Apple should have a contingency plan, a day to survive and a day to fight

The Hong Kong Communist Party has once again deployed police to search Apple Daily and immediately arrested five top executives. Although it was predicted long ago, the news still filled me with indignation and sadness.

Many of my friends have sent me text messages, they are worried about the future of Apple.

I believe that Chi-Ying Lai and Apple’s top management are not unprepared for today’s situation, and they should have a set of negotiated plans on what oppressive measures the government may take and who they may arrest. The government is conspiring to financially jam Apple, and Apple will not be unprepared, and should have contingency measures in place early on.

I don’t know which seven banks the government has designated, but if it really wants to kill them all, it should just issue an executive order strictly prohibiting all banks from dealing with Apple. But what is the legal basis for a blanket administrative order? Without a legal basis, how will foreign banks behave? If a U.S. bank does not comply, can the government block it again? If the government closes the U.S. banks and the U.S. starts a financial war, can Hong Kong bear it?

The government only asked seven banks to block Apple, which means that the technology is only here. Chinese Hong Kong banks had to listen, foreign banks pick you are silly, as long as a bank dares to resist the order, Apple has no operational problems.

Earlier, Apple’s top management sent a reassurance pill, saying that the funds on hand can be used to operate for 18 months, as long as readers continue to support, Apple live when there is no problem. Apple even moved the office building and set up another printing plant have been thought of, there is no reason to sit on the sidelines.

As for the arrest of the top management, they can not be sentenced to jail for a while, and they will be released on bail in a few days, so they can do their jobs as usual. Even if the top brass are jailed, the middle brass can still fill in. Apple’s mid-levels are all battle-hardened enough to handle the day-to-day editorial and operations, and as long as readers stay with us, Apple will not fall.

As seen in the news, many readers lined up late at night to buy the newspaper, and once they bought several dozens of copies, with this enthusiasm of readers, the government suppression is only, the organ is too smart, but also miss the life of the Secretary.

The Hong Kong Communist government is furious, mainly for two reasons: First, July 1 is near, the Chinese Communist Party celebrated 100 years, can not tolerate the voice of heretics; Second, in Biden’s trip to Europe, the Chinese Communist Party like a street rat everyone shouting, even Russia-China relations are also separated, the future is more than bad luck. Under the internal and external attacks, the CCP is infuriated and must find an object of suppression to take out its anger and mend its broken heart.

The Chinese Communist Party is at its wits’ end in the face of the international wreckage, and now it has no choice but to do evil in Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Just like an adult who does not grow up and dare not make a sound when he is bullied outside, he has to come home and beat his children to take out his anger. But the more crazy he gets, the more he creates the conditions for his own downfall.

Some readers said, tomorrow out of white paper are going to buy, which expresses their determination to support Apple. We buy Apple, not just to support Next Media to survive, but to keep Apple playing its role. They dig up news to fight against corrupt officials, they comment on current affairs to defend universal values, they promote new life and new culture to improve the minds and tastes of Hong Kong people. Apple Daily today is more than a newspaper, she has become the backbone of Hong Kong people’s political thinking, she is a banner of Hong Kong’s spiritual culture.

After the National Security Law, Hong Kong people’s resistance has been comprehensively suppressed, some political parties have fallen silent, some have disbanded, some are struggling, there is no longer a strong enough political party or group in Hong Kong to lead all Hong Kong people and to rally Hong Kong people’s resistance, and for a while, everyone is confused and powerless. But don’t forget, there is still Apple Daily, there is Apple in a day, we have a backbone, there is a kind of centripetal force, we can hold on.

Maybe one day, Apple will be in a desperate situation, and by then, Apple will remain in our hearts. Let’s change the picture of Facebook into an apple, and we will have to be bitten.

The government’s crackdown on Apple has objectively done free publicity for Apple, a massive promotion campaign in the opposite direction. Apple Daily more than the Lin Zheng government a lot, today’s print run, and must be more than half a million copies.

A person’s fate has its ups and downs, an organization has its ups and downs, a campaign has its highs and lows, Apple Daily has been on the battlefield for a long time and is indestructible, they will persevere, we can only do our part, and they will never leave, rain or shine.

No force can cover our mouths or take away our hearts. As long as this belief is there, the apple will always be there.