Happiness is here and now

I went to visit a sick friend, talking about a lot of things in the past, planning a lot of things for the future, she suddenly asked: for you, what is the moment of happiness? After thinking about it for a long time, I didn’t have a suitable answer.

At that time, often carry this problem to deal with people, whether it is new friends or old friends, chatting to hearty always throw this question cold, of course, the answer is also a variety of harvest – some people say that the moment of happiness is to add officials into the promotion when buying a house and a car after the body is not ill in; some people say the happiest moment is to have both parents love Peaceful children happy leaders treat fans loyal enemies condemned ……

All right, but none of them struck me.

Until one day accompanied a friend to meet a friend from Taiwan, the friend said, his people and his articles as Zen deep.

Tea over three courses, I could not help but continue to peddle the question when he smiled and gave me an unexpected answer.

The past is too late to measure whether happiness, there is no need to speculate on the future is not happiness, so when you ask me this question, I can think of the most happy, is to enjoy the good tea in front of the heart, so that the pleasant feeling of the moment more mellow, and in front of me to talk about the new and old you is the source of my happiness.

I finally understood what is enlightened.

There seem to be too many examples in life to justify his words.

I once went abroad for a cultural exchange and spent a lot of money on a very beautiful dress that I liked so much that I couldn’t wear it unless I attended an important meeting or attended an occasion that required a show of sincerity. The rate of availability is too low, and slowly forget that you have such a dress, when the season changes, my family helped me organize my closet, only to remember that I had such a dress, because it escaped the wasting of washing and sunlight, it is still brand new and straight, but the style has become obsolete, sarcastically and self-consciously wrapped it carefully and continued to put it into the bottom of the cupboard, looking back on what I liked about it at the beginning, can not help but sigh those happy are I can’t help but feel that all that happiness has become water.

When I was very young and young, I used to like people, and I had endless words to express and sing about them, one by one, one by one. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

We all like to wait too much, stubbornly believe that waiting is never wrong, the beautiful years are thus consumed by one regret after another.

Not in the most favorite time to wear beautiful clothes, not in the purest time to express this purity, not in the most valued time to do what you want to do, later in the future will reap a fruitful harvest, the results all become small and astringent fruit.

The only thing we can do when tasting this sourness is to blame ourselves, if we can wear that dress a few more times, if I had enough courage to say to him …… that would be how happy.

Anything in life has a shelf life, those good wishes if only cherished on the ideal tabletop, then only let it collect dust in the years.

Of course we feel the sourness contained in the mouth at this moment, should also be cherished at this moment, the body clothes, the happiness of the people in front of us.