Famous mainland blogger “Programming Musings” was arrested and tortured

Programthink, a blogger known for exposing the Chinese Communist Party and spreading the word about wall-scraping technology and privacy protection, has recently been arrested and persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party.

According to sources, “Programthink” has been arrested and is being brutally interrogated day and night. He is expected to be convicted soon on the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party’s so-called founding, and is expected to receive a heavy sentence.

After May 9th, “Programming Musings” has not updated his blog posts, and his GitHub and Twitter accounts have not been updated. “Programming Musings has previously stated that a lack of activity across all platforms for more than 14 days means that he has been arrested by authorities across the country or has suffered significant personal harm.

The Twitter account of “Programming Thoughts” introduces itself as an IT geek with a passion for smearing the party-state, exposing brainwashing, and popularizing wall climbing. He occasionally talks about technology and shares e-books. He also posted a link to his blog.

The blog “Programming Musings” is published on Blogger as “Programming Musings’ Blog”.

The blog was launched on January 15, 2009. “Programming Musings” claims to be a programmer who has been working for many years, and started out by writing mainly computer technology-related articles.

The content of the site includes a variety of Internet security knowledge, wall climbing tools, and anonymization teaching, as well as negative information and current political commentary on the Chinese Communist Party. “Programming Musings” has published over 700 blog posts.

According to his own account, he decided to start writing a lot of politically sensitive articles because of the Qian Yunhui incident and the Jasmine Revolution in 2010 and 2011.

In order to cater to mainland readers who are not good at climbing over walls, “Programming Musings” provides “offline browsing” and “email subscription” functions. For “offline browsing”, the website provides an “eBook packaging script”, which can package the offline browsing content into an EPUB or CHM file format to read all the content on Programming Musings offline on mobile phones or tablets.

“Programming Musings’ blog posts provide a detailed and unbiased account of many events, such as his depiction of the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests in 2014 and 2019; his series of articles recalling the June 4 massacre in Tiananmen Square in 1989 are more detailed than any other website. He has written a series of articles reviewing the June 4 massacre in Tiananmen Square in 1989 in greater detail than any other website. His in-depth research on the Panama Papers and the family backgrounds of top Communist Party officials has led to blog posts that reveal the corruption of the entire Communist government. And he has helped millions of readers learn to circumvent Internet censorship, free themselves from the CCP’s brainwashing propaganda, and take the path of resistance to dictatorship through anonymous technology.

“Programming Musings distributes quarterly security updates and bloggers’ comments to keep readers up to date on the state of cybersecurity, especially on the mainland.

With his extraordinary cybersecurity skills, “Programming Musings” has managed to conceal his identity, and he is so sensitive to privacy that he hardly uses online payments. All that is known about “Programming Musings” is that he is male, 37-50 years old, works in IT, and is based in Beijing.

At the moment, people overseas are trying to rescue him, contacting journalists from different countries, human rights organizations, Western heads of government, parliamentarians, and others. A protest will be held in front of the Chinese embassies and consulates, and an exhibition will be held in the city center to put pressure on the Chinese Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of State Security.