The experience of actual installation of rough housing

Share my previous experience of installing that set of rough room

The general purpose is not to trust the renovation master, must look more themselves more stare …… more to give the master a little sweet are fine, do not shake hands with him to play [bad]

  1. the door must be installed a total control lights, a press the whole house lights will be extinguished kind, if you do not want to change shoes after climbing in to turn off the lights, this thing is very necessary
  2. behind the sofa against the must have a socket, lying sofa to play cell phone is convenient
  3. bookcases must be installed with glass doors, or wipe ash to death, wet rags are also easy to break the book
  4. the more storage space the better the better the better the better the better …… I was doing countless storage, scolded by my mother, the result is that now she is almost stuffed ……
  5. light type bath bar can be replaced with a heater
  6. the tiles must be personally supervised. I spent a huge price to buy the flower tiles by the tile maker paste the wrong, become very ugly, and no money to smash the start again, I want to cry ……
  7. tiles best non-slip, do not buy gray not pull a few, look like the ground is not mopped clean, do not buy too white, a little unclean, it is very obvious and very eye-catching
  8. southern wood flooring is too difficult to take care of, you can try wood tiles
  9. bathroom wet and dry separation, it is best to have a raised water-absorbing stone, non-slip and will not accumulate water. Water heater must be installed back to the pump, or go to the bath to put half a day of cold water, freezing in the winter. Hot and cold pipes must be separated by insulation.
  10. the water must buy a good, expensive okay, you think if rust or bad, you smashed the floor how much money? Buy ls downpipe, it is best to buy S-type rather than L, to prevent the return of odor.
  11. disinfection cabinet is the most ribbed kitchen appliances I have encountered, directly replaced by a dishwasher is conducive to family harmony
  12. living room air conditioning can use the duct machine, does not occupy space, the wind is also comfortable
  13. do not install crystal chandeliers. Ceiling lights are good, black on the change, but also cheap. The dining room head installed an invisible fan light is very good.

14 ambient light installed carefully, a year with less than a few

  1. curtains must have blackout curtains, and then beautiful curtains do not blackout blind. You can fall asleep in the bright light when I did not say.

Living room curtains with a layer of yarn is enough, my living room curtains at the time spent two thousand, in addition to the layer of yarn, the other once used, and every year you have to pay for cleaning, the loss is not worth it.

  1. pay attention to the direct sunlight parts, less furniture, must be installed to prevent sun discoloration. My three sliding door closet has a door has been sunburned yellow, super obvious, heartache.
  2. above-counter basin is not good to clean, under the counter basin is better.
  3. Smart toilet cover must be installed to improve life. Especially when girls come to the aunt, bad with my head to you.
  4. cabinet furniture as little as possible some complicated pattern, especially to avoid the mine hollow pattern, or rub to you doubt life.
  5. cabinet hardware must choose the best
  6. The lift table of the tatami bed should be considered whether there are people living there. If someone lives, you installed the lift table is equal to nothing. The game room study it is useful. 23.
  7. the wine compartment of the storage cabinet is the most ribbed and hard to wipe, if you are not a wine tasting master really do not need to engage in this thing

24 TV wall would rather not install or according to the aesthetics of parents to, the more sockets the better.

25 washbasin and dressing table mirror best installed mirror lights

26 best to install soundproof glass, because you can never guess when the open space downstairs will be commandeered by the mother and father square dance

  1. the more sockets above the bed, the better, measure your bedside table before installation, do not be blocked. The dining table also needs sockets, occasionally eat electric fondue to use. The best partition is also installed, in case there are any beautiful small lights or small fish tank, the plug pulled over is very ugly.
  2. the home has little need for sound insulation can be removed from the non-load-bearing walls, with cabinets partition, a little thicker on the OK. storage space doubled.
  3. waterproofing must be done, buy waterproofing must keep a close eye on, do not let the master with miscellaneous waterproofing fool you. Do not care about money on three times waterproof kitchen bathroom has been painted to the top. 30.

30 kitchen countertops and ceilings if you like white, it is best to choose with a little miscellaneous colors mixed with some gold or yellow dark pattern. Because it is destined to turn yellow. There is a dark pattern will not be so obvious. 31.

31 kitchen and bathroom lighting is generally not particularly good, so the lights must be installed enough to install bright.

  1. faucet installed that can be pulled out or change the direction of the huge good
  2. the whole house, except for the bathroom bathroom kitchen, try not to have steps threshold, people are easy to trip not to say, sweeping robot is not happy to work

34 bedroom bedside and door must be double switch lights, the foot of the bed and corridor and the toilet side of the best to install the kind of small sensor lights, easy to get up at night

  1. the front water filter to install a, preferably a direct water dispenser with a pipeline machine, cold water warm water and hot water have a kind of
  2. beauty seam must be done, and do not do the kind of ordinary gray, with a period of time will fall off, the seam is dirty and disgusting. Do the kind of real porcelain glue will be better. But my kitchen wall against the stove part has been handcuffed a little warped, I do not know if there is a better use.
  3. kitchen cabinets can be installed under the cabinet lights, the money can be installed that pull a direct step down the full pull down basket. No money to make the ceiling light highlights, the kitchen is longer with two ceiling lights.
  4. dishwashing sink a large basin is best, double sink nothing bird also crowded panic, if not big enough, wash pots and pans is not convenient.

40 cupboard with pull-out baskets, pay attention to the height of the plate when you buy, or it can not stand up in vain. Seasoning basket do not mount to the cabinet, take the time inconvenient, directly nailed to the wall on the line.

41 kitchen can be installed a rod dedicated to hanging S hook, you can never imagine how many things you have to hang.

  1. dressing mirror can do the kind of hidden in the cabinet, to use when the time to draw out, usually does not occupy space, and will not be messy reflection.
  2. washing machine, refrigerator should be large rather than small, as long as there is enough space, try to buy a large.
  3. food waste disposer, the money to install a hurry