The star generation shot to form a complete industry chain

“‘Generation shot’ I here after the fact, when the emergence of the new industry? Is there no one who can control them? This goes on sooner or later to accident!”

Reporter investigation found that the generation of shooting industry has long formed a complete industry chain.

The scalpers collect flight information for public sale, the generation of the purchase of the trip according to the stars in the airport squatting, shooting the resulting photos or videos, and then sold to fans or released on social accounts to attract fans for profit. These people are usually mixed in the fans, it is difficult to identify.

The airport shooter mixed in with the fans

“Here it comes, here it comes!”

At noon on Sept. 1, Tao Lin (a pseudonym), who was looking down at the T2 terminal of Beijing Capital International Airport, heard the shout and raised his SLR camera and rushed toward the pick-up gate.

This is a young male singer. Dozens of “fans” formed a U-shape, and Taolin managed to squeeze into the center of the crowd to get a frontal shot of the singer, moving backwards and forwards with his partner’s pace. The assistant at the side kept covering the singer with his hands, saying loudly, “Make way, make way.

The distance from the pick-up point to the car is only three or four hundred meters, but the singer walked for nearly 20 minutes because he was surrounded by “fans” taking pictures.

After arriving at the garage, the singer said goodbye to everyone. Once the car door was closed, Taolin started to look down at the photos in the camera, and after selecting a few suitable ones to pour into her phone, she opened the retouching software to brighten and whiten the photos, which were sent to the other end of the WeChat dialog box after some fine-tuning.

The actual Taolin is a part-time substitute shooter. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

As rented in Mentougou, 1 day, she left at 6:30 am to go to the airport, the singer is the second star she shot in the morning, “I generally come to a trip will squat all day, until the last star of the day left.”

At 13:14 on the same day, the singer appeared on Weibo photos and videos at the airport, which is behind the “fans” credit. After the whole process was over, some of the people gathered chose to leave. But most of them, like Tao Lin, continued to squat at the pickup, waiting to photograph the arrival of the next star.

5 yuan to check the star’s flight information

The star’s flight information, Tao Lin is purchased from the online scalpers.

On September 1, Lin Hua (a pseudonym), a professional shooter, showed reporters the star flight information he obtained, showing that 19 stars will arrive at Beijing Capital International Airport that day, the information is accurate to the star’s flight number and takeoff and landing time.

Lin Hua mentioned that if you are not afraid of trouble, the representative will even directly buy the star’s identity information, their own inquiries star’s daily itinerary; there are also scalpers specifically responsible for querying the country’s various airports star dynamic information, and then sold to the public. “I got the flight information is to buy, also very cheap, own one by one check and trouble and time consuming.”

In accordance with Lin Hua’s guidelines, the reporter in QQ and WeChat to “star itinerary group” “on behalf of the shooting group” as a keyword search, found all kinds of selling star flight information group chat, group members basically have more than 400 people.

“The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of information on the actual website. “. The reporter joined several group chat, group members will release star flight information every once in a while, and said low price sale, interested parties private chat.

The reporter to the identity of the fan and the group owner “chase star assistant” contact. The other side said that it only costs 10 yuan to check the flight information of any star, and if you want to check which stars are passing through an airport that day, it only costs 5 yuan.

In addition, the seller also mentioned that he has a lot of star ID information, “3 yuan a, 200 yuan packaged to sell, if you do not mind the trouble, you can check the flight according to the star identity information.”

Buyers buy photos to absorb the powder for profit

Wang Xingxing (a pseudonym) has been following stars since high school. When some offline activities or airport pickups she can not be there, she will look for the help of a proxy shot.

When it comes to why you want to buy the photos, Wang Xingxing admits that it’s not just to get the latest updates on your idol, but also to have a sense of “accomplishment” when you first post certain photos.

The first thing you need to do is to get the latest news from your idol. The “substitute” will often be released in the circle of friends or fan group information, plus a more attractive picture description, “I want to see what this picture really looks like, like opening a blind box.”

In the rice circle old fan pineapple oil (a pseudonym), the purchase of celebrity photos from the hand of the substitute, only a small part is simply fan behavior, most buyers are actually “station sister”, in order to active their own personal account, and profit from this.

In the rice circle culture, “station sister” refers to those women who manage the “station”. A “station” is a social media account that posts the artist’s schedule and photos in a timely manner.

“Some events where the ‘station sisters’ cannot be present, in order to maintain the frequency and popularity of their accounts, they buy the latest pictures from their agents, thus maintaining their influence and attracting fans.” Pineapple oil mentioned that when the accumulation of a certain number of photos, “station sister” will also be some photo album and other peripheral products sold to fans; when the account fans on the million, they can also take some advertising.

The fans have a certain influence in the “big fan”, will also buy on behalf of the picture, and released on their personal accounts. The more the idol’s movement in the account, the faster the fans will gradually increase, and these “big fans” can benefit from it. For example, some of the idol’s activities will give them the corresponding quota and benefits, and those with high influence will also receive some product promotion.

Star and shooting difficulty determine the price of photos

The departure and arrival levels of Beijing Capital Airport are filled with celebrities every day.

Tao Lin mentioned that in one day, she can wait for at least eight or nine stars, and in time for a program recording, there will even be dozens of stars. The year of part-time agency shooting, her living expenses are maintained by agency shooting pay, but also saved 50,000 yuan of savings.

“I am just a newcomer to the industry, the equipment and resources are not sufficient, the income is not high.” Tao Lin said that the professional generation of photography not only help buyers to shoot star photos and videos, but also their own microblogging, Shake Yin and other social accounts, and sell star autographed photos and other peripheral products.

The price of star photos is not fixed, as long as both buyers and sellers accept, you can make a transaction. September 2, the reporter through the proxy group, bought nine of a talent show star’s airport photos, the other party asked for 100 yuan, after several discussions, the other party finally agreed to reduce the price to 50 yuan.

Fan Wang Xingxing mentioned that the price of the photos actually depends on the star and the difficulty of shooting. She has purchased 50 airport photos of a suddenly popular actor, which cost two or three hundred yuan, while a few dramatic pictures of a TV series being filmed even cost thousands of dollars.

There is sometimes no clear line between fans and proxy shots. Wang Xingxing goes to some events from time to time, and after taking pictures of her idols, she also takes some other stars in passing and sells them to the corresponding fans.

Wang Xingxing feels that the generation of shooting just to make money, if the star refused or disturbed them to take pictures, the two sides will even have an argument. In order to protect the rights of idols, some fan supporters do not encourage airport pick-up behavior, so the business of the proxy airport picture is also affected.

Unauthorized photography for profit is illegal

In and around Beijing Capital Airport, security personnel sometimes disperse groups of people who take pictures on their behalf.

A police officer at the airport mentioned that places where there are police cars and places where there are police officers on duty do not allow these people to take pictures at will. There are many live bloggers at the airport. Sometimes these bloggers are live while walking, a short time to gather, this will not be good to lock the location.

“Ask them, they said they are waiting to pick up friends or fans and other love beans, no illegal behavior occurred, we are not good to control.” The above-mentioned police said.

Henan Yulong Law Firm lawyer Fu Jian believes that, in general, whether it is a real fan or on behalf of the shooting, if its behavior is too aggressive so that passengers miss boarding time, disrupting the normal working order of the airport, the behavior may constitute a disturbance of public order, may also belong to the illegal criminal behavior.

“If a celebrity clearly refuses to be photographed, but the fan still takes pictures and profits from them, then the photographer has broken the law,” Fu said.

In addition, Fu Jian mentioned that if the star does not take the initiative to publish their own itinerary and other related information, regardless of the way the fans and the representative photographer obtained the star’s flight information, there is the possibility of breaking the law. If someone sells the star’s flight information for profit, his or her behavior may constitute a crime against citizens’ personal information.