Luo Xiang’s ending, has been written

A few days ago, Luo Xiang was once again in the hot search.

This time, the reason for the hot search originated from a past story that Luo Xiang told in the interview program “My Bronze Age”.

In the winter of 2003, Luo Xiang was still a poor student studying for his PhD at Peking University.

That day, when he passed by the overpass of Shuangan Mall, he met an old lady in rags, her hair was white and she was asking around in a strange city, but the passers-by ignored her.

Seeing this scene, Luo Xiang went up to ask, and the old lady said she had walked all the way from Beijing West Station to here, just to find a legal aid center.

“I felt bad then …… walked from Beijing West Station to Shuangan Mall, you think she walked a few hours. “

After hearing the old lady’s request, Luo Xiang called a car and went over with her.

His Luo Xiang has already got a lawyer’s license, for the old lady to travel thousands of miles to Beijing to seek legal assistance for the case, he was filled with curiosity, but along the way, he chose to be silent –

“To be frank, I’m still a little worried, and I don’t want to get into trouble. “

When the car arrived at its destination, the old lady about to get off seemed to see through the young man’s mind before her and said.

“I really appreciate it, you don’t have to accompany me up there, don’t affect your career. “

A sentence, poking the heart of Luo Xiang, so that he was ashamed, and this in the eyes of most people are just a small thing, but since then has affected the life of Luo Xiang.

01、The “frightened” Luo Xiang

The explosion of Luo Xiang’s popularity was an accidental event.

In January 2020, after being edited and carried by enthusiastic netizens, the video of Mr. Luo Xiang’s lecture spread like a virus and took the whole network by storm.

In the video, he was obviously dressed in a suit and wearing a pair of rimless glasses, but the words coming out of his mouth made the listener feel like listening to the magic of Guo Degang’s monologue –

“If I’m dying of hunger and I see a panda, can I eat it? “

“I raped myself, what kind of crime is that? “

This funny and humorous style of lecture, coupled with the occasional guest appearance in a variety of bizarre cases in the victim’s extras “Zhang San”, Luo Xiang in B station completely hot, but he actually How hot is he?

On March 9, 2020, Luo Xiang released his first video on B station, after which his fans exceeded 1 million in two days and broke 5 million within six months, reaching a terrifying 14 million today.

But in the face of his own popularity, Luo Xiang’s first reaction was “panic”.

In the interview, he said.

“I’m afraid of abusing this influence, I’m afraid I can’t manage this influence, and I’m even more afraid of being obsessed with this influence. “

Perhaps, in the view of many netizens, whether in the video, or in reality, Luo Xiang can be considered a “good man” “good man”, but in Luo Xiang’s own opinion, he is far from the netizens think so good.

Luo Xiang, the only son of his family, was born in Leiyang County, a small county in Hunan Province.

In those days, only children were extremely rare, and naturally, his parents poured all their love into Luo Xiang.

As a child, no playmate Luo Xiang’s favorite thing to do is to invite beggars to the house, pour them water and give them food, which made his parents very angry.

Luo Xiang now look back, think that at that time the parents must be very dislike this behavior inside, but in order not to hurt Luo Xiang’s goodwill, or will specially cook for beggars.

Perhaps in the eyes of outsiders, Luo Xiang as a child was full of love, but Luo Xiang himself knows that the original intention of his behavior, is derived from the inner vanity –

The responsibility and consequences of doing good deeds are borne by his parents, but the pleasure of doing good deeds is enjoyed by himself, which cannot be called kindness.

In 1995, at the age of 18, Luo Xiang entered the Chinese Academy of Youth Politics and began his career in the north.

The first time he came to Beijing, Luo Xiang completely let himself go in the big city where he was not bound by his parents.

He drank with his classmates in the dormitory, rode his bicycle around Beijing, and even showed off his “Sea and Sky” in front of his classmates who did not understand Cantonese.

At that time, Luo Xiang was young and promising, with a thick head of hair and an upright posture.

Young people, by nature, are very aggressive, and Luo Xiang was no exception.

Although his original intention of studying law never changed, deep inside, a sense of superiority and arrogance began to expand.

“When you come to a conclusion in a case that goes against the most simple common sense of the people, you will still be proud, you see, we study law is different. “

The more you learn, the more you despise those who do not learn.

Until 2003, Luo Xiang met the old lady in Shuangan Mall.

The face of Luo Xiang raised his hand on the kneeling old lady, at that time, Luo Xiang’s heart was greatly shocked, this one thing, let Luo Xiang convergence of their arrogance, began to really cognitive, what is knowledge, what is the law –

The real knowledge, to go from books to reality, the real law, is not just abstract logic, but the vivid story of each person. To make fairness and justice, not only to be reflected in the book, more importantly, is in each case to be echoed.

02, knowledge of the “earth pig”

Some time ago, a high school bully to prepare for the college entrance examination speech video on the network has caused a hot debate.

In the speech, in order to motivate candidates to work hard, in order to tell parents the meaning of hard work, the school bully said.

“I am a pig from the countryside, but also to aspire, to arch the cabbage in the big city. “

In the perception of the school bully, or school leaders, students wake up early every day, running, shouting slogans, is to “brainwash” themselves to firm up a way of thinking –The

The children of poor families can only get out of poverty and change their lives by getting into a good university.

Although many netizens are attacking this utilitarian way of learning, but in the contemporary self-interest-oriented, money-oriented society, such a speech is wrong?

You can hardly say that he is wrong.

But if learning is done with this kind of purpose, then in my opinion, he has defeated the original purpose of education.

The so-called education is to take a person’s heart and really guide it, and help him grow into himself.

In the interview, Chen Xiaonan, as the host, asked a question that is of great concern to all contemporary young people –

Nowadays, young people are more and more competitive, and they are all facing a confusion, I have to win, I have to find a way to win. In the past, everyone said that they should stay true to their dreams and stay true to themselves, but now, in order to avoid being eliminated, young people have to choose to compromise, how to deal with this anxious status quo?

This question is the same as the speech of a high school –

In order to get themselves into the ideal university and to avoid elimination, young people have to give up their time, hobbies and even their own selves and study just for the sake of their grades.

Luo Xiang pondered for a while and answered –

This question is, in essence, how to live a life that looks good, so what is your definition of good?

There are too many standards of good in this world, but at the moment, the standard of good seems to be the only one –

Making money is everything.

What is a good doctor? A good doctor is one who makes money.

What is a good teacher? A good teacher is one who makes money.

If all the professions in the world are measured by whether to make money, then there is no point in doing all the division of labor.

Because, everyone go to do the money-making work is good.

Whether people have a good life or not should not be judged by the outside world, but by your own inner thoughts –

You have to look for what is good (good) inside, and then you can live a good life, so that you can avoid going with the flow, refuse to compare with others, and not be caught in the prison of other people’s standards of judgment.

As far as Luo Xiang himself is concerned, he believes that there are thousands of standards of goodness, and everyone’s judgment of goodness is also different, but everyone should be sure of his heart and not greedily pursue too much goodness.

Because, a good is good, the plural good becomes a commodity.

This is probably the best answer to the “pig” in the speech –

Students and schools should of course fulfill their responsibilities and study hard to get into the ideal university, but if grades are the only criteria and everyone is forced to accept it, then this is certainly a wrong way to lead.

I would prefer to see teachers telling students –

You can study hard, but if, for example, you like music, you like chess, you even like sports, you can also work hard and try to do it, it is not a wrong choice, there is not only one path to the right life.

Instead of aspiring to arch the cabbage of the big city, why not do a knowledge of the “earth pig”, will be more interesting.

03, “accident” and “inevitable “

This is a time when everyone wants to be popular, some by pretending to be ugly, some by pretending to be stupid, and some even by eating Ollie to.

Luo Xiang’s popularity, in my opinion, is an inevitable coincidence, a collective outbreak of people’s anti-intellectual and low-child flow era.

But he has “fallen” one day, I am not surprised.

On September 8, 2020, Luo Xiang posted a microblog –

To cherish virtue, but do not become a slave to honor, because the former is eternal, but the latter will soon disappear.

It coincided with a commendation conference that had just ended, and this seemingly ordinary reading epiphany made many netizens feel that there was a meaning beyond words, insinuating that the virtue of a certain gentleman receiving the award that day was not worthy of his position.

For a time, the wind rose.

Highly praised comments Yin Yang –

One day the teacher’s family to do a happy event, I sing two lines of funeral songs please teacher also do not over-associate oh.

Even though Luo Xiang repeatedly explained, but a large number of netizens as if in the moral integrity of the person finally found a “stain” like, began to crazy attacks, not the slightest bit of reason.

The final ending we also saw, Luo Xiang announced to withdraw from the blog to stop.

Is it true that Luo Xiang was sarcastic about Mr. Zhong Nanshan?

We don’t know the truth of the matter, but at least Luo Xiang didn’t have any reason to suddenly satirize Zhong Nanshan, and even before that, he had praised the anti-epidemic hero many times.

In Luo Xiang’s videos, he has been happy to share his life philosophy and thoughts about life, which has led many netizens to regard Luo Xiang as a “perfect man” in the moral sense. This has led many netizens to see Luo as a “perfect man” in the moral sense, imposing on him the requirements of a saint.

But, Luo Xiang is just an ordinary person, an ordinary person who reads more and thinks more, he cannot be flawless, nor is he a flawless god.

In this era, there are thousands of ways to be red, some by playing ugly, some by acting stupid, some by marketing, and some by extremes.

Some of them are wrong, the public can laugh it off, but why face a person who is committed to exporting professional legal knowledge, dialectical thinking and pure ideals, the public should take a magnifying glass and blow it up?

On the flyover of the Shuangan Mall, Chen Xiaonan asked.

“Are you afraid of being forgotten? “

Without thinking, Luo Xiang replied.

“I think being forgotten is a certainty. “

This is an information era, Luo Xiang is just a small wave in the “Netflix wave”, the Internet will keep the memory forever, but people will forget.

And I hope that we can forget Luo Xiang a little slower, and we can be a little more tolerant of Luo Xiang.