A small survey on out-of-school training

Recently, due to the new extracurricular training policy, all kinds of education stocks have plunged. I guess this is because those institutions that were engaged in K12 education are going to kill the KaoGong training in the future, so the KaoGong track is also going to be rolled.

Today I deliberately did a small research, the object is Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, a total of four elementary school students parents, the problem is as follows.

  1. Do you agree with the abolition of all cultural training courses and online training at the elementary school level?

4 Yes.

  1. Why do you agree with the abolition?

More than 90% of the children learn half a day, in fact, did not learn anything, has been in the lower classes to make up the numbers, the main role is to relieve parents’ anxiety. The child is too tired and unnecessary. (All 4 people mentioned above)

The cost burden is relatively minor, only 2 people mentioned.

3、If all training is cancelled, how are you going to spend your holidays with your child?

Take some non-cultural interest classes according to your child’s wish/sports, hiking, hiking, reading with your child/let your child play with your partner, who doesn’t need to go to training classes this time anyway

4、If there is no training course, what if your child has problems in learning?

Give the child tutoring / hire a tutor / and colleagues to engage in mutual support groups, help each other to help the child tutoring

5、The difference between this and going to training courses is?

The stuff in school is relatively easy, normal children can master. It’s the bullshit stuff like OU that has to be taught in a class. (The above comprehensive 4 people answer)

6, you do not chicken, do not worry about others at home secretly chicken baby?

The core reason for the current chicken children are two things. One is the point of recruitment of high-quality junior high schools, the second is the training institutions to create a field of internal volume. The two are related again, and quality junior high schools tend to be the point recruitment evaluation criteria, such as the results of the Olympic.

As long as the abolition of all point recruiting, all in accordance with the school district or assigned to promote, outlawing all training institutions, parents are sick to go to chicken in elementary school, parents do not hurt their own children?

7, elementary school is not chicken, junior high school you will chicken?

Middle school of course to chicken, or how to test high school?


But junior high school chicken and elementary school chicken is completely different. Middle school children are generally more understanding, will voluntarily cooperate with parents, barely keep the situation of the father’s kindness and filial piety. And the standard of the secondary examination is clear and unified, learning the curriculum for the future development of the child is also useful, not OU and other purely internal volume and not create social value of the stuff.

Perhaps you have found that the above survey has a problem, that is, the parents are still relatively high literacy level, so are confident that even without tutorial classes, but also to let the child master the cultural knowledge of elementary school level. For these parents, the abolition of training courses is not a negative at least.

So I asked myself another question, what if there are parents who simply can’t afford to tutor their children?

But this question is more complicated, because it involves the question of what is considered to be the mastery of elementary school culture. 100 points definitely counts, then 90 points counts, 80 points counts, or 60 points counts?

I’m not quite sure what the situation is now. I remember when I graduated from elementary school there was a test, the majority of students in the class average score is more than 80 points, at that time there is no tutoring a said. Some of my classmates were from intellectual families, and most of my parents were ordinary workers and farmers, and they had mastered the basics, right?

You have to say that 95 points or more to be considered qualified, then of course most people are in need of tutoring.

But if 80 points as a passing standard, there are schools is not enough?

If the school can not do, it should be the school’s problem. Because many years ago the school, teachers and facilities are much worse, it has been able to do ah.

According to the above small survey, I patted my head on the education stock to make an unreliable analysis.

Elementary school out-of-school training, is an artificially created just demand. The real market demand is not that big, the policy suppression may not be gone.

Secondary school out-of-school training, due to the existence of secondary school and college entrance exams, is still just demand. In the long run, the policy will be a game with the demand, and eventually the policy may not be too severe.

Currently the so-called chicken children, mainly refers to the elementary school or even kindergarten stage, belong to the purely internal volume without necessity, if there is a company is the main focus of this direction, it is likely to cool.