A young female returnee doctor’s college encounter

A young college teacher approached me today for a private chat, saying she had a similar experience with Kang, but I heard her out and felt her experience was even worse. With her permission, I’m withholding personal information and details to post about it, and I’d like to ask your opinion as well.

She did her PhD at a good school overseas. The routine of domestic universities for these returnee PhDs is similar: first promise with generous terms, then flip-flop. When she went to the school where she works now a few years ago, she was promised a stable job with an establishment, which is much better than a non-promotion. She also thought at that time, although the school is general (ordinary 211, non-first and second-tier cities), the salary is not very high, but stable is also very good, at least some more space to do things they like.

Less than a year after joining, the college leadership said that there should be assessment indicators, requiring four disciplinary cores to be issued within two years, one of the three major journals against two cores, and one Chinese social science against all. In addition, there are topics. The school originally said to do postdoctoral work, but they have a new policy, and not allowed to do postdoctoral work. Then last year, they forced her to resign, saying that it was “humane consideration” and that it was better than direct dismissal. Then they threw out another proposal, asking her to sign a three-year non-promotion contract instead. But the first group of people who formally signed a non-promotion contract will expire in the next two years, and if it is strictly enforced, only a very small number of people in her college will be able to complete it, because they have adjusted the conditions of associate professors to a very high level.

In addition to these institutional level of entrapment and oppression, the leadership PUA teacher is also the norm: the dean forced her when the office to interrogation of suspects, asking her if she has a problem with values, what makes it unacceptable to work for people with more seniority services, saying that he came over this way when he was young, she must be a pad for others, others have a reason to pull her a hand.

Once a foreign researcher from a related discipline came to visit and observe, the college needed to find a teacher who knew professional English and was fluent in it to do the translation, and she was found. When translating that day, the dean twice publicly took offense that she had translated incorrectly. She explained that there was nothing wrong with the translation of that word, that it was the common terminology used in foreign academia, and that using what he said referred to a different system. That evening, at dinner, he forced her to drink white wine and sing with another single female teacher in the end. He also made it a point to make sure that a female teacher sat next to each visiting male teacher.

There are also some details of alleged sexual harassment in the workplace: when she first went there, she received a phone call one evening saying that he wanted to invite her to dinner again. She wondered why she was having lunch a few days ago to talk about her work plan, and why she was having dinner again today, and it was after dinner time. She said she had already eaten. The dean also said that his son’s school was on holiday and his wife had time to take the children back home or something. This was very baffling to her, and I even suspect that it was directly related to the way she was treated later.

When the dean forced her to resign last year, she went to argue with the school and finally forced her to sign a contract that was evaluated according to the new requirements of the new in-service post-graduate outstation. But the new requirements are very different and much higher than the requirements when she joined.

Because of all these repeated incidents, she has been in a very bad state in the past few years. The monograph is not much recognized, so it is not bothered to produce. As long as the paper is not recognized by those kinds of journals can not, even the decent peer review journals can not, so she also feel little motivation. Coupled with the pressure and anxiety of life brought about by her income, she felt quite desperate. The leader threatened her not to make a scene, and if she made a big scene, she would not be wanted by other schools in the future. I feel that now the pepper’s rights are not as difficult to defend as the civil workers? I can’t make a scene, no other units want to make a scene, and now the bosses of private enterprises are afraid to threaten people like this.

I wonder if any friends here have had similar encounters?