Yusheng Education collapsed, I still have 300,000 yuan of classes not attended

On Jan. 22, another campus under Yusheng Education closed down. After parents learned the news, they flocked to the school and blocked the way of Ms. Feng, a legal person.

“Where is all the money you’ve collected? ” Ms. Feng was surrounded and questioned.

“It’s in the public treasury, but now it’s gone. ” she said breathlessly.

Two days later at 2:40 a.m., Ms. Feng slit her wrists.

Ms. Feng’s father-in-law carried her out, anxiously calling 120 while reaching for the door switch and trying to open the glass screen door. “No go, no go! ” the parents blocked. After the ambulancemen went upstairs, they reluctantly gave way to a survival channel. The situation was critical and saving lives was important.

After arriving at the emergency clinic a kilometer away, Ms. Feng lay sickly on a stretcher, her wrist wound had clotted blood. While her father-in-law was checking in, Ms. Feng’s husband arrived. He pointed at the parents present and yelled, “You’re a criminal offense, punishable by more than three years in prison! “The parents explained – only her father-in-law knew when your wife slit her wrists.

Under the anger, people not only lost their senses, but also gradually lost their compassion. If she were to succeed in killing herself, we might have hope,” said one parent. “They thought they could find a breakthrough by trapping Ms. Feng, but after staying up all night, by seven or eight o’clock the next morning, the corporation still lost them. Ms. Feng finally escaped the parents’ siege, leaving behind a group of parents and teachers who were collecting fees and asking for pay.

By the time the parents returned to the school district, the building was empty.

Five days later, a four-page “Open Letter to All Students’ Parents” issued by the school was posted on the glass screen door, which read: “In order to resolve matters related to staff salaries and parents’ refunds, the company’s shareholders and legal person are actively seeking investors, docking diversions, contacting Yusheng Education Chen Hao for follow-up placement processing, etc., in order to reduce the economic losses caused to employees, students’ parents and related subjects.

“In October 2020, the financial chain breakage occurred in the large-scale branch of Yusheng brilliant, the company is difficult to operate, resulting in the dissolution of the company, the company’s actual management staff left one after another, leaving our company in chaos …… “

Yousheng Education operates in three ways: direct operation, escrow and franchising. According to Chen Hao, it has thousands of branch schools in the country. According to the Southern Weekend, franchisees pay franchise fees ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions to register their companies as legal persons, but are not allowed to participate in the operation of the campus. School districts are dispatched by headquarters, from the principal down to the manager in charge of marketing. According to the contents of the Open Letter, before the headquarters ran off last October, Usher Brilliant’s parent company siphoned off 51 percent of the school’s cash flow surplus, leading to a cash crunch in the corporate account.

In early mid-January, Ms. Feng had contacted Chen Hao to discuss the school closure.

Chen Hao offered to help relocate the students and asked Ms. Feng to present the general situation.

–The school district has a total of 72 full-time employees and 55 teachers. No teachers are owed salaries, but December’s salary was not paid. There were more than 600 students in classes for the last 3 months, and the amount of unsold class time was 9.6 million yuan.

When Ms. Feng finished introducing the situation of the school district, Chen Hao replied with a “cover your face” expression, saying “I guess no one can catch it”.

After two calls of 9 minutes and 19 seconds and 6 minutes and 20 seconds respectively, Ms. Feng pleaded: “Mr. Chen, the company’s legal person you cooperate with change it, I’m working myself, the family of the elderly and children, and no car, do not want to be limited high ah. “

Chen Hao, however, said that help a few are unsuccessful, 99% probability of continuous collapse.

Yusheng Education Group was founded in 1999, covering personalized education and training programs for people aged 6 to 18 “Yusheng 1 to 1″, quality education and training programs Yushengpai” and “Yushengjia”, a family education training program. Yosun Family” and so on. In the field of personalized education, he has formed a unique personalized education system and model represented by “YOUWIN teaching method”. Chen Hao said about this venture, “We hope to turn the education industry upside down. “

On October 18, 2020, the headquarters of Youwin Education was evacuated, which led to the closure of all branches. On November 5 of the same year, Chen Hao apologized to parents in a live broadcast and shed tears several times. But parents were not moved. Parent representative Mama Qiu said, “According to our statistics, Yusheng has more than 50 campuses in this city. Directly operated stores account for 79.01% and franchised stores account for only 23.74%. The reason that Yosun claims that the capital breakage is caused by franchised stores cannot be justified. “

Yosun Education is not a private training school approved by the district education commission and only holds a business license to conduct business. Just three days before its claimed closure (October 15), Yosun Education changed its legal person from Chen Hao to his mother Tang Fangqiong.

Victim I

“The legal person is also a scapegoat. ” said Yuan’s mother.

Yuan’s mother, who is engaged in domestic brokerage, looks like a Disney version of Mulan, with slightly dark skin, slightly thick lips, long hair, and a soft-spoken voice. “Although educating children is for the family, but aren’t we also for the country? “

In 2018, when my son was a junior in high school, he received back a pile of materials from his school, with a leaflet of Yusheng Education sandwiched in the middle. The child followed his grandmother when he was half a year old. Yuan’s mother, who was busy with her small business, visited once or twice a week. When her son was young, he did not even have enough milk to eat, and mother and son were not very close.

When he entered his second year, the child entered a rebellious period. The class teacher said, your child’s grades are at the bottom, see what classes to enroll. After a few days of wandering between tutors and institutions, Yuan’s mother finally chose Yusheng Education. Founded in 1999, Yosun is a national chain of educational institutions with a big reputation and many stores; the founder, Chen Hao, is often on TV, and both parents are senior intellectuals.

She hoped that her child would not only improve her grades but also develop good habits after attending the course.

On November 3, 2019, Yuan’s mother scraped together and paid the class fee of more than 40,000 in three parts. “WeChat change, money from the bank card, cash all paid. After paying my pocket is cleaner than my face. “

After 10 classes, the epidemic came, the delivery method changed from physical to online, but the cost of eliminating the class remained the same. Paying the same amount of money, online classes are definitely not as effective as offline – mothers and sons do not want to go online classes, save it, thinking to wait for the epidemic to pass on the physical class.

As the weather warmed up and the epidemic improved, Yuan’s mother planned to give her son intensive remedial classes, but she didn’t expect to be able to get an appointment with a teacher for four weeks. When she contacted him again, the teacher said he had left. On October 15, there was still no appointment for the class, Yuan’s mother went online to check, “the sky is falling. “

“XX campus officially closed down! “

“Yusheng is bound to close down! “

“Yusheng Education XX has completely closed down, currently XX campus has no team, the principal, consulting, teaching services, teachers have been disbanded, teacher salaries, parent refunds have not been reasonably resolved. “

“Next collapse of XXX campus! “

A succession of collapse news flooded Yuan’s mother’s heart, “fear and helplessness. “

After Yusheng’s accident, Yuan’s mother and her lover had nothing to say. When the class was first enrolled, Yuan’s father did not support.

The mother-in-law was distressed by Yuan’s mother and told her to go out and play for a few days. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. The children are in their third year of school, facing the midterm; their own work is time-consuming and exhausting, but also quite tired; home and in the rural areas outside the country, every New Year’s Day also have to give parents living expenses …… “not to mention 3,000, now 1,000 yuan are I can not get. “

She is also not in the mood to control the children, a home end of the phone, and other parents interact. “I dreamed that day, and dreamed of claiming this matter in court. “

One day, my son asked if he got his money back.

She did not know how to answer, a perfunctory “you do not care, go to your school! “

“Mom, don’t bother. The son thinks that learning is useless, like the other side of the money is called “success “. He even threatened his mother, saying, “When you want your money back, when I seriously learn.

Victim II

“Why keep paying ah pay, is there a disease ah? Li’s mother hated herself for being “greedy” at the beginning. Otherwise, I would not have suffered a big loss.

In August 2018, the General Office of the State Council issued “Opinions on Regulating the Development of Out-of-School Training Institutions”, which clearly requires that “no one-time fee should be charged for a period of more than three months. “The 50-year-old mother Li naturally did not know that she was busy putting together tuition for her children.

In February 2020, when the epidemic came, Yusheng held an event with a 50% discount on the course. The sales teacher told Li’s mother, pay now, the class fee according to the junior year, “the quota is limited, just three or four. “Also told her, before buying the course can be returned, but” buy is to buy, return is to return “, have to pay extra money first.

In this waste cardboard box 1.5 yuan a kilogram, school district housing is often one or two hundred thousand a square meter of the city, to a school tutorial class, at least two hundred yuan. From elementary school to high school, as the grade level rises, the class fee also increases to five or six hundred each year. Li’s mother was worried that by the time her children were in their senior year, tuition would have risen so much that her family could not afford it. “I calculate, a lesson less spend 160, than the double eleven group of lessons is cheaper than 70 or 80 (yuan). “Moreover, after the child’s senior high school, must change a closer campus, first fill some value is also in Li mother’s consideration.

On the last day of February last year, the sales teacher urged Li’s mother to hurry up and pay, otherwise after the discount period, the system could not record the list. The child had already taken three years of classes at Yosemite Education, so it was worthwhile to buy enough classes up to senior high school at once and sacrifice some interest. Thus, Li’s mother borrowed 130,000 yuan from her siblings, and with the money she saved, she bought more than 150,000 yuan of courses at the new campus close to her home. She was ready to withdraw from the old campus for the courses she hadn’t used up in junior high school.

In June 2020, Mama Li signed a refund agreement with the old school district. She thought it would be easy to refund the fees, calculating that this side borrowed money, there after refunding the fees immediately returned to relatives. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

“I have that hospital waiting for the money. ” said Lee’s mother. The girl in her twenties, however, said she had just taken over as principal and didn’t know anything; it was certainly okay to find headquarters for a refund.

As we were talking, a parent ran over and exclaimed that the teachers at the old campus had gone on strike.

On October 18, Yusheng Education collapsed; on the 25th of the same month, the old man died.

In the evening of November 1, Li’s mother contacted the new campus again. The principal replied, “Don’t come to me, I’m already annoyed enough. I don’t care, close it all down, what you like. After that, Li’s mother was blacked out.

When the initial payment, Li’s mother discussed with her husband. The husband did not approve and did not oppose, only reminded her “do not pay so much. “Li mother and her husband calculated a sum of money: now buy suitable, we do not have money, and turn around people a lesson a few dozen …… husband was persuaded, threw a sentence: whatever, if the money can borrow to buy.

A family of three crammed in a house of more than 30 square meters, no car also week body debt. The husband argued with her every day, so much so that they are about to divorce. “The old man in the family also died, I do not even have the money to buy a cemetery for people. “

The less generous, the more you want to save more money on education. The first time I bought 80,000, there are still more than 40,000 useless; double 11 paid more than 80,000; February 28, 2020, bought nearly 40,000 yuan, and bought 150,000 yuan of classes in the franchise …… Lee’s mother a total of more than 2,000 hours of group, only 610 classes, paid more than 400,000, there are still more than 300,000 yuan of classes did not take. In this way, Lee’s mother was completely in a desperate situation.

Both husband and wife are working class, in addition to raising children, but also to support the elderly. “My mother-in-law is a semi-vegetative person, and I still have to hire someone to take care of her. “

Mama Li gave birth to her only child at the age of 34. In terms of education, she pursues the philosophy that “money should be smashed to make a pit. She does not want to ruin her son’s life for her own reasons. The boy seems to understand, think cheat on cheat it, he does not know that the money is really each with blood. “

Many nights, Lee’s mother could not sleep, her head exploded, irritable always want to stand on high and yell. She was about to lose control of herself, “die, I don’t know what to do. Children blame me, my husband also blames me, the whole family is blaming me. “

Friends advised her to think about it, “in case you get a disease, there is no money for treatment. “

Mom Li had to do temporary work, earn a little money, slowly pay off the debt.

Victim N

Tan’s mother, who is in the garment business, did not receive a salary for three months during the epidemic. Her family has twin daughters. on Oct. 12, she went to the school district to see that no one was there. “There were only four franchisees sitting there eating bubble noodles. “

Her daughter asked her just before Christmas, “Can’t we buy a cake? “Tan’s mother looked at her daughter’s expectant eyes and said, “Don’t make such requests, it’s good that we can live normally. “

“The country’s education mechanism is such that it forces parents to go outside for extra lessons. If schools could teach it all, we wouldn’t spend this money. “Wang’s mother’s distress is the real money paid, but the child can not go to class.

Wang’s child was born with only 4 catties and 9 taels, and his body is particularly weak. “If he doesn’t make up for it, he can’t understand if he goes to school. “During the epidemic, my son hardly went out, so I could only give him more remedial classes.

Now it’s good that something happened to Yusheng and the child found an excuse not to study. “He happens to be in rebellion, I’m in menopause, and catching a cheater. I low pressure 107, high pressure 157, every day with him anxious. “

The child was taken by his great-aunt as a child because his father was out of town. From the first year moved back to live with his mother. “Just with him to be able to talk, come so a, the front of the effort was wasted. ”

Mother Zhao, 61, is a retired worker who had a child at the age of 44. Her and her husband’s monthly pensions add up to just $7,000. The idea was to pull up for her daughter and try to get into a more desirable university. “The child was so frustrated to know about this that it was equivalent to giving a leg cut while climbing a ladder. “

The daughter did not do well in the test a while ago, came home to cry. “After the absence of tutoring, she is a bit broken energy. “

Grandma Guan’s granddaughter is in her third year of high school. Because the father remarried, she was raised by the old couple. The child has one day off a week, and Grandma Guan thought of finding an educational institution close to home to sprint through. on Oct. 4, 2020 – 10 days before the collapse of Yusheng Education – Grandma Guan paid 32,900 yuan for 65 lessons, which translates into 504 yuan for one lesson. “We won’t swipe the card and give the cash. “

A week apart, on October 10, the day of a physics lesson, “not two days to run away. “Grandma Guan, who is in her 70s, was so angry that she couldn’t think, “They can’t even pay their salaries, and they continue to cheat me. “

Granddaughter 5 years old will follow the tube grandmother life. After this incident, she told her grandmother, “You do not get angry, I grew up to earn money back to you. “The tube grandmother then fell into tears,” the heart aggrieved. I said it has nothing to do with you child, grandparents how to raise you to adulthood. “12 years, to this hurdle, how can the child give up. “The last step, step good to go to a good university, step bad is very ordinary. “

Zhao’s mother paid 27,000 yuan, equivalent to her living expenses for a year. The child has attended less than 10 classes. “I am a single mother, when the divorce agreement was signed, his father gave me the house, I agreed not to ask for alimony. “After retirement, Zhao mother 3,300 yuan a month pension, in a first-tier city, she feels that she belongs to the poor.

Lying in bed, the thought is suffocating. “Punish yourself if you can’t punish others. “Too much mental stress, Zhao mother suffered from bipolar disorder. “I used to be a customs broker. My in-laws have no one to help me watch my children, and I’m divorced. I reluctantly wanted the child and brought it up myself, not to add to society. I squeezed some tuition for the child from my teeth, but I cheated them all. “

“Dad earns less, and I’m afraid he’ll be stressed out. “From the child’s kindergarten, extracurricular enrollment classes are Sun’s mother is responsible. “For example, this class 2000 yuan a month, I have told Dad 1000 yuan or something. “

The down payment of more than 21,000, in 12 installments of $33,000 loan, has not yet paid off, and in May 2020 paid more than 20,000. Sun’s mother’s family took in hand each month 4,000 yuan of wages each. After the epidemic, she worked in a hotel for up to six months and took only 1,500 yuan for basic living expenses. “This investment is quite big for our family. “

The more money you spend, the more hours you give away; the lower the grade level, the more cost-effective it is to purchase classes. Many parents do the math this way.

After the closure of Yusheng, Sun’s mother pretended to be calm on the surface, but the money is pressed into Yusheng education, the child has no way to take another cram school.

The two came out of the countryside and were used to being frugal. After the birth of her daughter, her grandmother came from Hebei to take her. Last May, the old lady went back home alone. “She is 83 years old, after the birth of her granddaughter, the first year did not spend the winter together. The old home conditions are better than ours. The lovers are quite guilty: we pay so much for the children, how much have we paid for the elderly? The old man is waiting to go back home for a new mouthful of teeth ……”

On April 15, another branch of Yusheng Education closed, just the day before, parents just finished paying their fees.

Still asking for an explanation

If it were not for Chen Hao, Qiu’s mother, who is forty years old, would not have had the time to be angry, much less to open a shake account.

On the night of October 21, 2020, Chen Hao appeared in the ShakeOut live broadcast. He spoke with helplessness and several weeping about the operation of Yusheng Education: “From 2019, our franchisees and partners began to leave the school to us to operate due to economic pressure. We used to call this dumping. In April and May of this year, the company’s capital chain has fallen into a state of near-breakage, when we sold houses, cars, executives to raise capital, all the money that can be used to invest in the maintenance of the company. “

Anger makes people pour out all they can. Qiu’s mother came up with statistics done on the city’s 4,576 parents enrolled in Yusheng education, one by one, questioned Chen Hao’s claims.

From January to October 2020, the total amount of parental contributions was 63.06 million yuan, and nine and a half months had nearly matched the amount paid by Yusheng for the whole year of 2018 (more than 70 million yuan). “This is just the information provided by more than 4,000 parents, and there is a large part that does not know about (our) questionnaire. “

Parents do not believe that Yosemite was affected by the epidemic. 2020 classes have not seen a decrease in students due to the epidemic, but rather an increase. The cost of moving from offline to online is much less. “Yosemite is prepaid and parents are paying incessantly. “

Yosemite has numerous affiliated companies. According to Qiu’s mother, parents remitted money to as many as 70 units. But only about half of the class fees they paid went into companies such as Yousheng Brilliant and Hongzhi Shengwen, which are related to Chen Hao, and half were transferred to the accounts of unrelated companies, including fruit and cosmetics industries.

Refunds have been difficult. “Chen Hao said he couldn’t refund the fee because of the impact of the epidemic, and our survey shows that a total of 1,909 people have proposed refunds, 304 before 2019, but only 11 people, or less than 0.6 percent, have actually succeeded in refunding the fee.

Placement seems to be a way out. However, according to parents, only a very small number of students have been placed, and the placement institutions are either not qualified to run schools or are only training institutions for artistic specialties, not a place to learn cultural lessons. Qiu’s mother said, “Yusheng Education has never formally proposed a placement program. “

There are about 16 placement agencies that Yusheng has found, all of them are non-first-tier brands (in parents’ minds, only Xuezhi and New Oriental can meet the requirements), and they are small matchmaking. “For example, if a parent has 100,000 classroom fees left at Yusheng, he can take 6,000 yuan to find Wenxin, and another 6,000 yuan to learn from whoever …… means that if you want to spend all 100,000 yuan, you need at least 15 institutions. So please ask, what is the child? Is it a game that you mess around with? “

In 16 institutions, about half of the courses also need to pay extra fees ranging from one hundred to several hundred per class; and, only a small part of the cultural classes offered, most of them are boxing, go-karting, robotics programming and other farcical games, and a driving school …… “Yusheng this kind of blind make up the number of behavior, not to solve the problem. “Of the 4,576, 1,111 children are at the elementary school level and 3,465 are at the middle and high school level. “How can junior high and high school students have time to enroll in courses at placement agencies? My child is in junior high school and really can’t afford to be consumed. “

“Most of us parents are civilians, save out money for our children’s classes, I can’t even afford to drink a cup of milk tea. If there is not even a clean slate for education, how can we raise the next generation? “

Today, these parents who are eager to take their children to the “next level” through training courses are caught in a dilemma: they can’t afford to pay for the extra tuition classes, and they can’t wait for a refund from Yusheng. Refunds.

Children are growing up, and time waits for no one. The demand of mothers is simple: don’t delay your child.