence, then you should hate the Chinese public security more. Because Chinese public security are receiving money from our Taiwan independence forces, especially from Tsai Ing-wen, receiving royal food from Tsai Ing-wen, so they dare not come across the provinces to Taiwan to arrest these Taiwan independence activists, who are themselves Taiwan independence activists.”

Chen Yuzhen: The Chinese Communist Party is afraid of the wall becoming a breach, preferring to open the penalty in one fell swoop

Another YouTuber, Chen Yuzhen, originally from Anhui province, was a music performance student at Hainan Tropical Ocean University in China, 24 years old, and is currently a language trainee at Kyung Hee University in South Korea. Chen, who was once charged with “providing programs and tools to invade and illegally control computer information systems” for helping people climb over the wall, has a YouTube channel called “Here Comes Mr. Chen,” and although Chen has just started recording videos, he has received between 40,000 and 100,000 views. The video has been recorded for a short time, but it has received between 40,000 and 100,000 hits.

Chen Yuzhen told the station that China is trying to control these wall posts from the source, and although the whistleblowers claim “I’m walling but I’m patriotic, I want to report ‘Taiwan independence’, ‘Diary of a Regent’, ‘King Porter'”, they are not. King Porter'”, but the manager sees that you go over the wall again, he uses this as an excuse, he is worried that even if you go over the wall to report, the future will also become a loophole.

Chen Yuzhen: “We all know that the Chinese way of dealing with it is to cut across the board and avoid having any one reason or breakthrough. Some little pinky his IQ is brainwashed, feel without a lot of logic, he also does not know that he went (over the wall) the result is that.”

Ran Yunfei repost: Patriotic with quotas

Sichuan writer Ran Yunfei reposted this wall report content, emotionally posted an article wrote, “In 1957 some intellectuals committed ‘responding to the call for crime’, today’s pinky some committed ‘wall patriotic crime’. On the one hand, it is useful to educate patriots to make the country on earth into an idolatry, and on the other hand you forget that there is a quota for patriotism.”

Ran Yunfei suggests, “It’s rare to not be fooled by statism without admitting that you don’t believe in the Kingdom of Heaven, whether you’re a patriotic youth with blood and courage or an intellectual with a wealth of knowledge.”

China without YouTube Ren Ruiting: There are all kinds of “Shanzhai” in the wall

In an interview with this station, Ren Ruiting, who fled from Sichuan’s Autumn Rain Church to Taiwan, said she had experience using VPN software to climb the wall in Sichuan in the past, and had to be invited to install it.

Ren Ruiting: “Because internationally, for example, YouTube and Facebook have copycat versions in China, like Weibo, there is a video site Bilibili, or Aiki, they can all find alternatives.”

Ren Ruiting cited the personal experience of her church sister, who was sent back home to be supervised by the police, who would sometimes check her phone, and when she saw the wall software, she would be asked how often she watched what content on the Internet every day, and asked very carefully, and she had to operate it immediately in front of the police.

Ren Ruiting: “I understand that people in the church will turn the wall a little more, because the church will teach that we need to know the truth, or now that WeChat is becoming more and more insecure, only then will want to use some software that must be used to turn the wall.”

The red flag against the red flag with “Mao quotes” ironic current affairs against censorship

Peng Huaien, a part-time visiting professor in the journalism department at Shih Hsin University, told the station that many of Shih Hsin University’s mainland Chinese exchange students are able to go through the wall after they return, but they mostly just read the wall, or post some irrelevant content. Because he will urge students not to talk about politics, the main thing is to contact feelings.

Peng Huaien: “Some of my students went back to express their opinions by copying a paragraph from ‘Mao’s Quotations,’ ‘fighting the red flag against the red flag,’ he saw an incident that upset him, but could not criticize the Chinese Communist authorities, so he looked for ‘Mao quotations’, Deng Xiaoping speech also, I believe the CPSU is still upset, he knows you are ironic!”

Peng Huaien said that the Internet war between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, unless it is the Chinese Communist Party’s own Internet army, there they have a united front purpose, otherwise those other over the wall, in the eyes of the Chinese Communist Party is also the opinion leaders who will get out of control. These people even if they support the Chinese Communist Party authorities, the CCP is still not at ease.