Measure your jealousy index

What a person is jealous of means where his inferiority complex is, and where his self-esteem is, and where he is pursuing his goals

This quiz on jealousy is from the book “Emotional Freedom” by Judith Olof, PhD, a psychiatrist at UCLA.   

Answer the following questions with a “yes” or “no”.   

  1. Do I take pleasure in putting others down?   
  2. Do I feel relieved that a colleague is not promoted, even though I like him or her?   
  3. Do I feel that others are better than myself?   
  4. Do I hate people who seem to have everything?   

Do I feel that I am dwarfed by the beauty, intelligence and achievements of others?  

  1. Am I afraid that others are better than me?   
  2. Do my spouse’s past lovers pose a threat to me?   
  3. Do I get angry when my spouse looks at other people of the opposite sex?   
  4. Do I see my spouse’s friends as a threat?   

If the number of “yes” answers is greater than or equal to 6, it means your jealousy is very strong; 3~5 means your jealousy is average; less than or equal to 2 means you are not a jealous person; all answers are “no”, it means your jealousy is minimal, but also You may be fooling yourself.