Shiyan gas explosion 150 dead and injured scene martial law many people were not rescued

On the morning of June 13, a gas explosion occurred in Zhangwan District, Shiyan City, Hubei Province, killing at least 12 people and injuring 138 others, 37 of whom were seriously injured. The scene is under martial law, some people pointed out that there are still many people have not been rescued from the scene. The blood bank in Shiyan was once in a state of emergency. And at this time is the city of Shiyan change mayor.

The Qinchu network, under the supervision of the publicity department of Shiyan City, Hubei Province, reported that the Shiyan City Emergency Management Bureau said that at 6:30 a.m. on the 13th, a gas explosion occurred in Yanhu District, Zhangwan District of the city, and many people were trapped.

The report said at noon on June 13 that according to the latest news from the local command, as of 11 a.m., a total of 144 people had been searched out, including 11 dead and 37 seriously injured. 2:46 p.m. on June 13, the Communist Party’s CCTV said that by then, 150 people had been searched out, including 12 dead and 138 injured, 37 of whom were seriously injured.

There are still many people who have not been rescued

Mr. Wang, the owner of a hot pot restaurant near the explosion site, told the Epoch Times that the market is a street in the form of a long, large, “the explosion of the market is two layers, the ground floor is the vegetable market, after the steps up are breakfast stores, pharmacies, stores, etc.. Underground food market to sell vegetables, buy food earlier, do not know which part of the gas pipe explosion, that trip (street) all exploded. The roof is a cement-filled jade slab, the explosion fell piece by piece and hurt many people.”

Mr. Wang said he had an employee in that nearby residential building to live (more than 30), when her first reaction was an earthquake, “because the building shaking very powerful, she is still shaking, has not slowed over that strength.”

According to his understanding, “at first someone found a gas leak, giggling white smoke, and then someone called the police, and then the fire first arrived at the scene, after the explosion.” The scene video can also see a fire truck was buried in the debris of the explosion, the scene can see several firefighters were injured.

Ms. Li, a resident living in the explosion neighborhood, told the Epoch Times that their house was badly damaged, and they are currently not allowed to be near their home, have been driven outside, are not allowed to go back to get things, can not go to the scene, also refers to a lot of people were not rescued.

“Some of the injured are in the hospital, those who died on the spot were pulled away by the car, and many were not rescued …” said Ms. Li, “They are not allowed to go in to see how much the house was damaged.”

Ms. Li said the explosion was a gas leak, pipe bomb; many people were sent to the city People’s Hospital, Zhangwan District Hospital and Taihe Hospital.

Mr. Wang said, thankfully, today’s Dragon Boat Festival holiday, otherwise more people were killed or injured. “Today Dragon Boat Festival are off, if not off in the morning there are a lot of students there to eat breakfast, where there are more breakfast stores, work, school in there to eat breakfast more, the consequences will be more serious.”

The Epoch Times reporter repeatedly called the two contacts of the “Zhangwan District 6.13 accident emergency information center” at different times, but has been unable to contact each other, the phone has been occupied.

The propaganda department of the Shiyan municipal party committee responded to the Epoch Times reporter, saying that all their staff were busy at the event news center on the evening of the 13th, and that there was only one person left on duty, so they were very busy, and asked the reporter to contact the news center.

Local martial law can only get out but not in

The district near a courier informed that it was a vegetable market gas pipe explosion, the explosion near the road was blocked.

A few dozen kilometers from the explosion site of a store personnel informed that it was a natural gas pipeline leak after the explosion caused; the scene is blocked, the surrounding people are not allowed to see the scene.

The dormitory building was also blown up. People living in the dormitory of the 41st factory told the Epoch Times that they were asked to be outside after the explosion and could not go back to the dormitory.

People from Yanhu Lane, Checheng Street, Zhangwan District, said they were not allowed to live in the district and were demobilized out at 8 a.m. “It’s all under martial law over there, you can only get out but not in.”

Another informed source told the Epoch Times that there is a morning market in the area and many people go to the market to buy food, plus tomorrow is the Dragon Boat Festival, there will be more people buying food the day before the festival.

Some informed netizens said: “To celebrate the festival, many people come out to buy vegetables, that road is the main road in and out of the inner neighborhood. Next to the residential buildings, in and out of a lot of people, a lot of old people get up early in the side of the cool, you can imagine how serious. Hey!”

Shiyan City blood bank was once an emergency

According to the Chutian Metropolis Daily, the blood bank in Shiyan City was in a state of emergency. A number of netizens on the microblogging platform also posted messages such as “Shiyan Siyi factory market gas explosion, blood bank is in urgent need of blood, please actively donate blood”.

The Epoch Times reporter also called the local blood station, but because the scene was too noisy, the person who answered the phone could not hear the reporter at all. The reporter judged by the noisy situation on the other end of the phone that the scene was very crowded.

Many local citizens spontaneously lined up to donate blood. According to the online video, there was a long queue at the blood donation station. Some people said that they came to donate blood because they saw the news that the blood bank was in a hurry. In the afternoon, the point time news said, Shiyan city center blood station staff said, at present the blood bank no emergency situation.

There are also local informed netizens said that the explosion is near his home, fire trucks have gone in, the result is also a secondary explosion, his home has been blacked out, but “Shiyan government does not seem to let report”; he also said, “gossip, Shiyan City today just change the mayor.”

The Epoch Times reporter checked local party and government news and found that on the morning of June 12, Huang Jianxiong was elected mayor of Shiyan City at the sixth meeting of the Fifth People’s Congress of the Communist Party of China.

Officials cover up the truth

Another land media reported that Mr. Li, who was injured in the accident, said he was pushed three meters away by a powerful wave of gas when the explosion occurred, resulting in injuries to his head and hands. He also said that in March last year, people from the gas company came to the store to check if they smelled natural gas.

Mr. Zhang, a witness, said the incident when he was eating breakfast at the restaurant, before walking to the food market, heard a loud bang, followed by the entire food market was overturned, instantly filled with bricks and rubble, they were almost smashed.

According to the video, the explosion site was heavily damaged, the roof of the house was overturned, a ruin around, there are injured people lying on the ground. Some nearby residents said they heard the explosion and ran for their lives. There are also netizens said, “The explosion is really powerful, it feels like a battlefield.” “Natural gas is more terrible than gas, one explosion is a large area.”

Other netizens accused the official news of covering up the truth. “Natural gas to leak to cause an explosion, such a large area should be a serious leak or human-caused. Why the major media are avoiding the word ‘leak’.”

After the accident, Hubei provincial party committee deputy secretary and governor Wang Zhonglin was heading to the scene.