That bowl of bean curd flower is my first dessert

Cantonese desserts, in addition to ginger milk, as a sweet tooth, I do not seem to be which is not like. Like the sweet and creamy double-skinned milk, love the bitter turtle paste, love the glutinous red bean paste, hungry at night but more want to drink a bowl of refreshing cinnamon and red dates egg sugar water. But if I had to find a “favorite” I would not hesitate to choose bean curd flowers.

My memories of tofu pudding began when I was a child. At that time, every weekend my cousins and I would go to my grandmother’s house in the old city to play. Kids got up early, ate breakfast early, and were late for lunch. Grandma was probably afraid that we would be hungry, so she would buy a few bags of bean curd flowers from the stall in the morning after buying groceries. The bean curd flowers at that time were not as delicate and thick as those made in stores today, and the stall owner mixed a lot of water into them. The white tofu soaked in slightly yellow water, looking watery, the person selling the tofu flower took a large spoon and gently dug into it, hand side, a large piece of tofu will be obediently slipped into the plastic bag inside. Grandma carried the tofu flowers home, and when we arrived, she poured them into a bowl, heated them up in a pot, sprinkled them with sugar, and served them to us.

At this time, several children will get together and put a spoon into the tofu and stir it, a complete piece of tofu is stirred into different sizes and shapes of small tofu, like layers of flower petals, then the tofu becomes tofu flower.

What is the taste of tofu flower? There seems to be no texture, it is not chewed by the teeth, so drink to the mouth, biu, and then slide down the stomach. What is the taste of bean curd flower? In fact, there is no taste, only after eating and licking the teeth, you can feel a trace if the soybean fragrance. Nowadays, in all kinds of dessert stores and teahouses, there are tofu flowers on the menu, and the styles are endless. I’ve tried many “innovative” tofu blossoms, but I’ve never been able to get a good feeling for them. It seems that I’m really old-fashioned and stingy when it comes to food, and I find it hard to accept tofu pudding with mango when I’m convinced that it has to be sweetened. I’ve had a lot of “traditional” tofu puffs in an attempt to get that taste back, but it always seems to be missing something.

In fact, I know, I eat where the taste of bean curd flower, it is clearly a childhood memory, everything related to it, there is such a carrier, it is enough. Relatively speaking, I myself am a person who is not obsessed with food. It is best to be able to taste the mountains and sea food, but if not, a bowl of convenience store car noodles can also make me very satisfied.

When I serve a bowl of hot bean curd, those memories of warmth and love seem to come alive and slip into my stomach, greeting the distant memories.