Britain and the U.S. sign the New Atlantic Charter to point the finger at the Chinese Communist Party

On June 10, British and American leaders signed “The New Atlantic Charter” (“The New Atlantic Charter”). This document was deliberately named as such to tell the world clearly that the situation now resembles World War II, that we need a “wartime spirit”, and that we need and are designing a blueprint for the world now and in the future.

As we all know, World War II officially broke out when Nazi Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939; Germany invaded the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941, and Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in the early hours of December 7, 1941, marking the full outbreak of World War II. At this time of rising fascist forces and arrogance, the Atlantic Charter was signed by Britain and the United States on August 13, 1941, and officially announced the following day. The document, which consisted of eight articles in its entirety, declared that

–The two countries would not pursue any expansion, territorial or otherwise.
— not to recognize any territorial changes that are inconsistent with the will of the people
-respecting the right of peoples to choose their form of government and restoring the sovereignty and autonomy of peoples deprived of it by violence
-to cause all nations, large and small, victorious and defeated, to have the opportunity, under equal conditions, to participate in world trade and to obtain the raw materials of the world in order to achieve the prosperity of their economies
— to bring about the fullest cooperation of all nations in the economic sphere in order to promote the level of labor, economic progress and social security of all nations
— to re-establish peace after the destruction of the Nazi tyranny, to enable all nations to live in peace within their borders, and to guarantee to all people everywhere the freedom to live out their lives in freedom from fear and freedom from want.
— Freedom of navigation on the high seas.
–The necessity for nations to renounce the reduction of armaments by force and to disarm the aggressor nations.

The Atlantic Charter had almost no legal force, but its spirit and guiding direction gave hope to the occupied countries, inspired the Allies on all sides, and directly led to the creation of the United Nations, giving a glimpse of the future of an international organization based on international morality (although history shows that the reality was not what it should have been).

Eighty years later, British and American leaders: “Our reinvigorated Atlantic Charter builds on the commitments and aspirations set forth eighty years ago, affirming our continuing commitment to uphold our enduring values and defend them from challenges old and new. We are committed to working closely with all partners who share our democratic values and to countering the efforts of those who seek to undermine our alliances and institutions.”

The New Atlantic Charter does not mention any country by name, but everyone knows that it is aimed at a regime far more vicious and dangerous than that of fascist Germany back then – the Chinese Communist Party. British Prime Minister Johnson put it quite frankly when he said that Churchill and Roosevelt faced the problem of how to restore the world (to order) after a devastating war, “Today we must face a very different but equally daunting challenge – how to better recover from the coronavirus (CCP virus) epidemic. to recover.”

Although the CCP’s threats and dangers to the world did not begin today; although the world has been repeatedly alerted to the barbaric acts of the Tiananmen massacre in 1989, the persecution of Falun Gong in 1999, and the suppression of the Hong Kong democracy movement in 2019; although the CCP’s economic explosion, military expansion, and expanding global ambitions have increasingly undermined regional security and peace and global strategic stability; although the CCP has already posed a Although the CCP has posed a “holistic threat” to the West, the West has never fully and completely broken the policy of appeasement and has never had a systematic and complete strategy to deal with the CCP threat.

Until 2020, the Great Plague swept the world. On the one hand, people in 192 countries were infected with the epidemic, more than 175 million people were diagnosed, and about 3.8 million people died; on the other hand, the CCP repeatedly dumped the blame, fabricated data, blocked information, obstructed independent investigations by the international community, and claimed its “institutional advantages” and “contribution to the fight against the epidemic Only then did the West really wake up: in 2020 the Trump administration started a new Cold War between the US and China, and in 2021 the UK became the new vanguard to counter the CCP, which led to this strategic platform to fight against the CCP – the New Atlantic Charter.

The New Atlantic Charter points to the Chinese Communist Party

The New Atlantic Charter is also eight articles, as follows.

  1. defend the principles, values and institutions of democracy and open society
  2. strengthening the institutions, laws and norms that support international cooperation
  3. upholding the principles of sovereignty, territorial integrity and the peaceful settlement of disputes
  4. taking advantage of and protecting the advantages of science, technology and innovation
  5. maintaining collective security and international stability.
  6. building an inclusive, equitable, environmentally friendly, sustainable, rules-based global economy.
    7、Responding to the global climate crisis.
    8, responding to the global health crisis.

Almost all of these eight articles address the Chinese Communist threat of.

— the CCP’s internal tyranny, external bullying, and hatred of universal values and their corresponding institutional manifestations.

  • “Selective” international cooperation, resisting and distorting the system, laws and norms of international cooperation.
    -resolution of international disputes by strength (force) rather than by the accepted norms of international law
    –Forced technology transfer and theft of Western scientific and technological secrets.
    -Vigorous expansion of military power, which threatens regional security and destabilizes international strategy
    -Economic aggression and economic bullying.
    -emphasizing economic growth, “polluting first and treating later or not treating at all”, being the world’s largest carbon emitter and consuming 1.5 times more energy than the world average.
    — the culprit of this current pandemic.

A strategic platform to resist the CCP

There may be doubts, saying: the Chinese Communist Party has long infiltrated the West, forming a pro-communist force in various countries, and there are strong economic ties, coupled with the internal conflicts in Western countries (fighting the epidemic, restoring the economy, healing social divisions, etc. is a long way to go), will the New Atlantic Charter be just a bluff, a bluff?

The author believes that such doubts are justified, but the world situation is undergoing fundamental changes, and the spirit and direction of the New Atlantic Charter are certain, and both Britain, the United States and the Western world will continue on this path. Two reasons are given here.

First, although the Chinese Communist Party intervened in the 2020 U.S. election and joined forces with some forces within the U.S. to bring Trump out of office; however, the forces that dominate U.S. policy have already discovered that the Chinese Communist Party is not willing to be the stick in their hands and has begun to backfire, and they are in irreconcilable conflict with the Chinese Communist Party. The first is that the Chinese Communist Party has ignored the U.S. nuclear disarmament initiative and is vigorously developing nuclear weapons and intercontinental missiles and building a “fortress” in the South China Sea, posing a major threat to the U.S. The second is that the Chinese Communist Party is always ready to invade Taiwan by force and drive the U.S. out of the Western Pacific.

Second, the Trump administration had two distinctions in its China policy, namely between Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party, and between the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese people, in order to pull Xi’s strings. But after the new Biden administration came in, the attitude toward Xi changed. There are voices that want to “bring Xi down,” just like they did with Trump; and next year’s 20th Communist Party Congress, where Xi’s third term in office will be the focus, is a good opportunity to do something about it. The anti-Xi forces in China and the United States should have been working together for a long time (Xi has also reacted, for example, by taking down Wu Xiaohui and Ye Jianming, economic predators with deep ties to the United States).

In short, both Xi Jinping and the CCP are threats in the eyes of the US. The triple stimulus of the world’s second-largest economy, the “epidemic for hegemony” and the “centennial party celebration” has made the CCP authorities abandon Deng Xiaoping’s “bide your time” approach. After “standing up” and “getting rich”, they want to “get strong” and engage in the “community of human destiny”. The “community of human destiny” and the “new international order” will collide head-on with the United States and the West. In this situation, the New Atlantic Charter is a strategic program to fight against the Chinese Communist Party.


It should be noted here that in those days, based on the spirit of the Atlantic Charter, the allied countries did not take sides and fought until the unconditional surrender of the fascist countries. Nowadays, the world increasingly recognizes the true nature of the CCP, and the New Atlantic Charter is proposed, probably to counteract the CCP until its disintegration.