The identity of the “planning expert” of the college entrance examination is confusing

“Some of the high school volunteer experts have not even been to college, and the academic certificates are forged. “

There are less than 10 days to go, Hebei Province 2021 college entrance examination candidates He Yu (a pseudonym) will apply for the volunteer.

This year is the first year of the new college entrance examination in Hebei Province, using the new “professional (class) + school This year is the first year of the new college entrance examination in Hebei province, using a new “major (class) + school” way of applying, each candidate can apply for 96 volunteers. How to choose among thousands of schools and majors made He Yu and his parents quite anxious, so they sought paid advice.

Searching online for college entrance exam volunteer consulting, there are hundreds of companies offering paid services. The amount of money charged is even more dazzling, college entrance examination volunteer consulting is divided into two kinds of big data cards and one-on-one consulting. Some of the big data cards are free, some range from a few dozen dollars to a few thousand dollars, one-on-one consulting is from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

He Yu consulted a number of institutions, different institutions offer a wide range. “The more senior teachers, the higher the price of one-on-one consulting, but the introduction of teachers on the agency’s website all shiny and bright, making it difficult to distinguish, not sure. “

This is a lack of regulation of the gray area, no standard consulting pricing, teacher qualifications are indistinguishable from the real, exaggerated, false propaganda abound.

Because the service cycle is concentrated in the ten days after the college entrance examination, even if the unit price is high, it is difficult to form a scale, the whole college entrance examination volunteer consulting industry presents “scattered, chaotic, small The whole college entrance examination volunteer consulting industry is “scattered, chaotic and small” and has become a special education industry.

Thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in fees

He Yu contacted an institution called the Planning Institute of Bridge, which claims to have been established in 2001. The opening line of the salesperson is “bad volunteering, high scores also in vain test The salesperson’s opening line was “If you don’t get your volunteer, your high score will be wasted.

Then he was recommended an intelligent volunteering system called “College Entrance Examination GPS The system is a smart volunteer application system, which includes the school admissions query, professional admissions query, the latest admissions plan and prospectus, personality test, career salary prospects and counterpart professions.

“The current price is 400 yuan, after the June 25 college entrance examination out of the score on the return of the original price of 898 yuan. “This salesperson said.

Most of the databases for these big data cards come from publicly available information. The Ministry of Education issued a warning on June 16 that every year, the provincial admissions and testing agencies will release statistics on college entrance exam results and admissions scores of colleges and universities in recent years. Institutions or individuals in the market do not have any special inside information.

In fact, as the Internet majors have launched free college entrance examination volunteer database one after another, in recent years, the price of big data cards on the market has been repeatedly knocked down, very few candidates are willing to spend thousands of dollars to buy this service anymore, the only thing left in the sky high school entrance examination volunteer service is one-on-one consultation.

“The price of our dean is 100,000 yuan, are those rich parents introduced to the previous, because the circle of those parents on the rich, came to name the dean, they think our dean do the program seamlessly, the high school entrance examination scores used to the fullest. “The salesperson said.

Zhao Jing, the director of the Bridge Planning Institute, is a veteran of the industry, having graduated from Peking University in 1985 with a degree in mechanics. 100,000 yuan is the price of a top expert in the industry.

Another organization, Winning Tripod Education’s official website, shows that the organization’s “college entrance examination application study initiator The price of one-on-one consultation is 98,000 yuan. Wang Haitao, the chairman of Winning Tripod Education, calls himself the founder of college entrance examination application studies, and the information on the official website says he is a specially appointed career guidance consultant for Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China and other universities.

The prices of teachers with different qualifications vary, from 10,800 yuan to 39,800 yuan for teachers at the Keiqiao Institute of College Planning, and from 9,900 yuan to 49,000 yuan for teachers at another organization, Voluntary Carefree’s sales staff.

“In fact, the teachers do the same thing, some of them cost tens of thousands of yuan, just because they have been practicing for a longer time. ” said the staff of an agency called Mido Volunteer. This agency’s one-on-one consulting price is 3,280 yuan, if more than 5 people enrolled, you can also enjoy the group purchase price of 2,580 yuan.

The staff member advised He Yu to sign up early, saying that some of the teachers’ consulting slots were already full, but when He Yu asked for an appointment with the agency’s founder, he immediately said there were still slots available.

Even at a high price of tens of thousands of yuan, the candidate gets only two or three in-person or even online consultations. “One time is before the scores of the college entrance exam are released, and the two sides will talk for two hours around the candidate’s interests and future career planning, and the other time is the formal volunteer application stage, where our teachers will give a complete volunteer form. “The salesperson of Voluntary Carefree told reporters.

The identity of the confusing planning experts

“The ceiling of the college entrance examination voluntary consulting industry is too low, customers use up and leave no longer look back, it is difficult to appear in the industry into a large company of scale. A practitioner, Chen Wen (a pseudonym), said.

As a former startup, Recording Fun had hoped to become an industry disruptor, but is now filing for bankruptcy. Sun Yanbo, the former CEO of Record Fun, told reporters that the 2020 epidemic had a serious impact on the company, resulting in an inability to pay employees.

Record Fun was founded in 2017, got 3 million yuan angel round and 15 million yuan A round of financing, positioning as a college entrance examination online knowledge consulting service platform, one end of the aggregation of answerers, the other end to attract users, take the knowledge of the way to pay, the user college entrance examination volunteer consulting customer unit price of only a dozen yuan.

“Record fun if positioned as an Internet traffic products, will be made into a platform model, college entrance examination volunteer is one of the products of career planning. “Sun Yanbo said. But the epidemic cut off the customer acquisition channels of college entrance examination voluntary consulting agencies, the industry is too dependent on offline channels such as into schools and lectures. Chen Wen also told reporters that a large number of institutions fell in the epidemic in 2020.

More agencies are just workshop companies that gather several experts, who are given various titles in order to create IP, but the identity of these experts is in doubt because the industry threshold is too low.

For example, the price of Voluntary Carefree’s expert Zhu Sha’s full one-on-one service is 62,900 yuan, and the official introduction shows that Zhu Sha has “more than 20 years of work experience in universities, a member of the university academic committee, and the title of professor. The official description shows that Zhu Sha has “more than 20 years of experience in colleges and universities, member of university academic committee, professor title”, but does not clearly introduce which college he has worked in and his research field.

In another organization called Perfect Volunteers, an expert named Li Yufeng is introduced as “director of the board office of a central enterprise, head of the strategic planning department, director of human resources of a listed company group But again, no specific company was introduced.

Xinhua News Agency has reported that consultants can be on board in a few days after training, and that “experts” under the banner of retired staff of the recruitment office The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

“Some college entrance examination volunteer experts have not even been to college, the academic certificates are forged. “Chen Wen told reporters reporters.

There are also institutions that claim to have an official background in order to increase their visibility. The official website of the above-mentioned Mido Volunteer shows that it is the only designated product of the Educational Technology Research Center of the Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute, and the expert team also includes Yu Zu, the Educational Technology Research Center of the Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute.

In fact, the full name of this research center is Zhejiang Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute Haina STEM Education Technology Research Center, is one of the 12 Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Institute Haina Center, Haina Center is Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Institute for “returnee” entrepreneurship. The center is a business incubation platform for “returnees”, and Yu Zu, who studied in Australia, has transformed into a domestic expert in college entrance examination volunteer application.

The reporter consulted a number of college entrance examination voluntary consulting agencies, no one said they would make a commitment to the candidates’ admission results. In fact, there are indeed cases of mistakes in applying for exams even under the guidance of experts.

A verdict shows that in 2017, a teacher of a new third-board listed institution of college entrance examination circle in providing one-to-one consulting services, the candidate slipped in both the normal admission batch and the recruitment of voluntary admission batch, and eventually failed in the college entrance examination.

There is no official professional qualification

Many college entrance examination voluntary consulting agencies claim that their agencies are located in more than 30 provinces across the country, but Chen Wen introduced that many branches are actually just agents of the agency.

“Generally speaking, the agency fee in the main city of a first-tier city can be as high as hundreds of thousands of yuan, and the agency fee in the county or suburban area may only be 20,000 to 30,000 yuan. The agent’s operation is simple, is to sell the head office of the big data card, the price is not limited, if the customer needs one-on-one consulting services, the agent needs to personally, the head office will not allocate teachers. “He said.

There are also large companies take the appointment system, Chen Wen was a branch manager in the northeast of an institution with a certain reputation, but he said the branch’s curriculum development, courseware design is his alone. “One year during the volunteer period, the head office delayed to arrange experts to support the branch, but set a performance standard of 3 million yuan, the result I only completed more than 1 million yuan. “

Candidate-oriented business is becoming increasingly difficult, some organizations then transformed to institutional users. Before Recording Fun went bankrupt, it was the chairman unit of the Beijing Positive Psychology Association, which now continues to be involved in the college entrance examination volunteer planning business.

A person in charge of the Beijing Positive Psychology Association told reporters that in early June, the association launched FAI volunteer planner training, the focus of the training includes “how to achieve an average of 5,000 candidates per counselor service The training focuses on “how to serve an average of 5,000 candidates per counselor, the unit price of 1,580 yuan, efficient data, and the way to answer questions as you go,” the training price of 1,980 yuan, including five academic assessment account, and the province’s high school newspaper admissions in previous years A copy of the data.

The Beijing Association of Positive Psychology is a social group registered with the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau, and information on its official website shows that the association’s director, Shi Xuyu, is the deputy director of the Positive Psychology Research Center at Tsinghua University and a professor at Tsinghua University. However, there are only four professors in the Department of Psychology at Tsinghua University, one of whom told reporters that he had never heard of the name Shi Xuyu, and the information of all four professors is publicly available on the department’s website.

In July 2020, the Beijing Positive Psychology Association was punished with a warning for providing training services for candidates to study abroad for a fee by the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau, which considered it to be an activity that exceeded its purpose and scope of business as stipulated in its constitution.

A judicial document shows that the Beijing Positive Psychology Association had run private classes for a number of students, taught IELTS courses, and assisted students in applying for and securing OFFERs from top schools around the world for a fee of 500,000 yuan. The association also admitted that the families of the students were paid in the form of “donations The association also admitted that the students’ families were paying by “donations.

The Ministry of Education issued an alert on June 16 regarding the identity of various fake experts, saying that the relevant departments have never issued professional qualifications such as “college entrance examination volunteer planner”. The Ministry of Education issued a warning on June 16 that the relevant departments have never issued professional qualifications such as “college entrance examination volunteer planner”.

The early warning notice also said that a consulting agency advertised that it had “successfully joined hands with C9, 985 and 211 institutions ” “famous ministry of higher education authoritative volunteer team of experts “, the agency some so-called The “volunteer planner” is a temporary recruitment of social personnel.