Easy peasy: training the brain to prevent dementia

I. Wake up the body

  1. Close your eyes and eat. This is about blocking visual information and allowing the senses of smell and taste to shine, stimulating brain cells that are not used as much. Other books say that you can also walk around the house with your eyes closed, which is fun and challenging, but be careful not to fall.
  2. Use your fingers to distinguish coins. Obviously, training the sense of touch.
  3. Wear headphones up and down the stairs. Let the sense of hearing and leg interaction?
  4. Pinch your nose and drink coffee. It seems that this is to block the olfactory information and awaken the sense of taste.
  5. Let go of your voice and read aloud. With less words, language skills will decline. It is best to learn a new language again, even if you remember a new word every day, you can train your brain.
  6. Smell coffee and look at pictures of fish. The intention is to disrupt the brain’s memory of the smell and create a new internal environment.

Second, seek brain stimulation

  1. Go to a restaurant and order dishes that have not been eaten. Be innovative everywhere, not the same old thing, you can learn to make new dishes at home.
  2. Spend your money. But do not spend it all, to leave some retirement ah.
  3. Specialize in long detours. Choose a route that is not often taken to stimulate the brain neural network re-expansion, drive not with GSP, but like a cab driver’s brain to remember the road.
  4. Use your left hand to hold a cup of tea. Train the right brain, which has an amazing memory capacity, one million times that of the left brain.
  5. Listen to different types of songs. Try to accept any song, it is best to also often memorize the song sheet and lyrics.
  6. Sleep 6 hours a day. I always have to sleep 7 or 8 hours to get enough, how is that good?

Third, actively exercise the right and left brain

  1. Go for a walk in a strange place. Good idea, I just like strange places.
  2. Determine whether you are a right-brain type or a left-brain type. Right-brain type: The right brain of a person belongs to the inspirational, intuitive, musical and artistic, which can give rise to beauty and joy.
    It is said that the left brain can make people feel and enjoy success, but it cannot make people enjoy a long-lasting sense of happiness. And people who are good at using the right brain can make the human brain secrete more endorphins, thus enabling people to produce a full sense of happiness and satisfaction.
  3. Use intuition to make decisions. This is a bit of a “reason to pull the fire”, yo, who is responsible for the wrong decision?

Fourth, supplemental brain nutrition

  1. Sweets make you smart. Appropriate to eat some chocolate and so on, no problem.
  2. Eat breakfast can activate the brain. Well, breakfast must be eaten.
  3. Chewing more can improve performance. Increase the number of chewing can improve blood flow to the brain, so that brain cells are more energetic. This gives me the best reason to eat snacks, such as chewing Shahu beans, to find the best reason.

V. The more you exercise the better your brain

  1. Walk briskly for 20 minutes a day. Running, walking, practicing Zen Tai Chi and other exercises can fully stimulate the brain and improve brain activity.
  2. do more “finger exercises”. It seems that it is time to use the piano at home.
  3. Try a new exercise. Zen Tai Chi is a brand new exercise for me!

VI. Improve brain activity and stimulate inspiration

  1. Remember the feeling of success each time. This means keeping a good mental state, but always mentioning “the old days” is annoying to others.
  2. Say to yourself, “I’m sure I can do it”. Self-suggestion is a must.
  3. Write 100 things you like. I’m afraid 100 is not enough.
  4. Change the perspective of the problem. Meaning, put yourself in the other person’s shoes.
  5. Say it as soon as you think of it. I think it is important to talk through the head, sometimes speak out of turn, without thinking, easy to offend people oh. So it is best to have a good heart and a warm personality.
  6. let the brain occasionally boring. In fact, practice meditation, spend some time alone, relax yourself in order to better focus.
  7. Watch TV shows that you never watch. And certainly not spend too much time on watching TV.
  8. Hands-on experience is the brain’s most valuable asset. That’s right!
  9. Be a listener. This is a good idea.